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June 23, 2018 | Shawwal 10, 1439
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IslamiCity > Membership > FAQ
 Welcome to Membership Center
Help us invite the world to Islam
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Q) Why do I have to sign up for a membership at IslamiCity?
A) You do not have to unless you want to use IslamiCity's multimedia content. Most of the services has been and will continue to remain free to everyone, InshaAllah. Multimedia content costs IslamiCity money for encoding and archiving the content, streaming it and for the bandwidth consumption.

Q) Does this mean every time a multimedia file is streamed it costs IslamiCity?
A) That's correct. Depending on the file size and streaming rate, it costs IslamiCity anywhere from $3 and up every time you click on any multimedia file.

Q) How do I sign up as a Member?
A) Simply click here and fill in the pertinent info and off you go.

Q) How is the money used?
A) All funds will be used for no purpose other than maintaining and improving IslamiCity's services to the community and its dawa programs.

Q) How do you keep track of the time periods?
A) As soon as we process your application and sends you an email with access info, the time counting begins. 1 month, 3 months or one year thereafter begins from that date onwards.

Q) What happens after I sign-up?
A) You will receive the following: (i) a confirmation via email  (ii) a URL address for audio/video downloads (iii)  and lastly, our sincere Duas ... may Allah reward you for your active support!

Q) How do I change my profile (including password)?
A) Click here to modify your profile including password, email, mailing address, phone and etc.

Q) I forgot my password, how can I get it?
A) If you know the email address that you used for membership or your member ID click here, and submit the e-mail address or member ID. We will automatically e-mail your password to this account.

Q) If I want to support IslamiCity but do not want to be a Member or a Pass holder, what should I do?
A) We appreciate your passion to support us. Plz click here to donate.

Q) What do I need on my computer to enjoy multimedia?
A) Sound Card, Set of Speakers, REAL-ONE multimedia free software.
( www.real.com ).

Q) What do I need to do when I am unable to sign up?
A) Login ID and password. You can log in with your MemberID, which is a combination of few characters from your last name & few numbers, or your email address. Make sure that all alpha characters are lower case & the CAPS key on your keyboard is off.

Q) Why I am unable to hear or see sometimes on my computer?
A) It could be for a variety of reasons as simple as a loose speaker cable. Before calling our tech support, it is good idea to log into other web sites and see if multimedia content is stream-able. 

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