In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Fun Games for The Muslim Family

Large Groups

Interviewing: Find an interesting person in your audience and ask him/her

Impromptu Speech: Get some volunteers from the audience ( or, your co-organizers). Ask them to put their names in one hat and various board speech topics in another hat. Randomly pick one name, and his/her topic. Ask them to speak to the audience for two minutes.

Mock Debates: Follow the method above, but assign chosen speakers to one debating (of 2-4 people each ) to go against another. Change the speech topic into. Debate opposing positions ( 5-10 minutes.)

Role playing: Ask for two volunteers. One of them will act out the part of non-Muslim who is questioning the other person ( playing a Muslim ) about a misunderstood topic in Islam. Let the role players privately choose the topic before they start ( eg. women in Islam, terrorism, human rights).

Who am I? Choose the identity of a famous person. Individual audience members put up their hands and ask Y/N questions about your "person". If the answer is YES, the audience member may take a guess. If they are correct, they will replace you: if no one is correctly guessed after 20 questions, go again.

Who are you? Choose a volunteer to leave the room. The audience will decide what famous group of people they will be. When the volunteer returns, He/She asks questions about the audience's identity, to which the audience can only answer YES or NO. The volunteer can directly guess the group's identity a maximum of five times only. The number of questions asked or the time taken up will be noted and compared. Next turn, choose another group identity.

Say it again: Choose three volunteers to leave the room; do not tell them anything except that they will be competing with each other. Tell the audience the objective is for us to ask questions that will make the volunteers say acertain word many times. The more times he/she says the word in five minutes, the more points he/she loses. Decide on the word(s) ( eg-"book" "computer") before the first volunteer comes back in the room. After  questioning him for five minutes, his turn is over. Try not to change words before the next volunteer is called in. Tell them at the end

Make Believe: Choose two volunteers to leave the room; tell them only the audience will make up a story that they will have to guess. Also, a referee will be chosen to make sure no repeat Q's are asked, and to tell them to " ask a better question " if they are stuck in a cycle tell the audience that whenever the volunteers ask a question ending with a consonant, they will all say "YES". If the question ends with a vowel, say "NO"; if it ends with "Y" say "MAYBE". Let them ask questions for about 10-20 minutes, you will find that they will make up their own story! Tell them about this secret only at the very end. 

Have a camera handy :)