The Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him)

He was honest, truthful and very kind,
And the greatest teacher of mankind,
Who was exalted in his character too,
And never strayed from what is true,
Despite the obstacles that prevailed,
He struggled on and never failed.

And Muhammad is his blessed name,
Who called for Tawhid when he came,
And in the process suffered much,
But never lost his special touch,
Of being polite and kind and good,
And always called for brotherhood.

To everyone he brought much joy,
Though he was orphaned as a boy,
He always led
a truthful life,
Despite the hardship and the strife,
For he was steadfast all the way,
Submitting to Allah every day.

He brought guidance so complete,
And taught us how to pray and eat,
While in the Sunnah you’ll recall,
Are detailed teachings for us all,

And no more Prophets there will be,
For he's the final one, you see.