The Rak'ah

Let me teach you something now,
Just in case you don’t know how,
you intend to make Salah,
And turn your face towards
must have your Wudu too,
It is the proper thing to do.

Lift your hands and say Takbir,
Just like this, my dear Munir,
Fold your hands while standing still,
Submit yourself to Allah’s will,
Then you read the
Always thinking of Allah.

Then add a section from the Qur’an,
As praying builds up your iman,
Now hands upon your knees you place,
While beseeching Allah’s Grace,
That is when you make Ruku‘,
Making you feel humble, too.

Then stand up in all humility,
And praise Allah with sincerity,
Then prostrate onto the floor,
Praising Allah more and more,
Sit again before Sujud,
Bow to Allah in gratitude.

You have to make one Rak'ah
A basic part of the Salah,
While obeying Allah's call,
A sacred duty on us all,
So you and I must allways pray,
And bow to Allah every day.