My Parents

Of all the people that know,
Respect and honour I must show,
To Mother and to Father too,
For the wonderful things they do.

My Mother works so hard for me,
She is as patient as can be,
My every need she tries to meet,
For isn’t Jannah beneath her feet?

Father who is strong and wise,
Does his utmost while he tries,
To be maintainer and protector too,
Like Almighty Allah told him to.

So next to Allah we then obey,
The Prophet, lest we go astray,
And never should we undermine,
Our parents who are next in line.

Our parents we can never repay,
For their welfare we must pray,
And try to make them happy too,
They are precious, that is true.

And Allah's word I always hear,
In their old age keep them near,
Mercy and kindness you must show,
It's what everyone should know.