We worship Allah every day,
For He’s the One we must obey,
So five times daily when we pray,
We ask Him to show us the Right Way.

We glorify and thank Allah,
Remembering Him in our
And while we do this we recall,
How Merciful He is to all.

Before the sun does rise each day,
Fajr Salah that we must pray,
And after mid-day we take a break,
To perform Zuhr for Allah’s sake.

Late afternoon it’s ‘Asr we pray,
A command by Allah we must obey,
We seek protection from His wrath,
And guidance to the Straight Path.

And after the sun has surely set,
Mughrib we must not forget,
And just before we go to bed,
There’s ‘khu’that must be read.

These acts of ‘lbadah we uphold,
Have benefits that are manifold,
So let’s submit and praise Allah,
For there’s no Islam without

And Salah keeps us away from sin,
Increasing Taqwa and discipline,
Without it we’ll be lost you see,
And true Muslims we would never be.