What I’m telling you now is true,
I don’t know what to do,
When everything I do goes wrong,
Though I know I must be strong,

But then again life is a test,
And we must always do our best.
For everything we do and say,
While we live from day to day,

Including all things good and bad,
Which make us happy or make us sad,
Will be accounted for some day,
When we’ll meet on Judgement Day.

Though each of us must surely die,
And you all know the reason why,
The One Who created us before,
Will bring us back to life once more,

And we’ll all return back to Allah,
For eternal life in the
Loyal servants of Allah will find,
Eternal happiness and peace of mind.

For in the Hereafter they will know,
The presence of Allah Whom they love so,
And Jannah will be their dwelling place,
Where they will live by Allah’s Grace.


But those who follow the devil’s way,
Each one of them has gone astray,
And Jahannam, is where they will be,
They’ll have fear and won’t be free,
And miserable will be their stay,
And for their deeds they’ll have to pay.

All this must come to pass one day,
So come my friend, do let us pray,
‘0 Allah, help us to prepare well,
And please protect us all from Hell,
Make us grow up good and wise,And grant us a place in Paradise.’