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 An Educational Opportunity

 Omar Ibn Al Khattab Academy is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting applications from qualified students to enroll in the Academy's "Humanities" course in "Islamic Thought and Civilization". This course is the equivalent of an elective Western Civilization college course.

- Professor Dr. Fathi Osman, the internationally renowned resident Islamic scholar at the Foundation, will conduct this course.

- The course is designed to provide an insight in Islam and Muslim societies which allows an in-depth understanding of the reemergence of Islam as a political, social and economic force in our global era and explains its influence on and inspiration to over one billion people in the world.

- Enrollment is limited to recently graduated, graduate and undergraduate college students who have completed their middle and high school education in the United States private and public school systems.

- The program is planned in three academic quarters and will take the form of lectures, seminars, research, report writing and presentations, testing and evaluation.

- Upon, successful, completion of the course students will receive a Diploma.

- Classes will take place at the Academy's facility at Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation, 1025 West Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles 90007.

- Course schedule will coincide with UCLA's quarter calendar. Classes will be on weeknight evenings and/or on Saturday daytime - depending on level of enrollment.

- The Academy charges, the student, a symbolic fee of $50.00 per quarter plus a one time $25.00 fee registration.

- For further information and applications call Najah at (310) 364-2091 or through the Internet The number of admission is limited and priority will be given to earlier applicants.

Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation

Omar Academy

Institute for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World

The Institute offers courses on Islamic Studies at the University level (undergraduate and graduate students who have completed their middle and high school studies in the United States).

New approaches in the study of:

The concepts of the Quran, and the life of Prophet Muhammad

The development of the Islamic state and institutions

Muslim contribution to world civilization (with a special focus on the fields of: economic development and business ethics, science and art)

At a later stage, courses will be provided on:

The Muslim intellectual heritage (especially in the fields of: the Islamic faith, world religions, Islamic law, political thinking, social science….)

Modern Muslim thinking and movements

Courses are provided on the weekends; each course for a period of 8-12 weeks

New students must pay a registration fee: $25

Course fee: $50

Scholarships are available when requirements are fulfilled

Subject: Islam: History and Civilization, Part I: The Early Four Caliphs: Establishing the Foundations of the Islamic State and Political Thinking [11-40H 632-661]

Applications are available at:

Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation

1025 W. Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Tel: (213) 733-9938 Fax: (213) 733-4807

Contact Person: Najah (310) 364-2091