As we live from day to day,
And try to strive in Allah’s way,
It is known as ‘Ibadah too,
It’s what everyone must do.

What we think, talk and act,
Becomes ‘Ibadah that’s a fact,
If every effort that we make,
Is purely done for Allah’s sake.

We might be tempted to disobey,
But we must make a choice today,
For life on earth is but a test,
And obeying Allah, is the best.

So therefore, it would be nice,
If Fasting, Hajj and Sacrifice,
And the performance of Salah,
Could bring us closer to Allah.

And sincere believers in Tawhid,
the ones who will succeed,
know that Allah is so near,
He's the One that they fear.

So Muslims who are truly keen,
Follow the teachings of their Din,
While all the time remembering,
That 'Ibadah touches everything.