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More Chinese Muslims in Malaysia

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Topic: More Chinese Muslims in Malaysia
Posted By: abuzuhri
Subject: More Chinese Muslims in Malaysia
Date Posted: 23 March 2007 at 12:37am

Malaysia Chinese Muslims Community Growing Stronger
and Brighter in 2005-2006 (Special Report )

Dynamic Leadership

We are suppose to be on official duty at Malaysian Parliament House near Kuala Lumpur  Lake Garden that afternoon. Somehow there is a strong urge to visit the office of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) at 250D, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur about 4 km away. We rang up and Mrs.Maswani Chung who served as da’wah cum executive officer answered my salam. ‘Please drop by to catch the new muslims activity’. Recently Macma held a successful Da’wa Exhibition plus Chinese Islamic Calligraphy in State of Terengganu inaugurated by Dato’ Idris Jusoh. Alhamdulillah , with the dynamic, noble and dedicated leadership of Dato’ Hj Mustapha Ma, Dr.Fuad Yeoh, Hj.Redhuan Tee and Ann Wang Seng, in 2005 and 2006, more than 6 chinese muslims declared their syahadah and warmly accepted into the growing unique community.

Branching Off and Expanding It Wings

Macma was established in 1994 with about 100 members under the founder President arwah Dato’Hj.Sulaiman Hon. Now they have branches in Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang, Selangor, Perak and across the South China Sea into Sarawak with a total of 1,300 members inclusive of associate muslims and non-muslims membership. The Weekly Night Class on Understanding of Islam on Monday in KL was open to public of various races and foreigners interested to know Islam deeper and cultivate a stronger brotherhood. The students consist of young Chinese professionals, Filipinos, Sarawak natives, Indian, French, English, Russian, Hui-Uighurs, Pakistani, American, African and even a Maori and Korean/Japanese students ! .We would like to dedicate this excellenet prayer-doa from the Prophet s.a.w related by Companion Ibn Abbas ( in as-Shifa p.41) to all those who seek knowledge and truth in order to live according to the Divine Command and in the footsteps of Rasul al-Mustafa :

“Oh Allah, I ask You for mercy from You
By which my heart will be guided,
My scattered affairs joined together,
My affairs put straight, my unseen part put right,
And part of me that is visible elevated,
My actions purified, by which I will be inspired
To right guidance, my intimacy will be returned ,
And by which I will be proctected from every evil,
Oh Allah ! I ask You for good outcome (husnul-khatima)
In the Decree (Qadha’), (to gain) the food of Martyrs
The life of the blissful and victory over my enemies!”

Achievement and Recognition of Da’wa Works at State and Federal Level

All praise and thanks to Allah, various individual Macma leadership and active members were being recognized and appreciated by the state and federal government for their active da’wa contribution by organising and giving talks at seminars, mosques, interfaith/intra-muslim groups and at the college-universities. We wish to record and congratulate their recipient awards as follow:

a. Malaysia Maal Hijrah 2005 Recognition Award (Penghargaan) with RM50,000 gift to Dato’Hj.Mustapha Ma (Macma President) by the Majesty King/YDP Agung and he gladly donated the whole sum for da’wa.

b. Federal Territoty Maal Hijrah 1427 Awarad to Hj.Redhuan Tee (Vice President Macma) by JAWI.

c. Hj.Shaharudin Leong of Pahang –State Maal Hijrah Award 2005.
d. Mr.Saiful Choo- Johor State Maal Hijrah 2005 Award.
e. Dato’ Hj.Anuar Tan as Exco member of Kelantan State Government
f. Hj.Redhuan Tee as National PERKIM Council Member in 2004-2007.
g. Dr. Fuad Yeoh as IKIM Board of Directors.
h. Dr.Osman Chuah as Senior Lecturer in UIAM/IIUM.
i. Dr.Syukri Yeoh- finishing his Ph.D thesis with UKM on Islamic Studies.

j. Dr.Abdal Ghani Liew Wee Teck, Lecturer University Putra (Engineering Fac.)

k.Dr. Norella Kong, Chief Nefrology and Dialysis Unit, UKM Hospital

l. Dr.Luqman Chuah Teoh Guan , Engineering faculty, University Putra.

Important Contact/Dialoque and Activity

A delegation of Macma Exco led by Dato’ Mustapha Ma had a constructive ongoing dialoques with the current President of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) ie. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid in 2005. This resulted in IIUM agree to conduct several lectures and courses for30 young Imams from China in 2004-2006, partly organize by Macma and JAKIM/ILIM. A number of China muslim students at the university also regularly helping Macma to give talks, attend seminars,and interact with fellow muslims at Hari Raya gathering. Maintaining websites, give counsels, editing news/magazines
We shall give appreaciation to names as below:

 Hasan Ma Liwu
ü Yuan
 Lan Chunlian

 Yusuf Ma Zhan Ming
 Ma Shen Qing
 Isa Ma
ü Zhiliang
 Ilyas yang Fale

 Khalilullah Ma Bin

A joint Ramdahan Iftar Programme in October 2006 were plan at the Gombak campus for about 200 students. A IIUM student Dawud Hai Ping was instrumental in running the Islamic Mandarin class every Wednesday night at Macma office in KL. Hj.Ismail Chong, a lecturer in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Da’wah Faculty had voluntary take over the Monday Class from Br.Daniel Hakim Boey in Mac 2006.

Chinese Islamic Arts and Architecture

Substantial progress were made by Haji Redhuan Tee to propose the building, usage and design of a Chinese Islamic Cultural Center/Surau/Mosque in the Ampang area west of KL to serve as tourist attraction, da’wah service center and for educational use.

In Sarawak, attempt were also made to apply for a vacant land plot at Kuching for an Chinese-islamic center. Alhamdulillah, the Bintulu Macma Branch had received a government grant of RM150,000 to build a Madrasah/Center for new muslims using Chinese design at cost about RM600,000. New funding has to be raised. Macma also appealed to Penang Government and YB Prime Minister to preserve or create a token Koay Jetty Heritage Center/Building which traced its Muslim-Hui community roots arrival and assimilation of its cultural-economic origins from Hainan/Quangzhou about 100 years ago. Macma received strong personal support from Mufti of Negeri Sembilan to acquire a piece of land in Rahang for islamic da’wa center for new muslims and non-muslims. A Tabung Amanah Pembangunan Macma (Building Trust Fund) was established in 2005 with initial contribution of RM60,000. Any wealthy, kind hearted rich and generous Chinese businessmen/philanthropists can donate to this fund with tax-exempt status to raise the future well being, noble-purity of Chinese Islamic heritage and Divine living transaction of the deen for mankind.


 “ True charity-Righteousness is not to turn you face to East or West. But to believe in Allah, His Rasul, the Angels, the Books and the Last Day, and to Spend in the Path of Allah”.

The Shining Light of Iman– Oldest Lady/Grandma To Embrace Islam

If we truly reflect in our life journey and after reading tons of newspapers and magazines, where do you find this piece of news ? In East Coast Kota Bharu, Kelantan- a grand old lady aged 97 years (born in 1909 from China ?) Maryam Goe embrace Islam in 9 February 2006. To appreciate and honor her great trust and certainty and the iman put in her deep being by Allah Tabaraka wa Taala, Dato’ Mustapha Ma on behalf of Macma proudly donated a humble wheel chair for her use and mobility. May Allah also bless all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with strong iman and islam to survive into the next generations.’ Keep your ancient and noble Chinese surname together with Muslim names, so that our grandchildren may remember our great struggle and sacrifice in discovering and entering Islam despite differences and many obstacles in language, cultural and historical backgrounds’. Do we know that Admiral Muhammad Zheng He is the 27 th generation of Sayyid prophetic family descendants that entered China and intermarry there several hundred years earlier than Islam reach the Malay Archipelago or Nusantara. There are several Mosques in China built more 1,000 years ago ! In Imperial City of Beijing alone, there are more than 20 mosques ! and a muslim population of more than 200,000 !. ( Puny figure of one masjid per 10,000 people). May be some of us young intellectual can submit this rare unique syahada of Islam by Madam Goe aged 97 into the official Malaysian Book of Record ! Find me another old man/woman aged 98 years to break this record…anywhere in the world. “ And call people to the Way of Allah by His permission (Decree/Mercy) and become a Shining-Guiding Light to others”-Quran.

The Never Ending Story of Embracing Islam and Blessed Marriages

Macma Johor successfully conducted a Syahadah Ceremony for Miss Gladys Tan Siok Ling and Mr.Loh Wei Hon on the blessed historical day of 1 st February 2005 at No.37,Jalan Beladau11, Taman Puteri wangsa, Johor Bharu. Witnessed by over 25 fellow Chinese muslims and followed by lunch.

On 5 Mei 2005 (triple five), another double celebration or blessings/baraka of Allah be upon them for this gathering hosted by Johor Macma such listed as below;

 a.Mr.Alim Lam
ü Park Keong (syahadah of Islam)
 b.Mr.Ariff Loh Wei Hon (akad nikah-getting
ü married)

 c. Br.Izuan Koh William (marriage ceremony on 2 June 2006)
d. Marriage of Br.Redzuan Ong Chain Choon (31 August 2006 –Happy Merdeka!)

e. Syahadah of Br.Adam Lau Sie Kiat (31 August 2006-good company)
 f. Receiving visit of 50 New Muslims from Penang on 25 December 2005.

All those great events and good news will not be smooth or possible and by Allah Will and guidance upon the whole leadership of Macma of Johor State as listed below:

 Haji Johari Chang – Chairman (Longest serving since 1998)
 Adam Koay – Dep.Chairman ( Senior engineer)
 Mohammad Saiful Bahri Choo (
ü Secretary )
 Norhayati Eng ( Ass. Sec)

 Muhammad Firdaus Onn (Treasurer
ü )
 Haji Azman Lim ( veteran member and ustaz )

 M.Sharul Lai, Mohd
ü Ilham Tiong Tai Seng, Azlin Lee, Yusof Bu.

Last and not least, thanks for Hj.Johari Chang for hardwork and support to host the 12 th Macma annual General Meeting at Hotel Puteri pan Pacific of Johor Bharu, a four star hotel at the city centre on 29-30 April 2006 inclusive of Taaruf Night on 29 April and National Chinese Muslim Convention in the morning of 30 th April 2006.

Macma Website and Homepage

We wish to thank Miss Maryam Hee and Isa Ma for their support in creating and maintaining two Macma websites as listed below : - mailto:[email protected] - -

More News of Chinese Become Muslim Elsewhere

Br. Wee Hock Beng embraced Islam on 18 October 2006 Balai Islam Lundang in Kota Bharu witnessed by more than 250 saudara baru. On 23 th February, 2006 was another beautiful day for Br.Ang teck Ann from Wakaf Baru,Tumpat when he uttered infront Ustaz Taufik Tee the double Affirmation-‘ Ashadu an la ilaha illa Allah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadur RasuluLlah-the Key to iman and its fruits is the Garden.”. He was accompanied by his uncle who still not Muslim and known in the town as Dr.Ang from Chong’s dental surgery and his cousins..presence to give moral support to him ( he is an adult orphan) which rarely happens in the past. Br.Johari Yap had posted several of the photos of Islamic syahadah thru the email groups. Jazaka Llahu. Why such Dates :. Yes, the Chinese had a knack for liking number eight (fatt-ong-blessed) and number six (luk-precious), but talking about Feng Shui is just an extra dimension to our iman and Tawhid in Allah who created everything in this universe for man. But forgot our root from the Realm of Unseen- the arwah/spirit which affirmed Allah as our Master-Lord in the ayat Quran –“ Alastu bi-Rabbikum ? Qala bala- Syahidna”

Every number has hidden meanings and wisdom in it. One upon a time, we just joked with a china man, why not choose seven ( chat-7). It is close to meaning – Chi/Knowledge/Wisdom and another meaning – Being Straitgh / Siratal Mustaqim and being Fast/Forward. We as muslim need all this Fast to acquire Iman, fast/quick to Pray 5 Times a day, quick to get Married. Qucik to pay Zakat and perform Hajj if ready and have money. Don’t wait, then you will miss the chance and the World/dunia will engulf us, make us forgot the rules of Sharia. Being istiqamah also meaning being Firm and Steadfast.

In fact, Sayyidina Ibnu Abbas, a great Companion, alim and savant of Islam as quoted in the book- Hilyatul awliya wa Tabaqat as-sufiyya mentioning 10 virtues or honors that Allah dealing and using the seven numbers in His Creation. Surah fatihah – 7 verse. One week got 7 days etc. The Garden-Jannah has 7 degrees.. Anyway, at the end of the shining iman ceremony, the Hui in China called Islam _Qing Zhen Jiao ( Religion of Shining Truth and Most Pure), Br. Muhammad Rafi Ong provided light lunch and drinks for those who witnessed the growing brotherhood of Islam in the East Coast of Malaysia. Marhaban ya Marhaban. SalatuLlah .. salamuLlah ala Thaha Rasulillah. Wa alihi wa ashabihi wa li-kulli daiyyan li’Llahi Rabbil-alamin.

Those interested in getting first hand news and pictures of this blessed occasion can contact Kelantan Macma Sec. Br.Johari Yap at : [email protected] or visited their office at No.4374-B, Tingkat 1, Jalan Kebun Sultan, 15359 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, been declared an Islamic cultural City by Chief Minister YB Dato’ Hj Nik Aziz in 2003. There are many ‘First Achiement’ in term of da’wa for and by the Chinese Muslims in Malaysia such as below:

a.  First to appoint a native Chinese
ü muslim Dato’ Hj.Anuar Tan
     as Exco in State Assembly and win the Kota Lama ADUN for second time.
b.  First to engage two Imam from China to lead Ramadhan prayers.
    YB Nik Aziz was known to have Chinese blood/lineage from Yunnan.
c.  First State Government to approve a piece of urban land.
      for da’wa center. Agree to build an Islamic Center/Mosque using Islamic  architecture.

d.  Biggest amount of zakat received RM100,217.(in 9 Mac 2006) from Affin Bank Berhad.
e.  First Macma Branch to organize Free Medical and Dental check-up services in their monthly   programme.
f.   First to organize the 1427 Maal Hijrah Forum with JHEIK,and ABIM .
 g. Largest membership at state level above 200 members and some cannot speak Chinese due to strong local dialect and third/second generation inter-marriages.

Not to be dishearten or discriminated, we will publish more pioneering da’wa work by various Macma State brances in future reports especially about Sarawak Macma –the richest branch and got their First Women Chairman and employed a full time Chinese Mubaligh , a graduate of UIA ie. Salman Khan. Owned a four storey building and a First Donation or Waqaf by a non-Muslim local philantrophist.

More will come and as we strive in the Path of Allah.
Maas salama, cai jian.

Translated by halim shin and based on reports
provided by Mrs.Maswani Chung, Macma Hq 21.9.06



abuzuhri shin

Posted By: ewan
Date Posted: 09 May 2007 at 6:35pm


brother,may Allah bless u 4 ur good deed..i..emm..actually,im interested 2 join any da'wah activities but dont get much info about them..InshaAllah,later on,mind enligthening me..

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 27 May 2007 at 7:30am
br ewan,
alhamdulillah, you can read more news and activity about chinese muslims in asia pacific in our homepage at httP://
especially on comparative studies, philosophy and wisdom encounters with various seekers. What is lacking today is understanding across cultural and intellectual barriers. Islam came in the last age to perfect what is missing, purify what is corrupted and restore what is lost. The light of divine guidance is always near and at hand. Only if the muslims had reached this spring of hikmah and able to illumiate others.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: azzim izhwan
Date Posted: 10 August 2012 at 3:57am
assalamualaikum brother. im glad to hear that chinese Muslim in Malaysia is very organized and developing in time. hope to hear more good stories from you guys. greetings from Malaysian Muslim. ;)

Posted By: w3nh4o
Date Posted: 23 October 2012 at 2:13pm
As'Salamu Alaikum,

Brother,i am moving to malaysia soon, start up a new day with new thoughts and lead an islamic life. Am sure, insha=Allah, success shall be then yours.

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