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Catholic Crusades

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Topic: Catholic Crusades
Posted By: Bismarck
Subject: Catholic Crusades
Date Posted: 07 October 2006 at 7:18pm
Many people think "the Crusades" were only those against the Muslim
world from 1095 - 1272. But that is ridiculously untrue.

In 1054, the Christian World was sundered by the machinations of the
Franko-Roman Patriarch, today called "the Pope". Prior to 1054, the 5
major Patriarchs of Christendom -- Jerusalem, Alexandria,
Constantinople, Antioch, Rome -- had all had equal standing within
Christendom. That is, there was not "one head" of Christendom.
Actually, in theory at least, it would be more accurate to say that Christ
was the eternal head of the Christendom. But by 1054, backed by the
Catholicized Franks and Normans, "the Pope" began asserting that he was
the one sole true temporal head of Christendom. The other Patriarchs
refused to bow or bend the knee, and Christendom was sundered in

Twelve years later, "Pope" Alexander commissioned a Papal crusade
against "Heretic England". England had not followed Rome into schism
against the Orthodox East. As such, the "Pope" had to subdue Orthodox
England by force. In 1066, he blessed William of Normandy and sent him
into England. By 1075, 20% of the English population -- an estimated
200,000 men, women, and children -- had been slaughtered or driven
into exile. For the next 300 years, French was the official language of
England. Indeed, English was not even spoken by the nobles in
Parliament until around 1370. English was not readopted as the official
language of England until about 1440. (If you've ever seen the movie
Braveheart, it is wrong, as Edward Longshanks, a Catholic, would
have been speaking French.)

It was not until 20 years later, in 1095, that Pope Urban II commissioned
the first crusade against the Muslim world. Thus we see that Catholic
Imperialism is directed not solely against Muslims, but against all non-
Catholics, be they Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Protestant, or Heathen.
The crusades against the Holy Lands would continue until about 1272.

Meanwhile, however, the European crusades continued. In 1166, on
the 100th anniversary of the English Crusade, the Catholic Normans
invaded the "Heretics" of Ireland. Ireland, like England before her, had
never submitted to the Roman Yoke. And by 1166, the Catholic Norman
government of England was strong enough to attempt the invasion of that
island as well. Armed with the Papal Bull authorizing the Crusade (the
Laud Abilitier), the Catholic Norman King Henry II authorized his
nobles to invade. By about 1175 Ireland had fallen to Catholicism as well.
Ireland is still Catholic to this day, having never rid herself of her Catholic
overlord. There is, however, a resurgent Orthodox Culdee Church,
formed in the 1800s, which is trying to return to the pre-Catholic
Christian faith of Ireland.

Having conquered England and Ireland, and with the failure of the anti-
Muslim crusades, the Catholic Norman government of England now
turned its eyes northwards to Scotland. In the late 1200s, Edward
"Longshanks" began asserting influence in Scottish politics and demanded
that the Scottish king acknowledge Edward as overlord. This is the
setting for the (roughly accurate) movie Braveheart. Although the
uprising of William Wallace was eventually crushed, and William most
cruelly executed, Wallace inspired his countrymen, and in 1314, Robert
the Bruce won Scotland's independence for the next 400 years at the
Battle of Bannockburn. Bruce even went on to liberate Northern Ireland,
although his dreams of freeing Southern Ireland were dashed by his death
in battle in 1329.

Meanwhile, the Catholic crusades against the heathens of Eastern Europe
had begun. Already by 1242, the Catholic crusaders of the Teutonic
had penetrated Poland and swept eastward into the Ukraine
and Russia, where they were finally stopped by the famous Alexander
Nevsky at Lake Peipus. The Catholic Teutonic Knights brutalized the
Polish landscape with tactics that, ironically for a Judaeo-Christian, would
have made Nebuchadnezzar proud. The Catholic crusaders decimated
the local population, and then imported Catholics from Germany and
planted them in the vacant land. Like Ireland, Poland is also Catholic to
this day, having never rid herself of her Catholic overlord. Never fully
defeated, the Teutonic Knights never-the-less were beaten back at
Tannenberg in 1410 and never recovered.

These Crusades were only the beginning. By 1517, the Catholic Hapsburg
Empire needed money to fight the Muslim Turks in the East and to crush
the burgeoning Lutheran Protestants in the North. The Catholic Emperor,
Charles V, sent the Conquistadors to Central America to sieze the
vast hoards of gold rumored to be there. This is the time of Hernan
Cortez, and Pizaro, and Vasco de Gama. They crushed the Aztec, Mayan,
and Incan empires, stole their wealth, and forcibly Catholicized them.
Central and South America, like Ireland and Poland, are Catholic to this
day. In fact, it is for this reason that they are called Latin America. It
is a cruel fact that the Mestizo caste of Mexico (comprising 65% of
the population of Mexico) are basically the result of mass rape and forced
concubinage by the Catholic Conquistadors in order to "spread that good
Castillian blood". The Catholic Queen Isabella, in fact, encouraged this
behavior. For the Catholic Conquistadors, ever loyal to their Catholic
sovereign, were by definition "good Catholics", whereas the fiercely
resistant Native Americans were by definition "not" -- and who would
you, as a Catholic ruler, prefer for your empire?

Moving forward another hundred years, we enter the brutal period of the
30 Years War (1618-48) in Germany and the related English Civil
(1642-48) in England. These wars of Catholic Imperial
aggression against Protestants claimed the lives of nearly 8,000,000
Europeans, from war, famine, disease, and other war-related causes.
Over 35% of the German population was killed in a Holocaust larger than
that Hitler (also a Catholic) perpetrated against the Jews 300 years later.
By the grace of God, Oliver Cromwell and the Protestant Puritan New
Model Army
of England drove the Catholic Stuart Royalists out of
England by 1648, weakening the Catholic Bloc enough to end the 30
Years' War
in Germany. The (partial) Protestant victory led to the
Treaty of Westphalia (1648) that created the modern political order of
self-sovereign nations who could govern their own affairs without outside
(ie, Papal) interference. Agents of the Pope have railed at this agreement
ever since.

Thus far we have chronicled 600 years of brutal Catholic crusading
against Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Heathens, and Protestants. That
total death toll of these Catholic genocides is beyond calculation.
Almighty God knows the Truth, but I can only say that the continued
existence of the Catholic Church is the most ridiculous soul-crushing sin
imaginable before the eyes of the Heavenly Father. That such an
organization, soaked in the blood of tens of millions, continues to be
taken seriously is itself proof of the Fall of Man.

The above list is still incomplete. For, from about 690 - 800, the
Catholic Frankish empire subdued Germany, thereby forming the Holy
Roman Empire. Germany remained Catholic until 1517, when Martin
Luther began the Protestant Reformation. Germany is, indeed, perhaps
the only nation ever to have risen back to its feet after having been felled
by Rome (Ireland under Robert the Bruce coming the closest second).
And Luther's Reformation in Germany became a ray of hope unto the rest
of Europe. Scandinavia, Switzerland, and England followed suit and also
joined the Protestant cause. Reform movements elsewhere, most notably
the Huguenots in France, were ultimately crushed. It is interesting to
note that the Lutheran Princes of Northern Germany did not join Catholic
Charles V in his wars against the Muslim Turks, as if to say, "Catholic
Imperialism started this fight, you deal with it."

In addition, we could add the "internal crusades" of the Catholic Church
-- ie, the Inquisition. These "internal crusade" against the Cathars,
Albigensians, Waldensians, and others, claimed the lives of around
300,000 people.

Moreover, we could add the Titanic struggle between Catholic France and
Protestant England from 1689 - 1815 spanning the French & Indian Wars,
the American Revolution, and the Napoleonic era. We could quickly
mention the Catholic Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler (and we could note
that the same Catholic Fascism that invaded Libya under the former
coincidentally got Protestant Germany nearly annihilated
under the latter). And although it is beyond the scope of these brief
remarks, the militant Catholic Counter-Reformation against the "Heresies
of Luther" continues through the present day.

In short, the Catholic Church wages brutal, even genocidal, crusades
against anybody and everybody who is non-Catholic, as if to say, "Submit
to the Pope or die."

Posted By: Sign*Reader
Date Posted: 08 October 2006 at 12:25am
Now they have a real German Pope after almost a millennia(not counting Adrian vi), would you say it is a wake up call for the one third of Germans who happen  to be protestants for some kind of fire works?
So far he has been able to ruffle some Muslim's feathers.
Right now the WASPs in cahoots with neocons are the one's who are on the warpath against Muslims particularly the Sunnis in ME!

Kismet Domino: Faith/Courage/Liberty/Abundance/Selfishness/Immorality/Apathy/Bondage or extinction.

Posted By: Servetus
Date Posted: 11 October 2006 at 9:40am

Right now the WASPs in cahoots with neocons are the one's who are on the warpath against Muslims particularly the Sunnis in ME!

Spot on, Sign*Reader!



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