The existence of an author can be know just by seeing a book.
Yet people deny the Creator, while upon the creation their eyes always look.

Couplets & Poems

Don't Forget to Pack 

Invitation to Success 
Muhammad the Beloved Slave and Messenger of Allah

We Need More Than Words
The Map to Paradise

Don't Let Us Sink!

And We Call Ourselves Believers.

Our Children

Sleepy Ummah

Us And Them

The Honorable Women Of Islam

Lets Stand Up As Muslims!

What Happened?

A Call for Unity

Lets Get Back to Islam

Oh Allah, increase this ummah in our Love for You, Your deen, and Your last Messenger Muhammad, and Oh Allah, send Your peace and blessings upon him. Ameen.






What can even the sharpest arrow do for you,
if you don't have a bow?
What is the harvest of your greatest deeds,
if the seed of sincerity is something that you do not sow?



The Rearview Mirror

We all have to drive forward into the future,
yet how can we do this, if in the rearview mirror our eyes just stay?
We have so many great stories of our ancestors in the past,
but who are going to be the great people making the stories of today?



Wanna race?

We know this world will blow away like dust in a breeze,
yet after it, we still chase.
While in the Jannah there is everlasting life in ease,
so towards which one shall we race?