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September 23, 2018 | Muharram 13, 1440
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IslamiCity > Kids Corner > Poem
 Welcome Masood's Poem Collection

" ...those who attain to faith, and do good works, and enjoin upon one another the keeping to truth, and enjoin upon one another patience in adversity... "  Qur'an 103:3



The Honorable Women Of Islam
From their point of view

We are the honorable women of Islam!
We don't sell our bodies for people to sell their products;
You won't find us advertising for stuff like new trucks.
We don't dress up on the streets as if were some sort of merchandise,
Keep your dirty hands to yourself, or, with Allah, you will pay the price.

We are the honorable women of Islam!
Oh you men, keep your eyes to your self; we're not products on display,
Throw your pickup lines away; we don't wanna hear what you have to say.
We're not like other women; they sleep all around town,
And to that despicable level, we will never come down.

We are the honorable women of Islam!
Yes, we wear the hijab; its our badge of honor from Al-Mu'eez.
We don't dress like other women; we are free from their immodest disease.
We don't sell out and put our selves on billboards,
We have dignity, and from Allah, we will have our rewards.

We are the honorable women of Islam!
You won't find us in parties, getting drunk and disgraced,
What a shame! Women like that have had their honor erased.
We don't dress like other women; we're not giving every man a cheap thrill,
We don't dress like the prostitutes that are out just chasing the dollar bill.

We are the honorable women of Islam!
Don't come to us looking for some dirty one night stand!
You better turn away from us, and get yourself a different plan.
We aren't messing around; we're busy raising up our nation,
That's right, were busy taking Islam to the next generation.

We are the honorable women of Islam!
We are the ones who raise the ummah and strive to make it great,
If we didn't do our part, then for the ummah, what would be its fate?
From babies to leaders, we are the ones who make them what they are.
We are the honorable women of Islam, without us this ummah won't go far!


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