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Alquran concerning Earthquake

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Topic: Alquran concerning Earthquake
Posted By: dade
Subject: Alquran concerning Earthquake
Date Posted: 13 September 2006 at 11:01pm

Do explosion inside earth generate the earthquake, or on the contrary?

Be in fact this question is generated by existence of opinion of West master concerning Drifting Continents that is the continents on the move. With this theory they have known the existence of million earthquake times every year in this planet. But they forget that husk the earth this have ever been very firm strong, hence there are ocean irrigate two-third from entire all its surface and people not afraid to sail expressionless where on earth will fall in place slide into inside Earth.

Continental Drift told with complete description as theory, is first time published by Alfred Wegener ( Click - here ), meteorologis Germany, in the year 1912. He explained that formerly predicted the 200 of million year ago big continent Pangaea have been broken, each apart up to become some islands and continents now. Unfortunnely he didn't explain the cause broken this Pangaea, hence that theory not yet ever been completed as told, but newly in form of the anticipation generated by situation and the experience befall. Those only pursuant to this continents form of compatible back parts connected, and also the animal and fossils almost the same at those continents. Until now those continents still make a move then generate the earthquake deliver the death and disaster.

Hence note counted 1.200 the seismograph station note 500.000 convulsion every year on earth, among others 100.000 audible and felt , and 1.000 times have delivered the disaster. Four and five earthquake apply in around Pacific is while the other reside in around India, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea.

But in the year 1950 arise the super challenge from geophysics expert  to the Continental Drift theory with the reason that husk the earth in the ocean base have ever been strong and stringent so is not enabling the applying of  friction of continents. But in the year 1960 geting again about  the opinion supported the Alfred Wegener theory  by telling the strengthen descriptions.

 But The movement of continent position of so-called with Continental Drift that have no inacceptable and strong reason of fair logic, because distance between each continent and island is so far, even there who thousands of mile. Again the surface of the earth consist 2/3 is ocean  not continent. According to the geology science implied in Alquran hence that theory don't concern in with occurence the earth formerly, about this look at this translation :

 23/71. If  logic follow  their greed, will perish this earth and planets and also
people who is on all together, also WE deliver in them their idea, then they challange at that idea.


Now we return at the question, do the explosion generate the earthquake, or the earthquake generate the explosion?

The answer is both is the same, earthquake generate the itself explosion also generate the earthquake, becoming the problem is the cause of both. People divide two kinds of earthquake, that is Tectonic what is generated by coat gesture earth , and Volcanic what is generated by mount eruption. Earthquake tectonic only continuation of Continental Drift theory without strong reason, whereas volcanic is effect of lavas activity in inside The earth , and noted about million small big earthquake times in one year.

A the matter negate knowledge of westerner concerning cause of earthquake is their own anticipation regarding circulation of the earth magnetic. They think that positive magnetic in south Earth out to space then luff northwards cover up this planet, further enter into north pole and make a move passing the inside of earth and go out again in south pole. That way endless repeatedly such as included in Drawing no. 1, this ideas cited from The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Scientific Knowledge, London.

Manifestly this drawing showed mistake concerning the circulation of earth magnetic . That mistake when made by the base of the growth of science, will there are the mistake many, finally in the form of deadlock so various unlikely problem broken such as concerning with the couse of earthquake. Though is all people know that any planets  have attraction to with the Sun circulated. Each it as hinging with magnetic string related to the Sun.  If the magnetic circulation  be like at the picture of occurence correctness hence our earth  don't have something relation with the Sun, as a result  have float far don't know where in wide space leave the Sun. The picture is also show that magnetic only have positive element, no negativity element. This Situation is that way alien to everyday occurence.

a. If we place the magnetic bar made in  iron powder, hence both magnetic back part is same draw iron powder the with is same amount many of. This matter prove the negative magnet also is equal with positive magnet at the end of different which.

b. If we drape a free magnetic bar on the airly, hence positive back part will interest to north and him negativity back part interest to south. This matter prove both kinds of the magnetic is always exist at the same time, concerning form and this function.

c. If we connect two strand of metal back part positive and negative electrics, hence this produces spark. This spark outburst explosion of feeling prove the negative existence of element at the same time with positive element, and is not that magnetic negativity is empty something that emptyness.

About this situation of magnetic is that way wrong reality of opinion of West be like at this picture, description correctness ALLAH which included this Ayat with the meaning:

 36/36. Glory to HIM, who created in pairs all thing the earth produces,
as well as theirs own kind and things of which they have no knowledge.

Every created ALLAH in pairs which is him half not yet been known by human, but itself human consist of the woman and boy couple, positive and negativity. That woman although including negative faction, but she concrit exist, not empty of emptyness. That way also negative and positive the earth magnetic.

Thus to depict circulation the earth magnetic which always relate to the Sun which is its orbit, of course negative magnetic element also there must be at the same time with positive magnetic at different pole. Both that magnetic element have to be attributed to the Sun which become the place hinge for the earth. Without calculation of scale hence drawing is as follows:

The Negative magnetic come out from the north earth direct make a move to north of the Sun go out on the surface of its and enter in the south earth. Whereas secretory positive magnetic of south earth direct make a move to south Sun, go out on the surface of its and enter again in north earth. Both different magnetic element hit each other inside the earth so noted the small big vibration during the year, differentiated by level of radiation incoming from the Sun. Such a great difference Sun radiation because of each other have its attraction to with 9 other planets which always orbit, each of have the magnetic circulation at the same time with the earth magnetic. When one planet is one way coincidence with the earth to Sun, hence happened the Sun magnification radiation to the Earth or  that planet, and apply for example earthquake, mount eruption, tornado and so on.

Why is the lava  always hot, and whether it will take place to continue? May also we add here: Why is the surface of Sun remain to turbulent?


By the Rule of ALLAH that human can only live fair on the surface of the planet that each of them have been created by ALLAH that way aspect so each every proceed beneficial in the situation life. Hence with picture of this Earth magnetic circulation, it can be known  why do lava have never chilled but always hot because it act as big fillament  with the high voltage always aglow in stomach Earth. It is always emited a stream of the current electrics of antartic and north pole as anode and kathode, and that way wrong also opinion of the people tell the magnetic lose at the very hot temperature. With the drawing concerning the magnetic circulation can also known why is surface of the Sun always turbulent. Because always release the electric current to the 10 planets rotated it.

If people pay attention what is called with Van Allen Belts, is then attributed to our description pursuant to the Alquran as above, will got a new opening concerning the earth magnetic circulation with strong reason. Physics expert USA which teaching in University Iowa Canada, so called James A.A. Van Allen, pursuant to investigation result of year of 1958, and strenghtened by researche of unmanned plane Explorer 1,1, 2, and 12, have found the radiation wide area in space circle the earth equator. In that area, incoming electric current from the Sun mostly can detacted by the earth magnetic field predict thousands of mile from the surface of this planet. If depicted hence area is seeing in the form of the moon eclipse.

The interior is lengthwise at 45° latitude in north and in south, is while its exterior come up with 62°.
Said that come from the Sun that are electron or proton. its particle not yet been known, but if we follow description Alquran, hence incoming from the Sun that is not particle but the light or the magnetic wave that generate change of weather or magnetic storm at the aureole in north space and south earth.

After we know what a magnetic circulation between the earth and the Sun, hence it can be realized why is earthquake path and volcanic are on selected areas between Makkah and Tuamoto in surface west and east the earth. That positive magnetic entering in the north Earth part of it is luffing up at Makkah, southwards direct the other. So also negative magnetic which enter in south is luffing to Tuamoto in Pacific and half of them direct to north inside Earth, so this drawing about as follows:

Point M is Makkah in Saudi Arabia freed from the earthquake with a few the reason, that is husk the Earth thick over there cause formerly is north pole before tofan in epoch Nuah, second, because the place is farthermost of point T, and third because negative magnetic from T more tend to make a move direct up at Artik in point N.

Meanwhile point T is Tuamoto in Pacific. Lavas activity over there still applied because it was south pole had positive magnetic. Is now passed by incoming negative magnetic from Antartic in point S. From this south is the magnetic stream goes to Makkah in point M, but before arrival, hit with northerly magnetic inside the Earth. With the magnetic circulation like that why is Australian is also free from danger earthquake, and Iceland become very super volcanic.

Hence the single effective way lessen the danger earthquake and mount eruption  is to connect Makkah with Antartic, Tuamoto with Artic, and itself poles through Atlantic with materials magnetics. this Last link also can lessen the danger tornado and hurricane and at the same time produce giant energi from the Earth, truthfully is the big nature  electric dynamo. Doing reduction of the danger by using the atom bomb explosion and or inoculation of water into the Earth is irrational and useless deed.

That some of practical effects from Nuah flood. At a period of ancient of human live at Pangaea that is wide continent without sea and without commutation of season is even also insuffiency light from the Sun, but have never experienced of the danger earthquake and tornado, hence now human remain at the continent and islands with sea and rain sufficiently, with abundance mining products, but menaced by the natural disaster more and more.

Ancient people not necessarily worry out and have never got lesson from natural disaster, whereas high science which the acquisition of only the civilization history cause is very long, hence now people have to hard thinking because is always challenged by commutation of natural disaster and season, hence human today  went quicker forward and in a few thousand year have started to do interplanet air transportation. Thus, Nuah flood beside destructive to infidel society, constructive also for the Earth and human society is now as such which ALLAH at Ayat 29/19.

Again, to be discussed regarding this fect is regarding the position and orbit of the Earth. Have become knowledge of public in world during the time, as written at drawing no. 1, that Earth heel to the Sun. Becoming the cause concerning this because West people can not take lesson from The Bible regarding the big event in epoch Noah, as expressed ALLAH at Ayat 11/49. But during thousands of year, they are confronted to commutation of the season applying, hence to way out they intentionally give rule that Earth heel to the Sun.
With this position, there are commutation of the season have a very effect on in their life. Although this rule indefensible and groundless, but that is possible single they make the hold. They depict the position of the Earth in its orbit circle the Sun as taught in schools and included in the book is be like this drawing no. 4 :


 With scetch that way, westerner estimate that Earth place the Sun on the left when orbit with oblique rotation tinder to ecliptic line, hence note the surface area of the Earth according to generated by the climate of difference of light og the Sun  accepted every year:

Frigrid Zone that is cool area each polar of the Earth come up with 23˝ degree to south or to north.

Torrid Zone that is hot area, start from line equator to 23˝ degree to south or to north.

Temperature Zone that is season area, reside in between both the above area in south cleft and in north the Earth.
Among three kinds of that area hence Temperature Zone widest, is altogether based of position the Sun during the year Masehi looked into from surface the Earth that:  March 21 : precisely above the Ekuator,  moving northwards.

June 21 : The Sun precisely above 23˝ degree in north cleft Bumi. At that time apply the long night and winter in antartic. From that date the Sun moving back up at equator.

September 22: The Sun precisely return above ekuator the beside moving southerly.

December 22: The Sun precisely reside in 23˝ degree in south cleft The Earth. At that time apply the long night and winter in north pole. From that date the Sun moving back up at the equator its reached on March 21.

With moving of position the Sun like that during the year formed commutation of the season becoming the base calendar of Gregorian year. But is not the earth have oblique status to in tinder as told by to have declination of 23°27', because truely the no cause and reason make that way. Said that the earth always stay in the ecliptic line at the time circulate to circle the Sun, if correctness that way, of course happened the Sun eclipse each every 1 months Islamic year and moon eclipse each  every the day of 15, but the eclipse not applicable, hence wrong opinion of West concerning status the earth.

Pursuant to logic, each and everyone will express the scetch is wronging, because both earth pole of course will  equidistant from the Sun as long as epoch except is the cause force it change. Meanwhile the earth which always rotate in its axle at the time rotate the  Sun of course both its axle and its rotation direction as long as to the Sun as situation of two wheel axle and its rotation direction to roadway. If the scetch really apply hence this Earth will go out from its orbit line circle of the Sun up at other as according to its rotation direction.

Become how is situation be in fact ? And how do form the earth orbit  the Sun circle is so formed the commutation season?

Earth is not have oblique position to the Sun but since the applying of approach an entourage Comet at our Solar system, and the Sun go out from its status is other followed by all the planets orbited, hence happened commutation of season because every planet impel to north and to south of ecliptic line the Sun circle. Because that pushing is started by fascination the Sun to planets of course it become short progressively from time to time. That is what cause the decreasing of of time calendar of season as have done Paus Georgery to calendar Julius Caesar on October 4,  1582. Julius Caesar correct at its epoch and pope Georgery also correct at his period, hence the changing is movement of the earth to north and to south  ecliptic line become short progressively automatic and lessen commutation of season.


At Encyclopedia Americana 1975 book of 9 page of 588 included description with the meaning for example, that the year is actually earth rotation declination 23°27' and ecliptic line, and deviation is that way continue to decrease 0°75' every 100 year, practical in consequence polar area will thus progressively wide. But surprisingly, that book don't explain have how long do that declination apply, how many is degree formerly, and why did always decreased every century.

Intrinsically, is not the earth have declination to ecliptic line, but impelling to north and to south, and reduction of 0°75' every that century is not reduction of declination but reduction moving the earth the automaticness lessen the time commutation of season and also extend the polar area. To this pay attention again the note of from Bussiness Times. Reduction of time commutation of season and extension of polar area that way have become decision ALLAH as according to geology included at Ayat Suci with the meaning:

13/41. Didn't they pay attention that WE visit the earth, KAMI lessen its of back parts ( poles)?
And ALLAH give the law, no giver of risk for HIS law and HE quickly in calculation.

21/44. Also WE give equipment of this people and longevity fathers to the their. Didn't they pay attention that WE visit the earth,
WE lessen its of back parts ( poles)?  Do people them win?

36/37. And forerunner is for them night, WE eliminate thereof ( that earth) noon,
at the time they are darkness.

36/38. And the Sun make a move for the things determined for it ( darkness)
that of the rule of Excellency Know.

Now the Sun seems have lessened his motion aim to north and to south, extend the polar area and cut short the season time, but that is it is important to know also that with the natural disaster generated by magnification the Sun radiation become more and more, exceeding occurence at centuries ago.

Other evidence able to be presented here for the earth zigzag orbit so the presentation of commutation of season is circulation motion Sunspots or fleck on the surface of the Sun, altogether make a move to aim to the south and to north is beside circulating to circle of the Sun as according to motion orbit the planets in the our Solar System. We know that among planets and the Sun apply each other have attraction, so also between the moon and the earth. This last generate the high tide and ebb in ocean, hence the relation planets with the Sun generate the fleck or Sunspots that is parts of surface of Sun which bouncing up high so culminate its fire rather gloomy and seems rather dark.

Become with circulation motion Sunspots that way is it can be known the radiation Sun activity  which come to the earth where do change of weather apply or possibly also earthquake of mount eruption. And with that also clearly that the earth with other planet always in zigzag orbit from ecliptic line at the time orbit to circle Surya. If for example the earth and the planets is always in ecliptic line hence Sunspots the will not follow to in zigzag orbit but will always also reside in at the surface of Sun equator.

 Then that pay attention also  Umbra area generated by the Sun total eclipse that is dark area at the time that eclipse apply. If correctness opinion of West concerning the earth position in its orbit always in ecliptic line, of course Umbra area that in form of straight line of west easterly, but  in reality curved to north or to south as according to the earth zigzag orbit to south and to north of the ecliptic line.  About this west masters impossible to give description concerning cause and reason, as them nor explain why do the moon which orbitting the earth circle not unerring above line the earth equator, but impelling to north and to south. If the earth told orbit always in ecliptic lines of course also the moon always orbit in the earth circle equator line.

Concerning the sun total eclipse , The Book of PopuIar Science volume of 3 page of 130 explaining for example its intentions, that:

a. Distance of the moon and the earth mean of 239.000 mile, nearest 221.500 mile when such can apply the total eclipse, and farthermost 252.000 mile.

b. Total eclipse cause the existence of Umbra that is total dark area, and partial eclipse cause the existence of Penumbra that is rather dark area.

c. Total eclipse is is always started with partial eclipse and stopped also with partial eclipse.

d. Penumbra and Umbra are moving from west eastwards surface of the earth with speed exceed 1.000 miles perhour.

e. Umbra is be estimating 167 miles diameter and make a move easterly during 7 ˝ minutes, preceded predict 2.500 miles penumbra and terminated with 2.500 milles penumbra.

Total eclipse can only apply when nearing the moon eclipse or on  day 1 month of islamic calender. Pursuant to paragraph a and e above this is it can be known that Moon orbit Perihelion apply in each day 1 month of islamic calender, which time the Sun, Moon and the Earth stay in one straight line, but because the Moon and the Earth impel to north and to south at the time orbit, hence the Sun eclipse not applicable in each hence the Sun eclipse not applicable in each day 1 that months. The earth zigzag orbit the provable from passed by the area picture Umbra is not discussed in The Book of Popular Science concerning reason and its cause:


At this above picture there are four times the Sun total eclipse applying on the date and different year. Its Fourth see the dark path form of west aim to the east and then luff to north or to south. The Situation of deflection is that way have to have the reason and one of the way to get it only by analysis Ayat Alquran. 

We have known that from date 22 of December every year, The Sun seen to make a move northwards, which is occurence is the our earth is peripatetic aim to the south. Remember, the Sun is centering the orbit circulated by ten planets including this earth. That way also from date 21 of June The Sun seen to make a move to aim to the south, though our earth move north.

Hence the total eclipse applying on 10 of July 1972 and 31 of July 1981 as written at the picture no. 5 actually make the column Umbra the curvedness to south. Such a mean that at that time the earth is in motion northwards so the shadow of the moon seen to luff to south. That way also which apply on 7 of March 1970 and 26 of March 1979. At the time the earth is in motion southerly hence shadow of the moon seen to luff to north.

Matter is so of course become the big problem for astronomical science, but The Book of Popular Science don't talk it, concerning such we feel that writer of oblivion or not yet had the materials analyse pursuant to theory concerning the earth orbitant embraced . But Umbra path the total eclipse is one among so much the evidences explain the earth impel to south and to north of ecliptic line in its orbit today. That way also which apply at other planets in our solar system.

Monstrous in fact science value concerning the astronomy implied in some Ayat Alquran, but unfortunely, for several centuries only hum without analyst, and if West astronomer use it as base of knowledge, will gaint their knowledge swiftly once. For example Ayats meaning of as follows:

16/16. And compass, and with the star (the Sun) that they get the guide.

16/48. Don't they look at what do ALLAH create from something? The Planets ( doing transit)
orbit zigzag from south and north prostrate for ALLAH and obedient altogether.

21/31. And WE make in earth magnetic bar to give strength in them,
and WE make to on it with the zigzag orbit lines hopefully they get guide.

25/45. Don't you pay attention what your LORD multiply ( planets) protecting?
If HE want, HE will make stationary it, then WE make ( fleck on) the Sun description on it.

71/19. And ALLAH make for you of that earth outstreched ( gone out the ecliptic line).

71/20. So that you occupy thereof the orbit lines wich zigzag.



If depicted the Sun as a trilateral dot and south magnetic pole and north earth become two other angle, as written at drawing no. 2, hence the isosceles triangularity forever apply in trade-offs between Sun with earth. Such this matter at Ayat 16/16. Such that is what with guide by the end of that Ayat and at Ayat 21/31. The relation in form of the isosceles triangle hold good although the earth impel to south and to north of ecliptic line.
Its situation as follows:

             Before big flood in epoch Nuh, all planets orbit to the Sun always stay in the ecliptic line. This matter in Islam marked with Tawaf circle Ka'bah in Makkah where Hajji (pilgrimage)  circulate and place this Kabbah that on the left, fitt in with the rotation of the earth from west easterly place the north pole on the left. After big flood apply the planets zigzag motion in its orbit so each o out from ecliptic line southerly and north. This matter is marked with Sa'i that is Tawaf between Shafa and Marwah in beseting Masjidil Haraam. This religious service can only be executed after Tawaf circle Ka'bah, is equal to transfer of that magnetic pole in north pole of the earth in its history, hence Sa'i may not precede Tawaf circle Ka'bah.
At the time the earth impel to north as at  in drawing no. 6. but magnetic poles of the earth isosceles triangularity remain  with the Sun, so also incidentally reside in the south ecliptic line such as apply at Mars planet in the picture. Hence change of polar place of the magnetic always migrate according to situation now have ever been same confessed by western scientict. Truely that magnet poles only residing in precisely at rotation pole of the earth that is on 21 of March and 22 of September which time the earth precisely also at ecliptic line. Besides at both the date of that, note the polar position of earth magnetic migrate maximal 10 degree or around 1.100 km from the pole rotation, and at that time note the  21 juni that is when the earth reside in maximal in ecliptic south and 22 of December when the earth maximal in ecliptic north. Such This in Ayat 16/48, 71/19 and Ayat 71/20.

Meanwhile Ayat 25/45 express that planets always relate to the Sun. Interesting relation draw that generate Sunspots which also circulate to circle surface of the Sun at direction at the same time with planets motion even follow the zigzag orbit planets itself. The above is true a lot of the notes we meet concerning Sunspots with its motion which is the zigzag is broadcasted by West masters, its difference is that they count it is 100, is while Ayat of 69/32 expressing only 70..

If people have the honour to pay attention of the position of Sunspots, will known that each give the clue concerning the planet position generate it circle the Sun. In consequence each Sunspots that show the high activity which according to mean note of 10.000 and is the shall million times;rill activity of other area on the surface of the Sun.

              For example Mercury or Venus reside at point  Concentration (C)  , hence the planet is precisely reside in to the Sunspots, so whenever that apply the natural disaster on the surface of the planet. That way also Mars itself at the time incidentally reside in at point Consentration Jupiter or Saturnus hence in reality truely Mars is a planet is most hard because orbitting under two big planet, and incidentally precisely at reach Consentration both.
Earth itself although don't reside in reach a Consentration other planet, but is seven the planet orbit above its orbit. Sometime each transit precisely, but many at least follow also bother the earth. Such a apply seven times in one year. For example a planet is outside precisely perform transit above the earth to the Sun, hence at that time radiation to be shall to the planet touch the earth. Whether radiation that in form of positive or negative magnetic, but the earth get excess and this generate the natural disaster, more than anything else if the planet is incidentally also reside in the near by Perihelion of orbit of  which time of trade-offs with the Sun monstrous.        &a mp;a mp;n bsp; 

For example when Jupiter perform a transit above Earth (outer planet). We know that this big planet 318 bigger than Earth.  For example at that time is 2 just part and radiation which to Jupiter have time to touch Earth, hence energy of the Sun befalling Earth become treble that is 3 x 600 trillion tons according to calculation of westerner. See this Earth estimated 600 trillion tons weight always orbit to circle the Sun. Matter this means that fascination the Sun so much detain Earth so this planet fixed stabilize in its orbit. Hence we can predict what do possibly happened if energy of the Sun that added with 1.200 trillion tons again.

In general Seventh outer planet is what generate the natural disaster on earth, in the form of tide wave, heatwave, big explosion, mount eruption, earthquake, tornado, hurricane or as him. Difference of the effect generate it because of small or big of excess radiation and the Sun also positive or negativity of the magnetic touch Earth at that time. Shall be known that incoming from the Sun that is not electron or proton and not also neutron, but the light and magnetic is not atom particle, but both can influence the atom and its particle. Which become the natural disaster is excess of magnetic from the Sun. And the problem  the natural disaster  is problem Magnetism   and  Electricity  which is on abundant selected time befall the earth in it hot magma always because made the media by both this influence also encircled troposfir very gristle for magnetic storm.
Natural disaster is that way have never befalled the human before  big flood in epoch Nuh, because at that time all planets is always orbit to circle the Sun at ecliptic line, and resident only living in north pole of Earth. If disaster happened also hence it only befalling the area of equator the is not inhabited by the people. But now now Earth hve made a move to new place, and planets orbit the zigzag go out from ecliptic, meanwhile resident inhabit most of all Earth continent, practical hence this natural disaster apply here and there .
But it still contain the constructive value beside destructive. destructive Valuable natural disaster for the infidel people don't have the honour to pay attention ALLAH word, but constructive for  technology and science beneficial of life is especially for the man who sure at the science implied in Alquran.  What more lofty among human is more consciousness, whereas the fearing to ALLAH only scholar. That way expressed ALLAH at Ayat 35/28 and 49/13 the if taken the gist is that master is the lofty people according to law of ALLAH and is not master if he not afraid at ALLAH.

about the natural disaster, ALLAH said with the meaning as follows:

6/14Tell : " Do I will perform a the leader besides ALLAH compiling the earth and planets, and HE give to eat is not fed?"
tell:" that I is governed to be becoming first of Islam, and be not you of the company of those who join Gog with Allah”.

6/65. Say: “HE has power to send calamities on you  from above and below,
or to cover you with confusion in party strife giving you a taste of mutual vegeance, each from the other.
” See how We explain the signs by various, that they may understand.

Truely belligerent infidel people also among them as determined torture ALLAH to them, but besides this for them provided also torture incoming from the buttom like mount eruption and earthquake, also from above like storm, heatwave, etcetera, what is generated by magnification radiation of the Sun:

1. In month of Zulhijjah and Muharram , Earth reside in near by Perihellon its orbit, at that time the Sun automatic and closer bigger radiation to Earth.

2. Once in 400 days , Jupiter pass above Earth. At the time more or less its get the magnification radiation from the Sun.

3. Once in 380 days , Saturnus pass above Earth which it is of course experienced of the magnetic storm from the Sun.

4. Once in 370 days , planet of Muntaha pass by quickly above Earth definitive experienced of change of weather.

5. Once in 11 years  130 days , Earth under Jupiter which is in motion in dot Perihelion its orbit.

6. Once in 81 years , earth dubble transit from Jupiter and Saturnus, when which practical apply the big disaster at one particular area surface of this planet.

7. And what a excitement of  that natural by disaster if some external planets incidentally reside in to challange to the Sun which time Earth reside in middle.


Plenty of disasters be available in life now, is altogether compiled ALLAH with planning at such consisting in the trial and torture, on the contrary also can become the improvement materials for progress of the civilization ought to really can ism, as the Sun become the materials life of fundamental for all creatures on earth, that way also it become the disaster source in world now and function the hell in eternity.

Magnification radiation from the Sun to generately eruption  also earthquake because negative and positive magnet collision in stomach of earth, before all is of course marked with  change of weather in atmosfir above selected area. Hence the becoming question:

What is generate the big explosion and heatwave, and what do also generating the storm and hurricane?

Both kinds of this question shall be replied with precise calculation pursuant to magnifications amount radiation from the Sun  concerning such required experts with all his modern appliances, but we inclinde for opinion that difference of the magnetic element amount befall, generate the effect also differ. Hence the disaster one because of magnification radiation the Sun which is have positive magnetic, is while the other generated by which are negative. If the people can agree our opinion concerning circulation of magnetic as written at drawing  no. 2   will easy to for them comprehend why is two kinds of disaster in atmosfir of earth:

[FONT=Arial Black]J taken example  Jupiter is a big planet orbit to circle the Sun above earth. At one time our earth is possibly touched by radiation have positive magnetic to be to Jupiter from the Sun be like at  B.1. at the time apply the big explosion or heatwave as have applied in  Sodom and Gomoroh annihilate the homosexual and Iesbian clan, in Saudi Arabia army  have elephant, and in Tunguskha Siberia 30 June 1908 (click - here )
 to become commemoration for civilization now. At that time positive magnetic from the Sun forcibly hit air molecules which have stabilized, hence happened the awful effect.

Possibly also our Earth is touched by radiation have negative magnetic to Jupiter be like at [FONT=Arial Black]B.2. At the time apply the storm or hurricane in atmosfir which is its beginning stabilized. This disaster of habit apply in West Pacific because in that area radiation from the Sun have to quickly turn to south before Earth in its rotation confront Saudi Arabia which become the ancient negative pole. But rather again this disaster befall the West Atlantic because in this area radiation from the Sun have to soon luff to south before Earth in its rotation confront Tuamoto island which became the ancient positive pole.

Various notes concerning very grievous occurence we have owned. Is big loss of the death and good and chattel generated by storm in this West Atlantic so  The National Hurricane Centre  in environment Essa ( Environmental Science Services Administration) in United States become trouble. From starting the year of 1962 ESSA used hundreds experts to observe the 380.000 mile wide area.  Every appliance including radar, satellite, computer and air force have been utilized to overcome that storm, and have been done bombard from the top of maelstrom hurricane with dry ice in the form of crystal and silver iodide, but all the efforts is seems of no use, whereas disaster is always befall every year.

People should not look for where existence of hurricane then annihilate it, but shall look for the the whys and where-fores incidence of that disaster and then make it not dangerous is beside its benefit for the life of society. People shall conduct hurricane that to a beneficial. [FONT=Arial Black]Its way   by comprehending magnetic circulation between the Sun and Earth which is polared formerly rotation in Makkah and Tuamoto, then to stream that magnetic stream with the link or with other technique.

All this above is things that happened at space object formation where is  Rawasia (magnetic core) is very important, that Earth poles have migrated in epoch Noah as also apply in other planets at such there are destructive things, but its constructive value is bigger. Is altogether created by ALLAH for human life  have generation, only them don't know also not yet paid attention.

31/10. HE create the planets you see the beamed no, and place on Earth Rawasia (magnetic core) to give strength on you,
and breed to it every creature  have soul. WE degrade water from atmosfir, then WE grow on it every august couple.

31/20. Dont't you pay attention that ALLAH circularize for you what is on planets and what is
on Earth and also make sufficient on you HIS scrumptious seen and unseen?   Yet there are among men those  who
dispute about Allah, without knowledge and without science and no guide and no the book explain.

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