Hadith (Sahih Bukhari) English Translation
(by M. Muhsin Khan)
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arrowg.gif (163 bytes)009.093.636 - ONENESS, UNIQUENESS OF ALLAH (TAWHEED) - - - -

Narrated Al-Bara'

I heard the Prophet reciting Surat at-Tin waz Zaitun (By the Fig and the Olive) in the 'Isha' prayer and I have never heard anybody with a better voice or recitation than his.

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)009.089.330 - Judgments (Ahkaam) - - - -

Narrated Abu Huraira

Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my life is, I was about to order for collecting fire wood and then order someone to pronounce the Adhan for the prayer and then order someone to lead the people in prayer and then I would go from behind and burn the houses of men who did not present themselves for the (compulsory congregational) prayer.By Him in Whose Hands my life is, if anyone of you had known that he would receive a bone covered with meat or two (small) pieces of meat present in between two ribs, he would come for 'Isha' prayer." (See Hadith No. 617, Vol. 1)

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)008.075.402 - Invocations - - - -

Narrated Abu Huraira

When the Prophet said, "Sami' al-lahu Liman hamidah (Allah heard him who sent his praises to Him)" in the last Rak'a of the 'Isha' prayer, he used to invoke Allah, saying, "O Allah! Save 'Aiyash bin Abi Rabi'a; O Allah! Save Al-Walid bin Al-Walid; O Allah! Save the weak people among the believers; O Allah! Be hard on the Tribe of Mudar; O Allah! Inflict years of drought upon them like the years (of drought) of the Prophet Joseph."

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)007.072.758 - Dress - - - -

Narrated Humaid

Anas was asked, "Did the Prophet wear a ring?" Anas said, "Once he delayed the: 'Isha' prayer till midnight. Then he came, facing us ..... as if l am now Looking at the glitter of his ring ..... and said, "The people have offered their prayers and slept but you have been in prayer as you have been waiting for it."

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)007.065.374 - Food, Meals - - - -

Narrated Aisha

The Prophet said, "If the Iqama for ('Isha') prayer is proclaimed and supper is served, take your supper first "

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)006.060.122 - Prophetic Commentary on the Qur'an (Tafseer of the Prophet (pbuh)) - - - -

Narrated Abu Huraira

While the Prophet was offering the 'Isha' prayer, he said, "Allah hears him who sends his praises to Him," and then said before falling in prostration, "O Allah, save 'Aiyash bin Rabi'a. O Allah, save Salama bin Hisham. O Allah, save Al-Walid bin Al-Wahd. O Allah, save the weak ones among the believers. O Allah, let Your punishment be severe on the tribe of Mudar. O Allah, inflict upon them years (of famine) like the years of Joseph."

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)005.059.698 - Military Expeditions led by the Prophet (pbuh) (Al-Maghaazi) - - - -

Narrated 'Abdullah bin Yazid Al-Khatmi

That Abu Aiyub informed him that he offered the Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together with the Prophet during Hajjat-ul-Wada.

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)004.056.781 - Virtues and Merits of the Prophet (pbuh) and his Companions - - - -

Narrated Abdur-Rahman bin Abi Bakr

The companions of Suffa were poor people. The Prophet once said, "Whoever has food enough for two persons, should take a third one (from among them), and whoever has food enough for four persons, should take a fifth or a sixth (or said something similar)." Abu Bakr brought three persons while the Prophet took ten. And Abu Bakr with his three family member (who were I, my father and my mother) (the sub-narrator is in doubt whether 'Abdur-Rahman said, "My wife and my servant who was common for both my house and Abu Bakr's house.") Abu Bakr took his supper with the Prophet and stayed there till he offeredthe 'Isha' prayers. He returned and stayed till Allah's Apostle took his supper. After a part of the night had passed, he returned to his house. His wife said to him, "What has detained you from your guests?"He said, "Have you served supper to them?" She said, "They refused to take supper) until you come. They (i.e. some members of the household)presented the meal to them but they refused (to eat)" I went to hide myself and he said, "O Ghunthar!" He invoked Allah to cause my ears tobe cut and he rebuked me. He then said (to them): Please eat!" and added, I will never eat the meal." By Allah, whenever we took a handful of the meal, the meal grew from underneath more than that handful till everybody ate to his satisfaction; yet the remaining foodwas more than the original meal. Abu Bakr saw that the food was as much or more than the original amount. He called his wife, "O sister of Bani Firas!" She said, "O pleasure of my eyes. The food has been tripled in quantity." Abu Bakr then started eating thereof and said, "It (i.e. my oath not to eat) was because of Sa all." He took a handful from it, and carried the rest to the Prophet. SO that food waswith the Prophet . There was a treaty between us and some people, and when the period of that treaty had elapsed, he divided US into twelve groups, each being headed by a man. Allah knows how many men were under the command of each leader. Anyhow, the Prophet surely sent a leader with each group. Then all of them ate of that meal.

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)004.052.244 - Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad) - - - -

Narrated Aslam

While I was in the company of 'Abdullah bin 'Umar on the way to Mecca,he received the news of the severe illness of Safiya bint Abi Ubaid (i.e. his wife), so he proceeded at greater speed, and when the twilight disappeared, he dismounted and offered the Maghrib and 'Isha 'prayers together and said, " I saw the Prophet delaying the Maghrib prayer to offer it along with the 'Isha' when he was in a hurry on a journey."

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)003.027.032 - Minor Pilgrammage (Umra) - - - -

Narrated Zaid bin Aslam from his father

I was with Ibn 'Umar on the way to Mecca, and he got the news that Safiya bint Abu Ubaid was seriously ill. So, he hastened his pace, andwhen the twilight disappeared, he dismounted and offered the Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together. Then he said, "I saw that whenever the Prophet had to hasten when traveling, he would delay the Maghrib prayer and join them together (i.e. offer the Maghrib and the Isha prayers together)."

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.821 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Khalid bin Al-Harith

'Ubaidullah was asked about Al Mahassab. 'Ubaidullah narrated: Nafi' said, 'Allah's Apostles, 'Umar and Ibn 'Umar camped there." Nafi' added, "Ibn 'Umar used to offer the Zuhr and 'Asr prayers at it (i.e. Al-Mahassab)." I think he mentioned the Maghrib prayer also. I said, "I don't doubt about 'Isha' (i.e. he used to offer it there also), andhe used to sleep there for a while. He used to say, 'The Prophet used to do the same.' "

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.817 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Anas bin Malik

The Prophet offered the Zuhr, 'Asr, Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers and slept for a while at a place called Al-Mahassab and then he rode towards the Ka'ba and performed Tawaf (al-Wada').

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.811 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Anas bin Malik

The Prophet offered the Zuhr, 'Asr, Maghrib and the 'Isha' prayers andslept for a while at a place called Al-Mahassab and then rode to the Ka'ba and performed Tawaf round it .

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.743 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated 'Abdur-Rahman bin Yazid

I went out with 'Abdullah , to Mecca and when we proceeded to am' he offered the two prayers (the Maghrib and the 'Isha') together, making the Adhan and Iqama separately for each prayer. He took his supper in between the two prayers. He offered the Fajr prayer as soon as the daydawned. Some people said, "The day had dawned (at the time of the prayer)," and others said, "The day had not dawned." 'Abdullah then said, "Allah's Apostle said, 'These two prayers have been shifted fromtheir stated times at this place only (at Al-Muzdalifa); first: The Maghrib and the 'Isha'. So the people should not arrive at Al-Muzdalifa till the time of the 'Isha' prayer has become due. The second prayer is the morning prayer which is offered at this hour.' " Then 'Abdullah stayed there till it became a bit brighter. He then said, "If the chief of the believers hastened onwards to Mina just now, then he had indeed followed the Sunna." I do not know which proceeded the other, his ('Abdullah's) statement or the departure of 'Uthman . Abdullah was reciting Talbiya till he threw pebbles at the Jamrat-al-'Aqaba on the Day of Nahr (slaughtering) (that is the 10th of Dhul-Hijja).

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.742 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Abdullah

I never saw the Prophet offering any prayer not at its stated time except two; he prayed the Maghrib and the 'Isha' together and he offered the morning prayer before its usual time.

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.735 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated 'Abdur-Rahman bin Yazid

'Abdullah;- performed the Hajj and we reached Al-Muzdalifa at or aboutthe time of the 'Isha' prayer. He ordered a man to pronounce the Adhanand Iqama and then he offered the Maghrib prayer and offered two Rakatafter it. Then he asked for his supper and took it, and then, I think,he ordered a man to pronounce the Adhan and Iqama (for the 'Isha' prayer). ('Amr, a sub-narrator said: The intervening statement 'I think', was said by the sub-narrator Zuhair) (i.e. not by 'Abdu-Rahman). Then 'Abdullah offered two Rakat of 'Isha' prayer. Whenthe day dawned, 'Abdullah said, "The Prophet never offered any prayer at this hour except this prayer at this time and at this place and on this day." 'Abdullah added, "These two prayers are shifted from their actual times -- the Maghrib prayer (is offered) when the people reached Al-Muzdalifa and the Fajr (morning) prayer at the early dawn."'Abdullah added, "I saw the Prophet doing that."

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.734 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Abu Aiyub Al-Ansari

Allah's Apostle coffered the Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together at Al-Muzdalifa.

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.733 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Ibn 'Umar

The Prophet offered the Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together at Jam' (i.e. Al-Muzdalifa) with a separate Iqama for each of them and did notoffer any optional prayer in between them or after each of them.

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.732 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Usama bin Zaid

Allah's Apostle proceeded from 'Arafat and dismounted at the mountainous pass and then urinated and performed a light ablution. I said to him, "(Shall we offer) the prayer?" He replied, "The prayer isahead of you (i.e. at Al-Muzdalifa)." When he came to Al-Muzdalifa, heperformed a perfect ablution. Then Iqama for the prayer was pronouncedand he offended the Maghrib prayer and then every person made his camel kneel at his place; and then Iqama for the prayer was pronouncedand he offered the ('Isha') prayer and he did not offer any prayer in between them (i.e. Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers).

arrowg.gif (163 bytes)002.026.729 - Pilgrimmage (Hajj) - - - -

Narrated Nafi'

'Abdullah bin 'Umar used to offer the Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together at Jam' (Al-Muzdalifa). But he used to pass by that mountain pass where Allah's Apostle went, and he would enter it and answer the call of nature and perform ablution, and would not offer any prayer till he had prayed at Jam.'