Symbol of Faith


It may be that,
Those ignorant will say,
Oppressed beautiful girl,
Know the new way.
They will tease and taunt,
Beg her to flaunt,
Show me your hair,
Just for today!
Why hide that beauty?
And cover your splendor?
Does your religion belittle you?
And entrap you forever?

She is hurt and angry,
Who are they to say,
All those ignorant things,
In their ignorant way?
Be harsh with them not,
For they do not know,
What is your reason,
That your hair you don't show.
Only tell them kindly,
And be tender still,
That's the way it should be,
As Allah would will.
I am not belittled,
I am not oppressed,
I am not entrapped,
As you might have guessed.
In fact, I am guarded,
With full dignity and pride,
I am given respect,
For the beauty I hide.

Not whistled or called at,
By those with no shame,
They lower their gaze,
And call me by name.
I am not an object,
Or in men's desire,
I am not like the others,
In fact, I inspire.
The woman is a jewel,
As Allah has said,
Don't neglect the value,
Protect it instead.
I will follow Allah,
In His every command,
For this religion of truth,
I will boldly stand.
With my head held high,
Marching every day,
Glowing with pride,
Wearing my Symbol of Faith!



Ferdaus Serhal