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Brain overcomes Body

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Topic: Brain overcomes Body
Posted By: abisafyan
Subject: Brain overcomes Body
Date Posted: 19 May 2005 at 10:38am

Muslim bodies might have been used collusively and tactfully for the accomplishment of the horrible task of 9/11 - but it is out of question to believe even for a while that Muslim brain could have been the mastermind behind the stratagem, for they themselves would have been the first and foremost casualty - and their staunch blood sucker enemy; Israel would have been the first and foremost recipient thereof obviously, so how the Muslim brain if any could have overlooked this writing on wall - Muslim may be anything but conniver.
Israel is the lone country which has gained the lion share from the 9/11 all roundly - and Israel had been the lone country who can be supposed to have all the will and skill for weaving the most complex circuit of the 9/11. Had the 9/11 not been occurred Libya would have now been the 8th nuclear power - and Iran would have been the 9th - Syria would have been on Israel throat - and Israel would have now hardly been able breathing that easily any longer. But now the devastating aspect as aftermath of the 9/11 is that the most wild Libya has become the ‘monk of peace’ - the ‘revolution exporting Iran’ has become willing to rollback from the past as she rolled back from the decree against the Satan Rushdi, in the past - Syria is finding no shelter - Iraq is sucking her own blood - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is frightened by the ghost of democracy - and proud ideological country Pakistan is being taught & trained to learn walking on the more tighten rope. Israel has been pressing the US for extracting the nuclear teeth from all the Muslim countries right from the beginning - but the US could have never been turned that wild for the nuclear witch-hunt until and unless the US face was clawed with Muslim claws directly. Now Israel is the lone regional super power in the Middle East and Bharat is being elevated and projected as the lone regional super power in the South Asia. The bottom line is; that Jewish is the brain that has drained all her enemy without firing a single shot - but the prime question is; who would be able to unearth this fact on the earth? The US alone has the ‘competence to do so – but whether she would?   

Posted By: onegamemaybe2
Date Posted: 19 May 2005 at 9:38pm

Now thats just a sad way of blaming something on some people that really had nothing to do with it.Osama bid laden already took credit for the attacks on the video,so where you get your opinion from is just ludacris.Every hijacker was of the arab decendends,you obviously need some more education on something you have no idea about.Also how do you know Iran isnt almost a super power also? They are planning more and more uranium enriching as we speak.Now that my friend is a lot more scary than knowing Isreal has a way of protecting it self form its enemies.

Posted By: firewall
Date Posted: 20 May 2005 at 4:51pm

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