Prophet Hud

The followers of Prophet Nuh (A) were noble Muslims who settled down in Arabia and lived pious lives. But, as time went by, some of their children drifted away from the way of Islam.

They forgot the guidance of Allah and began worshipping idols, drinking alcohol, gambling, and cheating each other.One group of Nuh’s (A) descendants was called ‘Ad. Instead of Allah, the ‘Ad prayed to many different idols. They believed that each idol fulfilled a different need.

According to them, all the powers that really belong to Allah (SWT) were divided among these many gods. And instead of worshipping Allah (SWT) alone, they worshipped different gods all at the same time. They believed that their idols given them everything.

The people of ‘Ad were tall, handsome, and strong people. They were excellent architects and skilled engineers. They liked to build castles and magnificent buildings, and they planted beautiful gardens and orchards. But they didn't realize that their abilities and the natural resources around them were gifts . In spite of all these gifts from Allah(SWT), they denied His power. Even though the people of ‘Ad were great builders, they had no morals.