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Deadly Crop of Afghani Misogyny

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Topic: Deadly Crop of Afghani Misogyny
Posted By: Servetus
Subject: Deadly Crop of Afghani Misogyny
Date Posted: 10 December 2006 at 9:40am

… Madrid’s fashion week has turned away underweight models after protests that girls and young women were trying to copy their rail-thin looks … Organizers say they want to project an image of beauty and health, rather than a waif-like, or heroin chic look … “Fashion is a mirror and many teenagers imitate what they see on the catwalk” … 

White House drug policy chief John Walters refers to the report as “disappointing.”   “It's almost the devil's own problem,” CIA Director Michael Heyden says of poppy production in Afghanistan.  

Afghanistan 2006

“In addition to a 26 percent production increase over past year -- for a total of 5,644 metric tons -- the amount of land under cultivation in opium poppies grew by 61 percent. Cultivation in the two main production provinces, Helmand in the southwest and Oruzgan in central Afghanistan, was up by 132 percent.” (1)

Celebrity Profile

Supermodel Kate Moss was "discovered" at 14 by …the Storm Modeling Agency … Through the 1990s and early 00s, she was one of the world's most recognizable models ... Moss starred in a series of Calvin Klein ads through the 1990s, spurring a period of waify "heroin chic" in the modeling world, which emphasized emaciation and de-emphasized breasts. Moss was photographed with utterly blank face, as if stoned or exhausted. Klein reported[ly] paid her £1 million a year …” (3)

New York, 1972

"[CIA official] Mr. Meyer urged several of his old friends among [publisher] Harper and Row's senior management to provide him with a copy of the galley proofs of my [Alfred W. McCoy’s] history of the international narcotics traffic, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia. In this book I show the complicity of various US agencies--particularly the CIA and the State Department--in organizing the Southeast Asian drug traffic since the early 1950s …” (4)


Serv /01/AR2006120101654.html x.html 0079

Posted By: Servetus
Date Posted: 27 December 2006 at 5:39pm

This might not be very heroin chic of me but I am going to post it anyway!  Those of you who have an aversion to the Left might have to excuse the source, but please do at any rate read on:


“… So exit the Taliban [from Afghanistan] and then came the drug boom on the re-entry of the [US-bought] warlords, laughing at the Americans up their capacious sleeves and all the way to their Swiss banks. Their lucrative enterprises were welcomed by their soul-mates in the West, who now make billions of dollars from selling high grade heroin, ironically in all the European countries that have troops in Afghanistan. The street price in Europe has fallen by two thirds in five years …”


Arnold J. Toynbee, my favorite historian, quotes Juvenal as saying, while describing the influx of Syrian Orientals into the Rome of his day (early 2nd Century), that “the Orontes [river] has flowed into the Tiber.”   Perhaps in this case, continuing the theme, one could say that the Kabul is flowing into the Tiber, Danube, Seine and Thames. 





Posted By: Duende
Date Posted: 28 December 2006 at 5:11am
Servetus said: "Perhaps in this case, continuing the theme, one could
say that the Kabul is flowing into the Tiber, Danube, Seine and
Thames. "

Not 'perhaps' oh wise Servetus, it is a fact:

Mountains of Coke along the Rhine,1518,384456,00.html

By Markus Becker  

Germans, it turns out, snort more coke than originally thought. That
is the result of a new study which measured cocaine residue in the
country's rivers. Eleven tons of pure cocaine per year -- and that's
just in the Rhine River region."

Here in Spain, where most of Europe's 500 Euro bills circulate (out of
reach of the tax man, of course i.e these are the undeclared ill-
gotten gains of unscrupulous property developers and drug barons)
it was recently discovered that hardly a single bill exists with no trace
of the drug. I don't suppose this means all drug users inhale the stuff
from a Euro bill, simply that more hands are tainted with the stuff.


Posted By: Servetus
Date Posted: 28 December 2006 at 10:47am

Thanks, Duende.  That was interesting!  It never even occurred to me that chemists would be literally checking the major rivers.  I would guess that the drug content of the Hudson would be off the meter.  I just might start passing my toilet water through a (non-Columbian) coffee filter before I flush it, just to be sure!


But seriously, despite the tantalizing tunes that such as the Storm Modeling Agency, Calvin Klein and the many other arbiters -or, rather- pied pipers of Western fashion and so-called “beauty” might play, I know all too well that, if ever there were an absolute oxymoron, “heroin chic” would have to be it.




Su amigo,



Posted By: Servetus
Date Posted: 23 March 2007 at 8:56am

This post might be either sung or whistled to the tune of one of my all-time favorite bands, REM’s song, “All the way to Reno (You’re Gonna be a Star)” (lyrics follow).

All the way to Reno
You've written your own directions
And whistles the rules have changed

You know what you are
You're gonna be a star (star)
You know what you are,
You're gonna be a star (star)”

Concerning that which the glitterati call “heroin (also known as “cocaine, amphetamine and ecstasy”) chic”, and even though the news, from a dodgy source, is a bit dated, here is some more highly lucrative and, well, let’s call it “model” behavior for young girls, women and fashion marketeers of the world to emulate  

“… Explaining the decision, Mr Barclay, CPS London's director of serious casework, said video footage of Miss [Kate] Moss's activities [viz., snorting blow] could not prove whether the substance was cocaine, ecstasy or amphetamine.

These drugs are in different categories - Classes A and B - and therefore the prosecution could not proceed because prosecution lawyers must prove beyond reasonable doubt which category of substance was being abused.

The film footage provides an absolutely clear indication that Miss Moss was using controlled drugs and providing them to others," he said ….

 since the furore financial considerations have overridden any moral qualms and she has picked up a number of new deals, including several with companies that had ditched her. [bold emphasis added]”


Ref: - iznews.html?in_article_id=390714&in_page_id=1773&in_ a_source

Posted By: Duende
Date Posted: 24 March 2007 at 12:42am
The message most received from this sordid little affair, was that if
you are a Celebrity SuperModel, you receive rewards for taking illegal

It seems her takings since this incident have risen a few million.

Funny thing, Great British Law ...

Posted By: Servetus
Date Posted: 26 March 2007 at 10:34am

You know what you are, you’re gonna be a star.”

Disregard, for now, the “organic” poppy fields of Afghanistan, the yield from which seems almost healthy in comparison, and notice the new trend among fashion marketeers, image makers and other hucksters to feed (or allow) their increasingly emaciated mannequins (to feed themselves) upon clenbuterol, or “clen,” an asthma treatment approved for horses, no less.  One might almost assume that, to get “fixed up,” one need only ring up Rachel Zoe …    

Poster girls for this scrawny silhouette [heroin chic, size-zero] include Victoria Beck-ham, photographed at the recent fashion shows looking painfully gaunt, while in the U.S., the pack is led by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and now Kate Bosworth, seen this week looking skeletal at a Dazed & Confused party in New York.

All five share the hallmarks of being seriously underweight — chicken wing arms, deflated, sagging breasts and protruding hip and chest bones.

And three of them are "Zoe-bots", clients of the super-stylist Rachel Zoe.

“Humming, all the way to Reno …”


Source: - _article_id=409347&in_page_id=1879&in_a_source=& ito=1490

Posted By: Duende
Date Posted: 27 March 2007 at 4:10am
In this age of supreme Disinformation, isn’t it possible the poppy crop in
Afghanistan is secretly being used to fund the American trained “Death
squads” in Iraq? After all, there would be nothing new in this, and
experience counts. Compare for example the CIA support for and
cooperation with the Colombian drug cartels which funded the
Nicaraguan Contras, which formed the basis of the well known Iran-
Contra scandal of the Reagan era. Many of those involved in the Iran
Contra operation are back at work now within the Bush admin, according
to Seymour Hersh’s article in the NewYorker: “The Redirection”.

The US special advisor to Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior Steven Casteel, for
example, whose experience during the 1990s hunt for Pepe Escobar
alongside the CIA, DEA and top secret military intelligence operatives
must be proving invaluable to Iraqis.

Or James Steele, who graduated from the battle fields of Vietnam as a US
Army special forces operative, to El Salvador where “he was responsible
for selecting and training the small units (or death squads) who were
boasted to have inflicted 60% of the casualties caused in that
‘counterinsurgency’ campaign (Manwaring, El Salvador at War, 1988, p
306-8).” He is now in charge of training the Iraqui Special Police
Commandos. “In fact, The New York Times Magazine in a 2005 article
(May 01) revealed that the Iraqi counterinsurgency was being advised by
an American who led the Special Forces in El Salvador in the 1980s.”

If the actions of the Salvadorian Rapid Deployment Infantry Brigade are
anything to go by, the daily horrors of Iraq, with the deaths of children an
as yet to be established development, are foreseeable, indeed

“On the morning of the 11th the Brigade decided to put its training to
work and make an example of the people of El Mozote. They decided to
kill the entire population of the village (about 900 people including
peasants from the countryside who came to stay in El Mozote out of fear
of the Atlacatl Brigade in the field. The population was unarmed. The men
were separated from the women and children and publicly executed,
many were beheaded (not an Iraqi invention). Then all the girls and
women 12 years old and up were killed, many were first raped. Finally all
the children under 12 and the babies were taken into the village church
and then shot and bayonetted.”
(Remembering Rufina Amaya By Thomas Riggins at ICH))

This article argues the possibility that what we are seeing in Iraq today is
not actually the result of ‘poor planning’ or lack of exit strategy at all, but
is in fact going quite according to plan, thank you very much:

Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

In view of mounting evidence of Anglo-American involvement in the
bombing campaigns targeting Iraqi civilians, notably the brief arrest of
two British SAS men found with a car packed with explosives (William
Bowles), it is worth speculating a little on the implementation of their
wider strategy. Discounting Al-Qaida and Zarqawi in Iraq as fabrications
designed for easy media consumption (Centre for Research on
Globalisation), we are left with a situation in which someone is targeting
Shias, mainly through the planting of bombs around mosques and at
religious ceremonies, and someone is targeting Sunnis, mainly through
extrajudicial executions carried out by parties that look a lot like the
police but have become linked with the Shiite Badr Brigade in the popular
imagination. It is impossible that the Iraqi resistance could account for
this pandemic of fratricidal violence, whatever Adnan Thabit might say
about insurgents in police uniforms. It is equally impossible that SCIRI
and the Badr Brigade could account for much of it in a milieu dominated
by CIA assets and US military forces. What is possible is that both sides of
the apparent sectarian violence are run as part of a huge CIA-lead
intelligence operation designed to split Iraq at the seams. I tentatively
suggest that the intelligence apparatus at the Interior Ministry is
contriving attacks on Sunnis and that British and US special forces in
conjunction with the intelligence apparatus at the Iraqi Defence Ministry
are fabricating insurgent bombings of Shias. Overseeing the entire
operation is the ‘cream’ of CMAD under the direction of top-level US
intelligence asset Mowaffak Rubaie, a man already experienced at
participating in bombing campaigns, undoubtedly working hand in glove
with the CIA and the National Security Council in the US.

False Flags, Semiotics and Vulgar Marxists

The French theorist Jean Baudrillard famously once stated that the first
Gulf War did not take place. By this he did not mean that nothing
happened, but that its presentation in the media consisted of an
overwhelming barrage of the signs of War, which bore essentially no
relationship to the annihilation of a Third World army by the most
advanced military power in history. In short it was a simulation of war.
This was perhaps the most extreme example of what Baudrilliard referred
to as the ‘ecstacy of communication’, that in our Information Age,
concepts spin at such a rate that their outlines become lost and their
original meanings are replaced with empty alternatives.

Fifteen years later, the same charges can be levelled against the recent
Iraq ‘War’ and the country’s subsequent occupation. Most importantly, I
believe that a process akin to that Baudrillard highlighted is being actively
employed to simulate a civil war in Iraq. False-flag intelligence operations
are aimed at sowing seeds of a sectarian strife that was largely non-
existent prior to the invasion. Thus, even many Sunni Iraqis are coming to
believe that the well-organised death squads run from the CIA-controlled
intelligence hub are actually the Badr Brigade they often claim to be; and
thus British SAS men in Arab disguise plant bombs at Shia religious
festivals to be blamed on fanatical Wahabi Sunni ‘insurgents’.

Whether such tactics succeed in provoking further, autonomous acts of
violence directed against the civilian population is much less significant
than the impact they are able to exert within the media. This Anglo-
American intelligence operation acts as a factory churning out the signs
of Civil War: a ‘wave of tit-for-tat sectarian violence’ and the consequent
ethnic cleansing. The signs are produced to be picked up by the media
and spun and spun until nothing is left but a nebulous Civil War with no
internal logic or structure, with the occupying forces as powerless to
intervene as they were in the Balkans while Iraq splits into Rubiae’s
desired four to six autonomous provinces. Those few journalists, like
Yasser Salihee and Steven Vincent, who break the mould and start to
investigate the actual authorship of extrajudicial killings themselves
become victims.

When one former CIA operative candidly claimed that ‘Intelligence
services are the heart and soul of a new country’ (Washington Post)), they
were inadvertently expressing a position that Noam Chomsky might call
‘vulgar Marxist’. What they were actually confessing is that the essence of
a state is the organisation of violence as the ultimate coercive measure
and that the intelligence apparatus functions as its brain. Little wonder
then that the US is so closely involved with intelligence services the world
over, or that both coup d’états and savage repressions of sectors of the
population deemed opposed to US interests have emanated from the
offices of these same services.

To penetrate the media smokescreen of spontaneous, uncontrollable
violence and understand the role of intelligence operations in the creation
of a beholden, occupied client state or series of statelets is fundamental
to understanding the processes in Iraq today. It is also fundamental to
recognising that the presence of Anglo-American forces in Iraq does not
merely exacerbate the present violence; in Iraq we are the violence.

Max Fuller is the author of ‘For Iraq, the Salvador Option Become Reality’
published by the Centre for Research on Globalisation

Posted By: Servetus
Date Posted: 29 March 2007 at 11:47am

It’s almost as if there is more to this story than a round-up of the asthmatic, skinny fillies at the OK Fashion Corral.

… The UN also suspects that many in the Afghan government may be complicit in the opium trade. Afghan President Hamid Karzai's brother is likewise suspect ...,1518,473933,00.html -,1518,473933,00.html



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