Prophet Hud

In the markets, many would use false weights to cheat people the poor people spent all of their money but still couldn’t get enough to eat. The rich people kept wealth to themselves and refused to listen to anybody’s advice.
Allah (SWT) chose one man from among them to be a Prophet. This man was named Hud (A). Prophet Hud (A) tried to teach the people of ‘Ad that there is only one God and that everything - rain and safety and food and health -is from Him. Hud (A) told them again and again to stop worshiping their idols.
He begged them to live according to Allah’s (SWT) will. He warned them about Allah’s (SWT) punishment of those disobeyed Him, and especially for those who worshiped false gods. He told them "0 my people! I am not asking for reward from you. I am simply sent

by Lord of the worlds to warn you and call you back to the path of truth and goodness. If you ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT) and change your ways, He will make you stronger than you are now. He will give you plenty of rain and He will accept you. You must not continue your evil ways."

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