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September 21, 2018 | Muharram 11, 1440
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IslamiCity > Kids Corner > Poem
 Welcome Masood's Poem Collection

" ...those who attain to faith, and do good works, and enjoin upon one another the keeping to truth, and enjoin upon one another patience in adversity... "  Qur'an 103:3



Don't Forget To Pack

  When we go on vacation, we hustle to pack our bags right away.
Soon we're going to leave this world and stand before Allah,
so don't forget to pack for that day!

The luggage we need does not consist of things like clothes.
Who cares about blue jeans and dresses when were standing before Allah in

Nor will we need to bring along travelers checks and cash.
If you're planning on bringing that to your grave, you're quite a bit rash.

We build huge mansions, yet what are they going to do for us when we die?
We can't pack into our graves what we can pack under the sky.

Forget about the dunyah, when we die we're not going to miss it at all.
We say we already know this, then why do we still waste time in places like
the mall?

So what luggage do we need for our trip, just what should we pack?
Make sure you have Tawheed, and plenty of good deeds up in your sack.

It's a journey to Jannah; so don't forget to take recourse to the map.
The directions are in the Quran; we should read it again and again to recap.

There's a saying that I'd like to share with you,
which most of us have already heard.
Yet I'd like to comment on it,
because I've seen it misused in a way that's quite absurd.

"Live in this world as if your life would never go away,
and live for the Akherah as if you were going to die the next day."

We usually use that as an excuse to hoard the dunyah and load it on our backs.
Yet If we were really gonna die tomorrow, we'd forget about the dunyah,
and be fully engrossed in righteous acts.

So we should be running towards the Jannah,
yet with the dunyah on our backs, how can we even crawl?
We got to live in this world like travelers, ready or not, were going to have
to leave it without a second to stall.

Oh Allah; purify us from what is bad, increase us in what is good and help us
live according to Islam in the footsteps of Your Last Messenger Muhammad, and
Oh Allah; send Your peace and blessings upon him.


Forward this to the people that you know. May Allah reward you.


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