In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Fun Games for The Muslim Family

Competing Groups

Assign people into equal-sized, gender-separate groups of moderate size (12 max). Let the group choose a leader, and a name. You may play games in either "face-off" style (where only one person at a time from each group competes, or a "shura" style ( where the group agrees on an answer together ).

Islamic Quiz Competition: 
Shura or face-off style. Keep track of points and determine the winning group. If you forgot to get the quiz sheets, you could quiz them on the last speech/class.

Win, lose, or Draw: 
Make a list of phrases**. Pair every tow groups to compete. Only show the drawer in the group what phrase or word they should draw out on paper. The drawer's group has only one minute to guess the answer; if they guessed correctly the drawer's group gets a point. If the guesses where wrong, the opposing group may take one guess, if they're correct, they get a point. Switch drawers.

    Similar to above except that drawing is replaced by acting ( without making sounds or mouthing out words. ) you may give the guesses two (or more) minutes to act the phrase. Switch actors.

Challenges Shura Style:  
    How many items can your group correctly list of... eg-Names of Allah, Names of surahas. 
    How many words can you make out of the letters in the phrase.. (make it up**) eg - "help the children"
    How fast can you unscramble anagrams? (mix up the order of letters in a phrase**) eg-"pleh eth driench"

Face off style: 
   Backwards spelling, spelling contest, math calculations, other puzzles or Q's (30 sec to answer)
   Everyone may also face-off against their own opponent at the same time as everyone else using the challenges above (or, with easy paper and pen games like: tic-tac-toe, hangman, making squares).

**Sample of list phrases:
/ rule of thumb / penny pinching / chicken biryani / Hajj terminal / hockey night in Canada / friendly skies / backslash / human rights / Muslim brotherhood / Islamic republic / spin bowler / ISNA convention / dead sea scrolls / Juma prayers .

Have a camera handy :)