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How do Shia Muslims Pray at Hajj?

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Topic: How do Shia Muslims Pray at Hajj?
Posted By: niqab_ummi
Subject: How do Shia Muslims Pray at Hajj?
Date Posted: 20 December 2006 at 5:56pm


Insha'Allah someone with authority and knowledge can answer this for me....

I'm a sunni muslimah and have been for almost 19 years I was asking my husband how do the shia br's and sr's pray at Hajj and he said honestly he didn't know maybe they just assimilate their prayer to the sunni style.....


My hubby has prayed at a shia masjid before when he was on a business trip and it was the closest masjid to his hotel and he did mention there were some slight differences....but didn't really know the complete meaning behind them....

Insha'Allah next year at Hajj if I meet a Shia Sr. I want to ask her but seeing that there might be other more important things going on at Hajj I was just wondering if anyone could explain this to me in a little more detail......

I follow the belief that we are all muslimahs/muslims and it's up to Allah(swt) to decide who has lived a good life and served him well "WaAllahuAlim"


Umm Abdelkhalek

Posted By: Sign*Reader
Date Posted: 13 January 2007 at 9:19pm
I did my Hajj in 95 with a friend (now former) who happened to be Shiit and what he said standing in front of Haram Sharif that I just can't forget.
He said "Going to Karbala and Njaf was more important than being in Mecca". Now I feel terrible that I picked him as a friend to Hajj with.
I have been friends with quite a few Shias but none of them were practicing Muslims.
What I found out that they are not sincere with the Sunni Muslims but they will not say it what was in their hearts, now I know it is called practice of dissimulation(Takkiya), if they are  looking to gain some advantage.
During Hajj you are so busy that it is hard to keep track of what others are doing. The people come in groups, the big shiia groups were from Iran and they were kept separate from the rest.
You recognize them with their woman black chaddors.

Kismet Domino: Faith/Courage/Liberty/Abundance/Selfishness/Immorality/Apathy/Bondage or extinction.

Posted By: Sign*Reader
Date Posted: 14 January 2007 at 12:57am
Another item came to mind that they do sajda on the piece of dirt from Karbala.

Kismet Domino: Faith/Courage/Liberty/Abundance/Selfishness/Immorality/Apathy/Bondage or extinction.

Posted By: abu_nazir
Date Posted: 22 January 2007 at 10:29pm

I just did my Hajj and just returned home.  It is often for me to see shias brothers and sisters solat in Masjid Nabawi with the shia's method.  We can recognised they are from Iran from with their shoe bags and clothing.  While the women have a small banner at the back of their chadoor stating Republic of Iran.

But in masjidil haram, very seldom I saw Iranians performing solat (probably because the masjid is too big, only Allah knows).  Still we can regularly see them performing tawaf and sai'e.

The only surprise was, I saw a group of Iranians performing solat jemaah at 3am on the upper level (i did not know what solat it was) with the sunni method!!  Not once but twice.  Unlike in Madinah where I frequently saw Ayatollah or Marja'e, but in Mecca they are hard to find in the masjid area except during tawaf or saie.

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