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Islamic Blue Bamboo Zen Koans

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Topic: Islamic Blue Bamboo Zen Koans
Posted By: abuzuhri
Subject: Islamic Blue Bamboo Zen Koans
Date Posted: 22 December 2006 at 1:18am

Four Islamic Bamboo Zen Koans for Unwary Readers

First Koan :   A Quarter, Half and One Sufi


A Quarter sufi speaks to Half sufi while traveling through the Forest of Schizuan Province. Look, we put to test :


“Don’t believe in that One sufi ahead of us from the West. Two wandering Eastern sufi who happen to pass nearby heard this remark at the road junction of Lu Xun and scolded the quarter, half and one sufi , “ All Sufis are charlatans, beware ! From North and South, they pretend to drink the Tea of Ecstasy, while the Oolong and Pue erh Tea leaves still not dried in the Summer”. Three Sufi are too much and too heavy for my words to carry. Exposed. Broken. Collapsed. What more to understand ?

 (Rabbi habli hukman wa ahiqni bis-salihin)


 A woodcutter non-sufi who still alive today recounted this events to Master Izi and he ordered tea hut attendant Zuigan of Eastern Lake Precint of Kuang to record this in the Blue Bamboo River Koans Collection.

Neo-Hsue Tou Commentary :


Many seekers are being called travelers of the Path, but no one can claim to be a full sufi yet. A traveler may arrives or get lost on the Way. The Forest of Dunya is never kind to travelers who enter it without a  tested Guide. Without a Weapon of Tawhid. Without a Light of Discrimination-Furqan. Buying sufic books and reading many old jawi or Arabic kitab/texts of commentaries cannot help one to see in the night of modernists anti-sufi. On daytime the goats from the University Farms will attack and chew up the green books because they are very hungry and not trained well by their Masters and Dukturs who prefer to feed them with spiritual empty grasses and syllabus from the Orientalist wastelands.

Neo-Hsue Tou Verses


Nizami Mountain collect clouds
Shattari Mountain pour the rains
Half falls north of River Osama Abuya
Half falls into Bayan and Reformasi Valley
Others may be  stuck at Pondok Madrasah


(Wa man yataqqi’Llah yaj-allahu makhraja
Wa man yataqqi’Llahu yaj-allahu furqana
Inna Awliya Allahu la khaufun
alaihim wa la hum yahzanu)


 Do not say I have not warned you
A sufi a zen a monk still a name

Forest, desert and mountains
They cheat people most time
Or make them fight in politics

 Sichuan Lu Xun Pur Erh


The Tea of China never Smells
Three sufi will make loud Noise
One solitary wali sat facing a city Wall
Music and drums they sell Tariqats

Dr. Abdad ar-Rauwi is my Friend
Leave all books journal and papers
Took the Sun burning Path
Where Universities cannot teach
Tea Hut or Tea Shop, most welcome.

Dr. Fuad Yeoh got Three Degrees
With envy I wrote it with gold
Master in Engineering and BA
Quranic studies from Yarmuk University
Islamic Ph.D from Aberdeen !

He leave all and he possess all
Children and wives full of energy
Chinese, Malay and Maghrib
Wisdom and light shines through
Still remember the Night of Melawati

(La Syarqiyya wa la Gharbiyya
Kaukabun dhurriyun …Nurun alan nur
Yahdi’Llahu li-nurihi man yasyaau
Wa Allahu bi-kulli syain Alim)


We ask Allah ,the Majestic, the Exalted to
Enlighten our hearts and life journey…

 ------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------

Second Koan :

Many Doors of A Tea Hut


Sufism is a science of madness and stillness. It depend where you are and how rich you are. Ha ha ha , only the poor speak this Way. Dust, dust..kuntu turaba . A sufi hut had many doors, why none dare to seek, travel and make a visit ? To enter and drink Tea is another matter. 


To test, we put this question to you :


Master Dogen asked his students one day in the assembly hall – who got a new sms today ? Where does he built his Dailin Nur College ? Do the Japanese Government approved his spiritual teaching overseas ? How many students from Granada, Weimar, Zurich, Cape Town, Jakarta, Bandung, Johor Bharu and Penang recently get enrolled for an eight weeks course in Blue Heiddegerian Studies and to organize an seminar called ‘The Time of  I Ching ‘ ?  Here is the Maxis Message from Dr.Abdad of USM, former chief editor of Rumi Nusantara Journal received on 8.00pm dated 2 of Dec. 2006 :


 ‘This piece of koan need fathom.
When the door opens, whirl follows you.
You cross the line, feel that touch on the shoulder by one that beckons.

The cups are there all the time
Perfumed wine waiting for the lips
 The second whirl arrives and the touched
Shoulder warming up to a larger circle.
The flirting fire ambers till dawn


The whispering hearts need no filled cup now.
 Another door yonder closing in
Sufi doors opens more of whirl,
cup , touch, heart and wisper.

Suddenly Master Izi attendant Masako San brought an old message jumbled up in Chinese mandarin from our old Melawati garden Companion Dr. Muhammad Fuad Yeoh, Deputy President of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) after a quick translation by Sidi Zuigan…it is decided to be included in this Blue Bamboo Collections as follow :

‘Traveller has not been endowed with the honour to enter any of Master’s doors for the chosen only is able to taste and be intoxicated by Master’s spirits, wisdom, aura and fun. It is not a question of fear but simply to whom the bounty the Almighty grants . For which Traveller unfortunately is not one ‘.

Attendant Zuigan Commentary :


 We are extremely thankful to Allah Tabaraka wa Taala this blessed morning where two of our long time Companions and ardent readers of Zen and Sufism send us their warm greeting of peace beside penning out new koans for all of you ! You shall not forget to record this in your diary. When you finished this short course, go seek and pay visit and respect to them on my behalf. My old bones and feets not strong enough to make travels to Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe or Africa this winter. Bow three times to this two wise scholars, we feels that their Islam and Sufism are our true ally and will transform our future Way and revive the lost Wisdom !

Neo- Hsue Tou Verse


 To sit in sunlight or to sit in shade
It doesnt matter the sun is East or West

This light from the blessed oil and Olive
From the star, the lamp and niche
Allah guides to His light whom He will
One man enrich a whole community


Let wage war against Number and Papers
O Sages of  China and Nippon let appear!
The Time of Spring is here. A Tea Hut.
One traveller falters, ten will comes !
Once the door shut, the hut is gone !


From the Old Diary of Abu Zhulixin circa 2004.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 23 March 2007 at 10:04am
Many of this zen koans are adapted from
the Blue Cliffs Records of Zen Master Dogen/ Yun Men
translated by Thomas Cleary. But some encounters are
genuine from abuzuhri trackless journey. why do you
see a bird long journey leave any pointers. He only stop
briefly to rest, find food and drink then off again.
Live in Islam as a stranger or traveller.- Hadith.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: Angel
Date Posted: 24 March 2007 at 5:32am

Zen qu'rans? how can you have zen qu'rans?

~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 24 March 2007 at 4:35pm
My dear Angela listen to what Maulana Rumi says
Beware of your earth bound intellects
while the purified heart fly without wings
they tasted Unseen knowledges and wonders
But oh seekers, you must have feets to travels !

Do not perceive and illuminate your words of fear
There are vast difference between Zen Koans (Kung An)
and the Divine Revelation of Lord of All Worlds
Please read and reflect three times again to see the sun
of truth and unending wisdom in all ages and people
Allah Taala send various rasul and messengers in old times
but they teaching are gone, only a remnant remains
to perplex unwary readers and new agers.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: pauline35
Date Posted: 26 March 2007 at 7:59am
Dear Abuzuhri, please enlighten me that you are not mixing Zen and Islam. If you do, then it is called "CAMPURISATION". Word is not found in dictionary but widely used in large local organization.

Impurity is considered unislamic
Keep it simple, Islam is Islam,
Peace is peace but language is Arabic,
When applying Ying and Yang to Islam,
You have begun to infect the true teaching of Islam
Islam is one unify religion
Islam is no longer Islamic if propagated in different ways
Islam should not be either Sunni or Shi'te
Islam is for the whole universe
Islam is not a tool but Ying and Yang is
Islam is a religion of god-based
So is Tao, the way of life.

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 17 July 2007 at 2:36am

Can someone illuminate the Sufic way or Zen Path for poor sighted abu zuhri the half hakka hui traveller from kuala lumpur. malay as the muddied river confluent in the city when he sometimes stop to perform salat zuhur and asar, what a beautiful sight across the river and above the LRT track and music from across the street of masjid india ! When one stepped into the mosque and did the water purification splashed over his hands, face and legs..all impurity are gone. No Zen, no philosophy, no music, no chinese or arabic stuffs are left but a slave stand in awe and praising of His Creator. Following in the dusts of the footsteps of the Messenger. Peace within and stillness outside.

Yin and Yang are just names for opposites reality like heat and cold, rich and poor, iman and kufr , what are seen and hidden we cannot detect until the right time, right action, right place, right knowledge and a real man/woman emerge from the sensory realm and melt away into the divine realms. What is the purpose of throwing bricks into the crowd but to unveils a jade in the lake. To tempt one diving into the ocean of mercy and serenity.

Show me where is islam without the man of reality and wisdom. Show me where is islam without borders and races and conflicts. Oh my pure hearted pauline, we wonder if you have dived into the secrets of Quran in your own voice and secrets rather than from books and translations ! No one can take away your iman if it was implanted with certainty and light. Step into the Cave of Hira or climb the Mount of Arafa or on the top open floor of Masjidil Haram...behold what a wondrous feeling. Throw away your tao and drink from alkauthar ! ha ha ha another zen arrow for unwary heroine.



abuzuhri shin

Posted By: rami
Date Posted: 04 August 2007 at 2:45am

Bi ismillahir rahmanir raheem

assalamu alaikum

this is in the wrong section, the translation also doesnt follow western sufi convention.....just teasing

Rasul Allah (sallah llahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "Whoever knows himself, knows his Lord" and whoever knows his Lord has been given His gnosis and nearness.

Posted By: pauline35
Date Posted: 04 August 2007 at 9:19pm
What is Abuzuhri preaching about?

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