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Hamas Score Political Point Again!

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Topic: Hamas Score Political Point Again!
Posted By: Abu Mujahid
Subject: Hamas Score Political Point Again!
Date Posted: 04 July 2007 at 11:29am

Assalamu alaikum

When palestinian people elected Hamas to political office, American government and its proxy regimes in Islamic world cried foul. As usual America said; "right way but wrong people".  Means election was right but it brought the wrong people!!!. Same slogan was applied before on FIS in Algeria. The result was devastating on Algerians.

In Hamas case, America moved fast to condem, sabotage, sanction on Hamas to succeed. Arab regimes suit the Washington line without shame. But Hamas was resouceful and survived amid all ods.

As usual, Jewish state continue killing and maiming Palestinians with full impunity. Meanwhile, Hamas has shown good governance and gain more popularity among its people. However, Fatah secular group who sold out the soul of Palestinians began to conspire against the Palestinian legit Hamas government. Hamas tried to convince Abbas and his Junta to stop parallel governmet that Fatah was trying to construct illegally.

Fatah couldn't cope losing the power to Hamas. They claimed they owned people and land of Palestine for good. Their lies was exposed in ballot box and streets. After long wrangling with them, Hamas agreed with unity government. As usual Fatah couldn't cope to see Hamas still holding main government positions. They began using coersion and gun barrel to silence Hamas members and its supporters. It was clear there will be a showdown between the Hamas government and Fatah gangs in Gaza. Hamas was forced to make necessary move to restore law and order in Gaza Strip. They silenced Fatah, world lovers, merchant of Palestinians name for decades.

In return, West has moved fast to capitilize the Palestinians dispute. This time, they openly sided with Fatah. Israel and America spearheaded to empower Fatah against their fellow legitimate government. Arab regimes welcome the move and pledge to support  any government other than Hamas government. The world watched the comic drama led by Bush lackeys and Olmert in Sharma Sheik. The latter pledged Palestinian money to wedge more gulf between brothers. The end was a new fake PA government for West Bank parallel to Gaza legit Hamas government.

Abbas and his old pals thought Hamas was their last rope of its life. They were wrong. They cleaned Gaza streets from lawless nature and store the confidence of people.  Moreover, Hamas has shown today the world again its political force. Contrary to what west potrayed them, they shown the world they are a movement that care about principle than photo-Ops. They released British journalist from unknown captors by swaping prisoners after he was abducted close to four months ago.

Despite there are so many Palestinians behind bars for so long; And no one is fighting for them, their move today shows their political maturity amid hostile envirnoment!!

They did what Abbas and his groups fail to do for long time. The guy is free after having breakfast with Prime Minister Ismail Haniya. Which journalist in this world can sit down such leader and have full breakfast?!! I've my own reservation but Haniya has shown the humility and patience every Islamic leader need to have.

This is why Hamas today made a political point. West can claim Allan Johnson was under duress or whatever. But no one can deny the government they labelled terrorist regime save the journalist with dignity. They released him in lieu of nothing to exchange. Even they didn't asked their fellow behind bars to be released!!!

Its time west to review their blind hatred toward Hamas, the legit palestinian governent. Its time to stop accepting what Jewish lobbies dictate for them. If they don't -which I suspect will their pattern until Allah dictate otherwise- the Hamas will grow stronger insha Allah and continue making more grounds despite the anger/vengence of western/surrogate governments.  


Abu Mujahid

Islam need true muslims

Posted By: Jasonchristian
Date Posted: 04 July 2007 at 12:44pm

Muslims actually hate Christians, not just Jews: -

Posted By: Abu Mujahid
Date Posted: 04 July 2007 at 1:25pm

And you love muslims? Or Jewish love Christians or vice versa?

Do your homework before spamming here. Remember we can have meaningful dialogue without this belligerent behavior. 


Abu Mujahid

Islam need true muslims

Posted By: Abu Mujahid
Date Posted: 04 July 2007 at 1:29pm



Don't divert the topic of this thread please. If you want to dialogue go to intra faith section.



Abu Mujahid

Islam need true muslims

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