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The French wonít do anything ...

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Topic: The French wonít do anything ...
Posted By: crasss
Subject: The French wonít do anything ...
Date Posted: 24 May 2007 at 9:05pm
Ha, listen to the angry voices:

France Riots: Screw The French! They Deserve It!
I don't feel sorry for the French like some...Hopefully this will continue and force the French to actually become men rather than some little wimpy pansies who think you can appease people and they'll just go away. The real worry is that this spreads throughout Europe and becomes so uncontrollable that other groups enter the region and turn it into a fiery inferno.

What did you expect? After decades of rampant feminist fornication festing, as expected, the native French men came out effeminated, castrated, and emasculated. We saw decades of wholesale confiscation of the kids and everything else, and they didn't do anything then. So, why would they do anything now?

Look at how the other side knows and agrees with it: - Liberal illusions in flames
"The cops are petrified of us. Everything must burn," said a poster on an Islamic Web site. "We aren't going to let up," said another. "The French won't do anything and soon, we will be in the majority here." That Islamist may be right. Though fewer than 10 percent of Frenchmen are Muslims, more than 30 percent of those under age 20 are.

By now half of the French police and army will be North and Subsarahan African too. Indeed, what's the point in recruiting the native castratos and homosexual effeminatos to the armed services of the republic?

I am laughing my head off already. The French won't do anything, because the French can't do anything.

I expect a few futile attempts by Sarkozy, though, to identify some imaginary French Al-Qaeda lurking in some old basement in a Paris cave, and declare victory after capturing some "radical leader", who is allegedly remotely connected to an aunt of Bin Laden's previous hairdresser.

A return to some kind of orderly existence over there, requires stamping out the rampant feminist fornication fest. By now we all understand that only Islam can do that. So, that Islamist is indeed right.

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