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May 25, 2018 | Ramadan 11, 1439
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IslamiCity > Business Membership
 Welcome to Business Membership Center
Help Your Business Grow

IslamiCity is the online home of many from all over the world. Each month IslamiCity serves 1 Million unique visitors who spend an approx 8 minutes per session browsing different pages at IslamiCity. 

IslamiCity invites you to expose your business to this attentive audience at a fraction of a cost. For details see benefits.

IslamiCity's  mission is to provide business members with a niche audience who can further your business, products and services. IslamiCity Business Membership is based on a mutually beneficial relationship model that helps us all ... Your business, Muslim customers and IslamiCity.

We invite you to sign up today and benefit your business while supporting IslamiCity to promote Islam via the Internet.

If your advertising needs are much larger or you require a customized campaign, please review our advertising section or contact our marketing department directly to setup a campaign.

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IslamiCity was established in 1995 to promote Islam on the Internet, the only source of information truly available to a global audience. By the Grace of Allah Most High, IslamiCity has evolved into a leading source of Islamic information, a community building service, and an online mall offering a wide range of Islamic products and services.

It is this combination of community building and quality service that attracts millions of visitors and international media recognition for IslamiCity every year.

  Key Statistics

Muslims and non

Muslims and non-Muslims from more than 120 countries visit IslamiCity every day.  Many institutions like Universities, Fortune 500 Companies, Marketing Research Firms, Governmental Agencies, Diplomatic Missions, etc. often rely on information and services provided by IslamiCity.  In addition, Small Businesses, Manufacturers, International Trading Houses, are also on our roster.

Over the years, IslamiCity traffic has grown from a mere few thousands to millions. IslamiCity prides itself in serving return visitors and in welcoming to new ones on a daily basis.  

People spend more time at IslamiCity than AOL subscribers spend time at AOL.

Monthly Visitors 1.2 Million 
Monthly Page Views 14.3 Million 


1. Northern America 1. United States of America
2. Northern Europe 2. United Kingdom
3. Southern Asia 3. Canada
4. Western Asia 4. Un-Specified (Universities/Government Agencies)
5. South-Eastern Asia 5. India
6. Un-Specified (Universities/Government Agencies) 6. Pakistan
7. Western Europe 7. Malaysia
8. Northern Africa 8. Saudi Arabia
9. Australia & New Zealand 9. United Arab Emirates
10. Western Africa 10. Indonesia

IslamiCity visitors spend an average of 9 minutes per session. This contributes greatly to a successful ad campaign.  Among many reasons, some of them are listed here for reference purposes.

  1. Sheer Time: The time a visitor spends & the ad clicks are directly proportional.
  2. Mindset: IslamiCity visitors do not accidentally visit IslamiCity but they visit with purpose, such as listening to the Qur'an or watching Al Jazeera or shopping at our Bazar, hence a positive mind set.
  3. Focus: IslamiCity serves to a very niche audience who are either Muslim or those who are interested to study Islam.
  4. Integrity: IslamiCity does not accept any advertisements from non-Sharia compliant businesses & hence visitors respect whatever is being advertised at IslamiCity.
  5. Mood: Visitors enjoy useful and meaningful content that is a benefit during their visit to IslamiCity.  Their comfort level creates a positive mindset that makes them more receptive to our advertisers.


As an advertiser you can reach millions of prospective customers to establish your Product and/or Company Branding, Reduce Marketing Overheads, Increase Sales & Profits.

All of this and more can be accomplished by optimizing your “Advertisement Dollars” at IslamiCity.

  Major Recognition

We ask Allah Most High that we remain humble and that He allows this success to be the fruit of His Ummah's determination to promote none other than His Message of Islam to Humanity.

By the Grace of Allah Most High, IslamiCity has earned awards and recognition from many of the world's leading media organizations:

  • Yahoo! 100 Best Sites Award
  • PBS Site of the Month
  • ABC News
  • BBC
  • CNN

Click here to see a list of recognitions we have received.
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