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A site to visit **Highly recommended**

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Topic: A site to visit **Highly recommended**
Posted By: fanaofallah
Subject: A site to visit **Highly recommended**
Date Posted: 19 June 2007 at 9:23am
Assalam'wa'laycum (Peace be upon you).

The Islam: Global Message site has been under further development and we at islam: Global Message are proud to announce Al'ham'dulliah the addition of the Hadith section, the Multimedia section - on the life of the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) also the site now has a childrens zone, where not only educational games can be played but also it is a learning zone where you can print out arabic letters, ideal for learning how to write arabic letters, amongst this, there are other activities for young hearts, of which moving your mouse over the arabic alphabets allows you to see what these alphabets stand for in the arabic reading activity.

Hadith Section of Islam: Global Message

The Hadith, in Islam, is second in authority only to the Qur'an. The Hadith is a record of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him)'s life, actions, and deeds. A saying in the Hadith is called a sunnah. These sunnah were transmitted by word of mouth down through the centuries having been memorized by subsequent Muslims.

The Hadith fall into two categories, "Hadith qudsi (sacred Hadith) in which God Himself is speaking in, as it were, a complementary revelation through the Prophet, and hadith sharif (noble Hadith), the Holy Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him)'s own acts and utterances."

The Hadith are important because they elucidate many areas not very clear in the Qur'an.

Alhumdullilah we have been able to provide these Hadiths to you in electronic format. Please feel free to look them over and take whatever you need.

Multimedia section on the life of the prophet (peace be upon him).
Here you can watch documentaries, movies/animated movies.
***There is also a unique timeline of the life of the prophet (peace be upon him), which is interactive, allowing you to relive the life story in detail, ONLY ON ISLAM: GLOBAL MESSAGE****

If you would like to see different resourses or more resourses added to the islam: Global Message site then, please mention the desired feature you would like to see in the site, on the thread entitled "feature request for the site", which is up on the forum [Islam: Global Message Site] under the comment and sugestion forum

Visit it here: - the forum Islam: Global Message Forum join it today!


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