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Encounter With Garcien de Tassy

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Topic: Encounter With Garcien de Tassy
Posted By: abuzuhri
Subject: Encounter With Garcien de Tassy
Date Posted: 22 April 2007 at 2:41am

Abu Zuhri New Encounter With Garcien de Tassy


My dear Eastern Asian Travelers, others may be hard to perceive our path and masks,

let hears what JH Garcien de Tassy who

Pen her kind words to us today 30 Mac 2007 . She published the Book of Revelation

Of The Secrets Of The Birds and Flowers in1821 .


Dedicated to Baron Silvestere

De Sacy, original Arabic text by the Learned Sheikh Izzedin b.Abdas Salam d.1280

Translated by Irene Hoare and Darya Galy. English and Arabic verification by

Al-arif Dr. A.Halim Abbassi, D.Litt and MY.A.Shadhili. With a Preface by

Al-Hajj Anwar K Winstone-Hamilton, 1980:

To test your wits, we cite this passages.

Quick, don’t look West but within. Grasp before

It wisdom fly away….




Look at my Falcon. See how Faithful I am to the Rules of Silence.

What do I say .Merit for me is the very Discretion of my Tongue.

My perfection of Observing my Duties.


Though by Force I have been

Torn away from the Desert and brought against my Will

to a Far off Land, never do you find me Revealing

my deepest Thoughts.

Nor will you see me Weeping over Remnants that

Remind me of a loved one.


Instruction is what I Seek

On my Journey. And I have found fit for reward whenever

I have been put to test. For according to Proverb,

It is Test that decides whether someone is worth Honor

Or Contempt. When perceiving the  Treachery of Time

And fearing that Hatred may move me, my Master

Covers my eyes with the hood.


I understand his actions by the Words :

‘Do not extend your Sight.

 Do not be Free with you Tongue.

 Do not walk the Earth with petulance in your Step.’


When I have learned what is deemed I need to now,

When I have come thru my Trials and developed some Skill,

The my Master is Happy to use me for the Hunt.


Delivering me from my Bonds, he throws me up,

Making the signal that appears in the Quran, when

God said to the Prophet : ‘We sent Mercy to

All Worlds’. The Hood is only removed from my

Eyes when I am Adept in executing what

I been Taught; it is then that Kings become my Servants

Ant their Wrists are Beneath my proud Feet’.


I forbid my Tongue an excess of Speech

I forbid my eyes the Spectacle of the World:

Menacing death, each day ever Closer

Make me oblivious to the Sweetness of Raptures.

My only concern is to make my Manner of Princes

And to practice Noble Acts.


It is from the King’s wrist I take off

For my Flight; aiming for my Prey

I seize it at once in my Victorious Talons

And am Ready, at the slightest Sign

To return to Him who sent me.


My life should serve as a Guide for all those

Who would Bow to the Sacred Laws

of Submission to Faith.


Praise be to God whose Remoteness is Nearness

Whose Nearness in Remoteness, whose Greatness defies

Any manner of Description; whose Sanctity so Sublime

Is Inestimatable, Limitless.




Anyone who gives himself to serious Thoughts,

And is Guided and sustained by honest and

Pure intention, may come to Understand….

May acquire the Knowledge, may distinguish

True from false, Reality from Error…

The mystic, filled with Gratitude for all

The favors which he received, prepares to

Dig deeper into the mine of Wisdom.


I ask God to bless and give peace to

His Prophet to whom He vouchsafed

A Revelation to blaze out His glory

And whom He guided across the celestial spheres..

May God’s mercy and favor rest forever on

This Messenger, his Companions and his Descendants.

So that a few drops of blessing and illumination may

..touched all eastern travel companions of today as well




Whoever enters the spirit of my interpretations

And understands my parables will derive

Pleasure from my book; whoever finds them

Alien will gain nothing..truth melted into fiction or opposite way.


I open my treasures to my friends and

Weep my pain to those who suffer the same grief.

My Jasmine then said this: Despair is an error.

Let humility itself speaks.

Never waver.

Whose perfume is this .

.that we all inhale subtly...


By the bamboo brush pen of seeker abuzuhri shin

Western lake, putrajaya mountain

South of kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa Range

April 2007 early Spring…







abuzuhri shin

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