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Time to cleanse the Ka’abah, again

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Topic: Time to cleanse the Ka’abah, again
Posted By: Rehmat
Subject: Time to cleanse the Ka’abah, again
Date Posted: 25 April 2005 at 6:44am

Hajj reflects the state of the Ummah at any particular time in history. If Hajj is performed in a mechanical way by the vast majority of Muslims, it is because its true meaning and import have been deliberately obfuscated from them. Hajj, like all other aspects of Islam, has been largely shorn of its true meaning. What is that meaning and what should Muslims know about Hajj? The best way to understand the Hajj is from the Qur'an and the seerah of the noble messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace and blessings. The Qur'an stipulates in Surah at-Tauba (9), verses 1-3, that at the time of Hajj, Muslims must proclaim their total dissociation from the mushrikeen. This is a Divine command, not a man-made law. It is imperative to ask whether Muslims are aware of this at all. Perhaps, over the centuries when the Haramain - the two holy cities of Makkah and Medina - were under the control of Muslims who were not subservient to the kuffar, Muslims could settle for performing the Hajj as a process of self-purification. Today, too, Muslims must perform this act. But the Hajj cannot be confined to a private affair anymore. The state of the Ummah requires Muslims to utilise the occasion of Hajj in a deeper way today. There is too much suffering in the Ummah; the enemies of Islam are inflicting terrible atrocities upon Muslims. The great occasion of Hajj cannot be allowed to pass by each year without doing something about the plight of the Ummah.


When the noble messenger performed Umrah in the seventh year of the hijra, he ordered the companions to bare their right shoulders in a show of strength while performing tawaf of the Ka'aba. Muslims must reflect on this prophetic command. Imagine, Muslims are asked to demonstrate their power and strength in the House of Allah! They are not asked to walk meekly even though Allah has condemned arrogance. The idea of showing the Muslims' power was to put the fear of Allah in the minds of the kuffar. This was done at a time when the power of kufr had not been completely subdued. Makkah was still controlled by them.


Muslims find themselves in a similar situation today. So the revival of the Prophetic sunnah is needed today as well. Muslims must use the occasion of Hajj to demonstrate the power of Islam and the global Islamic Movement. Those who are in control of the Haramain obviously do not like such revival. The House of Saud and its allies want the Muslims to come to the holy land meekly and leave as soon as the rituals are completed. They demand that there be no display of Muslim power or abhorrence of the mushrikeen and the kuffar. The Saudi demand runs totally contrary to the commands of Allah and His noble Messenger. The Saudis are, in fact, guilty of bida' (innovation) of the highest order.


When Muslims, especially following Imam Khomeini's advice, started to participate in the Bara'at min al-mushrikeen marches as commanded by Allah in the Qur'an, the Saudis took great offence. They and their court scholars and paid agents around the world cried out that it was disturbing the 'peace and tranquillity' of Hajj. If Muslim fulfil the Qur'anic command, the Saudis feel that this is disturbing their version of what the Hajj should be like. Naturally, the Saudi regime, which is totally subservient to the US and the zionist State, the greatest enemies of Islam today, does not want Muslims to know who their real enemies are.


Similarly, the Saudis forbid discussion of any of the problems facing Muslims, be they in Palestine, Chechenya, Bosnia, Kosova, Kashmir, Somalia or any other place in the world. As far as the Saudis are concerned, the Hajj is a mechanical exercise and Muslims should perform it as quickly as possible and then leave the kingdom. The only other activity allowed is to go on a shopping spree, in the manner of the days of paganism. This is no surprise since the House of Saud are modern-day pagans who want to eliminate Islam and its pristine principles from the lives of Muslims. This state of affairs is totally unacceptable to the Ummah.


The global Islamic Movement must take steps to remove the House of Saud from the control of the Haramain. Tribalism and monarchy have no place in Islam. By allowing these twin evils to exist in the most sacred territory of Islam, the global Islamic Movement is failing in its duty. The Ka'aba needs to be cleansed today as it was at the time of its liberation from the descendants of Abu Jahls and Abu Lahabs by the noble Messenger. It is time to consign the modern-day Abu Jahls and their minions to the dustbin of history. Islam demands no less. - 1.htm



Know your enemy!
No time to waste. Act now!
Tomorrow it will be too late
What You Donít Know Can Kill You

Posted By: ZamanH
Date Posted: 25 April 2005 at 10:43am
Although, I don't know in detail but  I don't think the Sauds are as bad as you make them out to be.

An enemy of an enemy is a fickle friend.
There will be more women in hell than men.
..for persecution is worse than the slaughter of the enemy..(Quran 2:191)
Heaven lies under mother's feet

Posted By: Rehmat
Date Posted: 26 April 2005 at 3:18am

Originally posted by ZamanH

Although, I don't know in detail but  I don't think the Sauds are as bad as you make them out to be.

Did you notice that you have contradited yourself in just one sentence?

Know your enemy!
No time to waste. Act now!
Tomorrow it will be too late
What You Donít Know Can Kill You

Posted By: Brother123
Date Posted: 11 May 2005 at 10:35pm

Actually when i went to makkah at that time. The Imam in the jummah khutbah in the kabbah was making dua for the Mujahideen.

My brother turned round to me and said i thought they didnt talk politics.

And khomeni made sex changes halal for shias. Thus allowing homosexiality. Homesexiallly and sex changes are haram in saudi Arabia. So the saudi royal family (not the best of Muslims) are million times better than Head Imam/scholar/spirtual leader  of the Shias. So much for your propaganda.

And khomeni curses the wives of the Prophet and the sahbah and thus has been declared as a kaffir.

He was saying bad things about the Prophet saw wife and on his dead Allah esposes him. Did you see how his body became naked in front of all the world?

Shia propaganda always becomes exposed.

And Tukia (lieing and deception ) is part of shia-ism.

The Shias in saudi i guess could always go to iran or canda to have sex changes and indulse in same sex marraiges. They might get a wiping if the return back to saudi as a girl.

Posted By: delight
Date Posted: 14 May 2005 at 3:01pm



 Saudi govrnment has provided great facilities for hajis.From saffa marwa to masjid nabwi,modern technology is used to provide help.

   As for shias,they even stole the hajjar aswad.It was finally recovered by saudis,but shia have broken it to pieces.That is why it is kept in a silver covering and nobody can see it,because of shia thieves.


Posted By: new_muslimah
Date Posted: 24 May 2005 at 1:23pm

To Delight, To Brother 123.You guys are not interested in intellectual discussion. and are only mud-slinging

Saudis Govt is a slave  of US and they are very eager to please them.

Now the poisonous trees of Wahabism planted by UK ,US  and watered with petro-dollars by Saudi is giving fruit in the form of killings in Saudi land itself. Unfortunately. Islam is being maligned.


dear brothers and sisters Salamun alaykum.I am a ne-revert to Islam after a long period of soul searching and reading. Islam is the most beautiful message of GOD.

After reading in-depth , after what happened after the demise of Holy Prophet (PBUH) , i concluded, that IMAM ALI is the rightly appointed successor to Holy Prophet and the followers of Imam Ali , have thus direct link to Holy Prophet.

Look at what Muawiyah did to Imam Ali....hundreds of people killed in Siffeen in the war against the RIGHTLY Appointed successor of Prophet. But I am amazed how my Sunni brothers and sisters just ignore this huge fact and still respect this person (muawiya)

Even if you look at the world today, True Islam is being represented by the teachings of Islamic Revolution in iran.

We have same book, same Allah, same Kaaba, same Prophet, but unfortunately, i have seen Salafis, curse and swear and label as Kafir 'other muslims". I have not met a single Shia brother or sister who will call others Kafir.

All this has led me to study Shia school deeply and I conlcuded that SHIAISM is the mainstream and the direct connection to Holy Prophet.

Another mind-boggling fact :

SON of Imam Ali, hussain gave up everything in karabala , when he was killed by Yazeed son of Muawiya.

But HOW MANY SUNNIS do we know who even respect and consider Imam hussain as a HERO of islam and condemn the killer army of yazid?

Despite the difference my shia -contacts urge me to join hands with other muslims based on our common points.

I just want to urge every one to be open and fair minded...esp "delight"




Allah is the Light of the Universe.

Posted By: delight
Date Posted: 24 May 2005 at 3:55pm
Originally posted by new_muslimah

I just want to urge every one to be open and fair minded...esp "delight"

How can I be open,when shia send curses to our elders.
Hazrat Ali was made khalifa with the condition that he will deliver the killer of Hazrat Uthman.No killer was captured.Thousands of musim Arabs and Syrians that were killed,only wanted to find out who killed their khalif.
    You condescend to meet us sunnis,but there was no need for this.


Posted By: Ali Zaki
Date Posted: 24 May 2005 at 4:19pm

Salam alakum Delight

You must admit that based on some of your previous comments ( look at some of the Topic titles you have started) you can understand why someone who claims to be a Shia would say this. Please note, in all of my postings (and those of other known Shias on this forum) you have not seen any cursing of anyone. If we want to engage in a dialogue we must be very careful not to hurt or offend a fellow Muslim brother (or sister). This is the Sunna of the Prophet (a.s.). Let's be gentle with eachother.

In regards to the murder of Uthman and the battles that were fought (Jamal and Siffin), and the blood that was spilled, this is a topic that requires a lengthy discussion. I would be happy to discuss this with you, if we can try to remain fair, objective, logical and quote our sources. I will agree to this from my side, and Allah hu Alim (Allah is the judge).

As for me, I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with so many educated and sincere Muslims from all over the world. I have no hatred for my Sunni brothers and sisters in Islam. We are all on the same road, headed to the same destination (Ina Allah wa inna ale rajaon, We come from Allah, and to him we will return). Perhaps we may benefit from eachother while we are on this road together.

Wa Salam

"The structure of faith is supported by four pillars endurance, conviction, justice and jihad."

Imam Ali (a.s.)

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