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Sudan Cave in to Western Pressure!!

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Topic: Sudan Cave in to Western Pressure!!
Posted By: Abu Mujahid
Subject: Sudan Cave in to Western Pressure!!
Date Posted: 01 August 2007 at 1:03pm

Assalamu alaikum





UN Security Council has passed today a unanimous decision that force Sudan to accept 26K AU/UN forces to run Darfur Affairs. America, Britain and France formulated a draft similar to that dreaded No fly zone/Sanction on Iraq. The new resolution make effectively whole Darfur region under occupation of Western policy makers. China tried to dilute some of the harsh points but not the core of the matter.


Laughingly, Sudan UN ambassador said today in New York we can live up with this as long as harsh sanction call was dropped.  What a joke representative!!!


To understand the sloppy decision making of this big Muslim country this is summary of some backgrounds that help you understand what led to this fiasco.


  1. 1989 Jafar Numeiri was removed from power. When Jafar Numeiri was overthrown by a group claiming Kizan Islamist, they promised to Sudan people Islamic rule, justice, reconciliation, peace and prosperity.
  2. 1990 Sudanese people have realized Kizan group was no better than Aboudi, the first liberal president of that country.
  3. 1991 Oxford Mahdi boy: Saddiq al-Mahdi shown his real face toward would be Islamic revolution. Any way, he never accepted any Islamic rule unless his Sufi Mahdi group takes the nerve decision making of Sudan.
  4. Then there was internal fight of so called Islamist. The in fighting led the arrest of Dr Turabi and a lot of his followers.


Turabi is considered a liberal brain who master disguise business under Islamic slogan.  Amid confusion and power struggle, the Darfur case come to exist. Or shall I say with the help of foreigners, the tribal sentiment began to rise in Darfur as well as Kurdufan, Kassala, Port Sudan, Kaddarif and wadmani. Each one claimed political grievances. Beside Southern secessionist (Juba problem) Sudan found itself a new political frontier in Darfur.


Those who led the unrest in Darfur were bunch of thugs or shall I British lackeys. Their grievances were overshadowed by their willing to take up arm against National Government. When the government failed to stop them through Islamic as well tribal means, they decided to stop them by measured force. However, west was ready to give label and weapon to rebel. A label that fooled the whole world let alone many Muslims. If any group resort violence against any government such government will fight back hard. They gave it a label: Arabs vs. Africans. It was sheer lie from west to play ethnicity dogma.


I’m not saying Sudan didn’t make any mistakes but the way west manipulated this case shows Arabs and African Muslims are just sheep waiting to be western preys. Soon west rode the attack wave. They adopted huge campaign by adopting misinformation, defamation, and exaggeration of the situation.  For all this time, Arab league and Islamic conference stood side showing their careless nature toward Islamic causes. .Sudan rightfully resisted the colonial intervention policy despite Jewish Media claims of genocide, massive rape and millions refugee etc. But Sudan fails to woo Muslim countries to help her do the right decision. However, the Arab racist regimes have shown less interest of black African muslim ordeals. They did the same to Somalia for the last 18 years. Before that they did to Palestine and Iraq people respectively.


Sudan was left at the mercy of UN oops US stalking. It tried to resist but fail to endure. So today it caves in to a real invasion and colonization on Muslim land. They betrayed the ambitious of Sudan people to live free under the banner of Islam. Their claim of Islamic rule was not true. They are worldly people and that why today they accept pure invasion on their country. As usual west led this campaign against country and will define and introduce a new UN resolutions until Sudan cease to exist or become effective puppet to US etc.



Islamic poet once said:


With that a like the heart melts from suffering/ injury…………If there is in heart faith and Islam.





Abu Mujahid


Islam need true muslims

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