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IslamiCity was established in 1995 to promote Islam on the Internet, the only source of information truly available to a global audience. By the Grace of Allah Most High, IslamiCity has evolved into a leading source of Islamic information, a community building service, and an online mall offering a wide range of Islamic products and services.

It is this combination of community building and quality service that attracts millions of visitors and international media recognition for IslamiCity every year.

  Key Statistics

During the past five years, the number of visitors to IslamiCity has grown exponentially. From less than a few hundred visitors monthly in 1995, IslamiCity is now home to more than 24 million annual visitors, making it the true Global Muslim eCommunity.

  Major Recognition

We ask Allah Most High that we remain humble and that He allows this success to be the fruit of His Ummah's determination to promote none other than His Message of Islam to Humanity.

By the Grace of Allah Most High, IslamiCity has earned awards and recognition from many of the world's leading media organizations: