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To Sit In Sunlight or Shade Yin Yang

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Topic: To Sit In Sunlight or Shade Yin Yang
Posted By: abuzuhri
Subject: To Sit In Sunlight or Shade Yin Yang
Date Posted: 01 December 2006 at 1:15am




-A First Part Diary of Masako San



Monday 27 November 2006 at 1.30pm at Miyazaki Tea Hut, eastern lake of Putrajaya Precint Eelven we had 5 unexpected guests from Penang today. Dr Hakimi, Dr.Norizan, Mahamad, Ismail and Sakinah. Subject of our conversation suddenly take a dig at Sidi Ali Jamal’s  magnum opus of the Darqawi Path written about 200 years ago -The Meaning of Man. Yes, until now we still stuck at one sentence as below:


“The reality of wilaya (wali) is :

Than when you sit in the sunlight, you dont desire to sit in the shade.  When you are In the shade, you dont desire to sit in the sunlight.”


They kindly requested if an commentary by Abu Zhulixin which they heard do exist two years ago delivered to a small group of  UIA Gombak students can be retold and put in writing ?  Here are the remnants of the discourse that Masako San, the petit attendant of Master Izi Anqaravi able to jolt down in her blue diary:


Flash Back One:


After more than 20 years studying and keeping company with an old Shaykh in Marrakech, a group of fuqara asked their Shaykh to reveal and expound on the reality of wilaya after they had finished the Hikam of Ibn Athaillah and Minhajul Abidin of Imam Ghazali. The Shaykh says,” go back to your zawiya quarters and come back tomorrow, I will tell you what is all about “. The fuqara are really excited and cannot slept that night.


Commentary :


Just excited to know and hear some beautiful or strange words about a wali’s secrets does not make you better off. It might trap you in another illusion. So we say ; what is the reality of the sunlight ? What is the secret metaphor behind the shade ? Why a faqir or wali have to sit in sunlight ? Why he did not choose being in the cool shade ? Can you feel the hot sunlights now ? How long you has been reading The Meaning of Man ? Do we still argue about the opposites meanings, gain and loss, good and evil, light and ignorance ? Dialectics.


For us the common guys, we fall victims to hot and cold because we think we has freedom to move about here and there ? Can the Shaykh really expose the secret of wilaya in words ? What kind of person who contented and happy to sit in the sunlight ? What and how many layers of metaphor for sunlights to the fuqara imagination ? Now we have to employ the 8 Matrixes to decode what Sidi Ali Jamal trying to ask his reader to think beyond forms and images.


Metaphor of Sunlight


 Sunlight can means hardship, struggle, lot of zikr and ibada, travelling, meeting people and seeking employment and works to survive, to marry and raise up is endless..In another word - the realm/maqam of separation or farq. Fulfillment of Shariat duties and rules, if you go wrong will get punished. Who can forever hide him/herself from the truth/haqiqat of the burning, live giving and powerful sunlight that causes water and land to dry ? To melt the snow and mountains of ices, to dried up lakes and rivers ? Sunlight can mean you must teach people and transmit this jewel/wisdom for the right people and at ripe time. So a wali can sit forever in the sunlight without being burn by your ignorance ! Now if you fuqara are so smart, tell me what is the meaning of ‘ sitting ‘ ? My notes here get blurred...sitting .means...real sitting !


Sitting Comfortably

 A famous Zen Master when wanted to impart subtle dharma teachings at the assembly hall of Miyazaki Institute at Kenjizuro Village to about 8 young novice monks , he says – “ Please sit comfortably...fold your hand, pull your legs together, form a sutra position, close you eyes...or the bird of meanings  will fly away ! “. O fuqara ! How long you had been sitting in our Darqawi Tea Hut ? How many times or days you missed the ‘sitting’ of zikr, wird, diwan, hadra, ismul azim and teaching/discourse by your esteemed muqaddim ?


How many fuqara had really reached, enter and ‘sit’ with you, suprised at your big/small, sparse/beautiful house or banglo ? To ‘sit’ with a faqir is half of the Path. To ‘run and hide’ from a faqir is losing half of the Path. To open your humble Tea Hut to visitors, ask you wife or daughter to serve the classic Shushien Tea with Korean pottery , means you are an accomplished traveller from our Zawiya Institute of Bandung Orchid Farm managed by Sidi Muqaddim Malik. To sit under the sunlight of a Perfect Teacher means this faqir got the Izin of Sunburning Path. Beware of this unique Path. Beware of the Wali piercing sunlight ! Each faqir actually build his own Path of deceits or Path of ‘sitting and forgeting’ the Past Empire and Sultanates. Sidi Baoxin got another Path’s izin when he briefly Shadowed by a wali.


Got Frozen


 If a faqir is comfortable ‘sitting’ among the Noble Fuqara and Salihun, one day he has to be tested by ‘sitting in the shade of exile, banishment and solitary khalwa’. Some got frozen while climbing the Mount Sumeru*. Why this can happen ? Because he sit in the shade too long, too lazy to join the Tea Circle at another Mountain just about 40 km away where hot drinks and cakes are served non-stop. Even the Titiwangsa Mountains Range turned blue when no fuqara sang the Diwan and recite the rich Miftah al-Wird for several months due to some guerilla war games at the foothills. Dr Abdad ar-Rauwi was granted Izin to sing the Mathnawi of Rumi under the shade of Master Izi 80 years old Cypress Pine Tree.


The Shade of Arasy


 The Shaykh further tested his fuqara after the eveining tea session  – “ Do you want me to expound further about the ‘reality of the Shade of Allah’ ? Who can answer on my behalf ? Sidi Zuigan, please stand up and speak ! Where is Sidi Ikrami last Saturday when he was supposed to teach surah al-Rahman and Surah Luqman to the 30 wonderful boy orphans of Aman House in Shah Alam ? Sidi Zuigan says; “ Those seven people loved by Allah because of their sincere/pure hearts, selfless actions, honoring the poors and woman, saying just words and doing ibadah/zikr until tears flowed, love to be in the mosque/being in sajada...they will be shaded by the Arasy of Allah Taala in the Terror/Hot Day of Masyar where the sun will very near and hot above their heads. Open the Kitab Muwwata of Imam Malik, this unique hadith was related by Abu Huraira and Abu Said al-Khudri, r.a.

 The Shadow and Smiles of Zuigan

 Now dont assume this commentary is nearly finished. We had not yet commented on the secrets of the ‘Time’ , ‘Place’ and ‘Command or Order’ being addressed to the ‘wali’ to ‘Move or Change’ his position from sitting in the sunlight to sitting in the shadow ! Or to get out from the “Shadow*” to sitting in ‘Sunlight*  ! This second * Shadow and Sunlight are totally different from the first sunlight and shadow, how ? Tell us oh Sidi Shaykh, is this reality of wali beyond words now ? So the Shaykh again wispers to the ear of Sidi Zuigan...., he smiles and then closed his eyes. What ...only we can hear from him.!


This Shadow* now is the shadow of the wali’s Shaykh. He is no longer permitted to stay in the shadow of obscurity after being illuminated and his seeds* bears fruits of marifa and furqan. He must set out, expand and build his own Tea House and invite new friends and strangers to taste the Tea of Khawja Yusuf al-Hamadhani ! Do you want the seed*, the tea*,the pottery*, the smiles of Zuigan* or sit in your house ? Guess Yin or Yang fengshui ?

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 25 March 2007 at 2:54am
Dear seeker Number 41 who asked for the lights of I ching
we humbly invite you to sit in the cool shades and shining sun
tasting rabea jasmine tea which we found at Makkah shops
old Khawja Yusuf Hamadhani pour it for future murids
you only had to retreat from mad city centre and meditate
In the blessed company of Master Izi and  Dr.Anqaravi
Attendants Masako San or Atikato will be at your door.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 20 April 2007 at 9:31am
My great desert traveller Jamal Morelli of Fez
we offer you cool shades of jasmine tea leaves
Do not sit too long in the sunlight of morocco
Take your wings awhile to fly East of maghrib

seek knowledge even unto to China and japan
where tao and zen cannot contain nur of Qing zhen Jiao
as Ibnu batuta arrived at the shore of Huai Sheng Si
Even today the Minaret of Light still shines there

Ha ha how good is the smell of jamal minted tea
when spring arise from the melted atlas snow ..
cai jian qing ming xin nian lai.
abuzuhri teahut at western putrajaya lake
always welcome all tired visitors from the West
passing thru the Dragon Gate Inn yesterday..

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: number41
Date Posted: 22 April 2007 at 9:42pm

Dear bro,

I am here reading and enjoying with a cup of refreshing tea that you have offered. Each time you posted an article I am absorbing the peace....and the beauty of the teahut.

I am looking forward to read more and may the Blessing of Allah be with you always.....

The path of in my user name...


'When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Path becomes clear' – Rumi

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 25 April 2007 at 4:57pm

He Is The One In Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur

He’s the one sitting next to you,
in the bus you ride everyday to work.

He’s the one selling drinks at the junction,
the one you won’t even bother to look at.

He’s the one in sky-priced suits,
the man your boss once had lunch with.

He could be the one asking to shine your shoes for a coin.
He could be the one driving mercedes in his armani.
He could be anyone you see once in your life.
You look but you don’t really see.

By all means : Did you really search?  What do you look for :
Path to God, or just beard, turban, and robes?

Neither turbans nor robes,
he doesn’t even have to ‘look right’ for you :
no bride dress up but to her Lover’s liking.
He’s the God’s highest noble kept unseen in ordinariness.

Why tell you who he is,
or when, or where :
we’re not even worth to be told :
what have we done,
to think we deserve such honor?

The messenger for your soul.
The one can lead you to the path,
understands every single secret from the life of yours,
answers every single question you need to ask.

He’s the slave to one God,
serves only to one master.

Slaves won’t come,
no matter how loud you shout :
they can only be met
by permission from the master.

By all means : Did you really ask?

‘By all means.’  Did you?

“And they (kafirun)say: Why does this Messenger eat food,
and walk abouts in the markets?
Why is not an angel sent down to him,
to be a warner with him?” *

He Is The One  To Scatter Wisdom

He is the one no doubt in jakarta or kuala lumpur
he sing the Mathnawi of Rumi and Abu Madyan song
he send you forward, to teach and scatter wisdom

He stand beside you and go round tawaf at Kaaba
No doubt he generously give sadaqa and received it
by two old ladies at the outskirt of masjidil haram
He who receive your salam and kissed your cheek
He who says- Allahu..Allahu Allahu and Allahu Karim

He is the one you meet in Arafa and Mina
He is the one wave the hands toward the Rawdah
With tears and chilly night he walked the streets of Madina

Oh Allah , accept our islam, our hajj and our brothers
He is the one always beside us and gave inspiration ..

Sunday, December 17, 2006

 Last night, as i prayed, i lost the purpose of praying, my soul felt so empty.. It is well fed by the poem posted above.. Thank you.. May we walk thru this life holding hand, though without knowing one another..

Comment by i217 — Tuesday, December 26, 2006

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 03 June 2007 at 6:41am

So the traveler tales will always full of suprises and unexpected discoveries. Last week at Macma KL office, we meet a brother from China named Ahmed Musa Wang now doing his Ph.D in International Islamic University of Malaysia told us that Imam Wang Daiyue a great chinese scholar of 1400 century muslim name was Nasyaruddin. It remind us the sufic wisdom stories of Mulla Nasreddin written by Idris Shah. So dont panic and praise Allah when you met a new chinese muslim in asia pacific region in your life time !

The Path is not spoken or written but trodden by hearts.

Zen maxims aimed to confuse and awaken.
After enlightened your are free to laugh.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 01 August 2007 at 6:55pm

Hikam of Shaykh Ibn Athaillah

Idfin wujduka fil-ardhi khumuli
Fa ma nabata mimma la yudfan
La yatimmu natajahu

(Bury your existence in the earth
of moister obscurity
what coming out without being
planted properly will not give fruit/blossoms)

Sweep the rubbish heap
Of your spirits with the broom of `La – Negation'
As Maulana Rumi indicated in his Mathnawi
You are coming from non-existence. Hear Irji – Return !

How do you claim to have power and life
By NoT surrendering in Bowing and Sajda
No carpet and wool but dust under your prayer mat.

Lieh Tzu will take leave one month from Master Kung court
due to coming winter Season. Cai jian.
Meet again where the Border of Reality
merge into Island of Fiction
Stand on your Firm Ground
The Unwobbling Cord..CHUNG XIN of your Heart.

abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 18 October 2007 at 7:33pm

Dont get lost in the forest of words and poems         & nbsp;

make your way to the garden of prayer

especially at dhuha bright sunlight piercing thru

o mankind, you are poor in need of Allah

every breath praise and glorifies Him

O Allah bring near what is far

make it easy what is difficult

make it pure what is contaminated

give me light and became light to others.





abuzuhri shin

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 17 December 2007 at 4:13pm

All praise and thank only for allah, lord of all worlds. After seeing the limitations of this forum and to expand our interchange of knowledge, experience and friendship, we humbly building up a blog for new seekers or new muslims especially from the east.

Here is the address : -


One cup of Real Tea is not enough

for the thirsty traveller

on the journey of Qing zhen jiao.


abuzuhri shin

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