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Special: Amazing Conversion to Islam - Street Dawah
Special: The Truth About Holidays - By Abdullah Hakim Quick
Special: Moral and character are the keys to communicate our faith.
Special: Objectives of Sharia - A Quranic Perspective by Nouman Ali Khan
Humanity in Crisis: Where Do You Stand?
The Destiny
Racial Oppression in the American society & Islamic response
Muslims in the Political Arena: Challenge and Achievements
Muslim's Political Activism: Setting the Agenda for upcoming elections
Oppression and Injustice in the Muslim World
United or Divided: The Inner Dynamics of the Muslim Communities
Trials and Tribulation within Muslim Families and its Solution
American Educational System and Islamic Values
Globalization: Economic Freedom or Tool of Injustice
Clashes of Civilizations or the Peace of Islam
Loosing the Battle: American social problems and Muslim community
Award Recipient
Announcement of key principles of Muslim American unity
The requirements of Justice in Islamic Shariah
Recommendations to North American Muslims