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Noah’s Character in the Quran

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Topic: Noah’s Character in the Quran
Posted By: hat2010
Subject: Noah’s Character in the Quran
Date Posted: 27 November 2006 at 6:46am

Thoughts, questions, challenges inspired by the character of Noah in the

In Sura 71, Noah - his character has changed so drastically from that of
the Torah.   Noah repeats common Quranic ideas that appear in sura 78 -
Naba- and others, while other events of importance (namely the rainbow
covenant with mankind) aren't mentioned.

Has anyone else experienced the drama of this sura? While so many
suras have a peaceable "la koom deeenakoom walladeen" message in
them - this one turns quite intense at the end with "Noah" entreating
Allah (swt) to wipe out all the unbelievers.

What is the best place to begin looking for an explanation of who Noah
was to Mohammed's (pbuh) audience? Who did he (and they) already
understand Noah to be? What did the name of Noah do for them?

For my own part - I am reading The Seals of Wisdom by Ibn al-'Arabi for
more insight into the prophet's life...   but still way off from answer to
some of the above questions...

Submitted with love and respect,
God keep you all close,

Jamal Morelli

Posted By: Megatron
Date Posted: 06 January 2007 at 10:54pm

That's an interesting question.  I never saw things from that perspective.  In that a lot of what the Qur'an says should be interpreted from the perspective of the people who were reading at the time the Prophet revealed it. 

Sorry to digress, but is that where a lot of the interpretation of certain verses in the Qur'an comes from?  From scholars who try to determine the social fabric of Arabia at the time of the Prophet.

Posted By: hat2010
Date Posted: 15 January 2007 at 11:02am
Peace Megatron,

The interpretation question you pose will have to be answered by someone
more educated than me.   I do think it would be helpful to have a list of
common expressions in the Quran that would have existed in Arabia and
what they meant to the listeners; oaths on the moon, the stars, etc.,
reflecting on the palm tree, the camel, etc..,...
After all, M - what is now classical arabic was Meccan darija.

So, along those lines, my question is - to those early listeners - who was
Noah to them?


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