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Poweful islamic countries .

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Topic: Poweful islamic countries .
Posted By: Shery
Subject: Poweful islamic countries .
Date Posted: 03 November 2006 at 7:16am

Why they accuse us that every where there s muslims

theres a war ...


lets see they accuse us for the war in nigeria , Sudan , Indonesia and everywhere

So we been accused to cuz all the mess of the world because we are muslims

and unfortunately our own media help in spreading those lies

about islam . that the people who are trying to resist to live

are the terrorist one ..

Our series and movies shows muslims as scumbag

I know theres some muslims they dont understand the meaning of jihad when they target a islamic places


but do you really believe that those who are doing that funded by islamic people who resist and fight for god ?


defenitely no .. those people been abused from being ignorant and need money and they been used by those organizations who aim to destroy islam

what everyone need to know tht some jew and americans can speak fluent arabic and have a good knowledge of quoran

and those are hunting our poor people and brainwash them

and when they are caught ( they are muslims  )but who really behind them ?


Today the whole world are accusing islam for being a war religion

while our mistake is we been sleeping a long time without spreading our real islam

Iran and pakistan 2 powerful islamic countries

that is why they are now the target of most of the world

Dont believe that USA give up attacking iran ( NO)


they are just waiting the right time ( and they are trying to gather the most information they can before any action toward iran )

the plan to replace the current government with those who left iran and been allies to the shah .

and you all know that dozen of jew iranian lives in USA

all of them dislike the current religious government in iran

So USA wont give up planning to attack iran .

Pakistan ( Peres musharaf ) just american puppet who do not mind to kill his own people to satisfy americans

and the sad thing he allows to israeli and to americans to do operations inside pakistan against the islamic resistance

as this last attack on the school .. it was purely israeli

and it wasnt even american

 A lot of israeli , british , americans agent in pakistan ...

why they are doing all that ?


they want to erase the culture of resistance from our new generation

they wants us to follow their pervert culture

that allows gays and fornication

All what islam ask from them to obey god

But because USA troops are the antichrist ( messiakh el dagal ) troops  ) they will never let us live in peace

I suggest in every islamic country to start a militias as hizbuallah

because those militias may able to do a balance between our forces and their forces

because we dont have the same arms as they have

but guerilas war prooved that is the most effective way with those monsters rapist

who rape our woman in iraq and afghanistan every single day

May allah help the whole islamic world inshallah

and unify shia and sunna amen ,


يا الله اسالك بعزتك لا تفتن عدونا بالانتصار علينا

لا تفتنا بالقنوط من رحمتك

ولا ييأس من رحمتك الا القوم الضالون

اللهم أنت القادر علينا لا تهنا بذنوبنا

اللهم انصرنا و انصر الاسلام بينا

Posted By: ejdavid
Date Posted: 20 November 2006 at 9:38am

You need to face reality. Many Muslims wage war against non-Muslims in many places, for many reasons. For instance, individuals who identified themselves as Muslims attacked the United States on 9/11. People who bombed trains in London and Madrid identified themselves as pious Muslims. So did the Bali bombers.

Should THESE self proclaimed Muslims ever gain power where you live, YOU will be subject to sticks and stones to break your bones if you so much as leave your house on your own.

Posted By: Shery
Date Posted: 20 November 2006 at 9:40am

have you heard about the ark of moses and how many jew live in ethiopia

I wonder if the muslims are the one who always aims to start a war

or there s some1 always behind all that to acheive his goals .

يا الله اسالك بعزتك لا تفتن عدونا بالانتصار علينا

لا تفتنا بالقنوط من رحمتك

ولا ييأس من رحمتك الا القوم الضالون

اللهم أنت القادر علينا لا تهنا بذنوبنا

اللهم انصرنا و انصر الاسلام بينا

Posted By: The Guided One
Date Posted: 20 November 2006 at 4:36pm

Amiin may Allah Unite us against our enemies


Great article sherry

A. Suleiman

Posted By: Revolutionary
Date Posted: 28 March 2007 at 11:03am


So you mean to tell me that the ringleader Mohammad Atta identified himself as Muslim while having a girlfriend who used to be a stripper, who himself visited stripclubs....even on the night before 9/11, was a gambler, drank heavily, disrespected the Quran by taking it to a stripclub and drinking alcohol while in possession, etc...?  I'm not naive enough to buy that.

There are forces at play here which are way beyond our understanding.....these forces rely upon naive people to parrot the official story.

Polly want a cracker?

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