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Forum Name: Interfaith Dialogue
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Topic: Zoroastrianism
Posted By: Angela
Subject: Zoroastrianism
Date Posted: 16 August 2006 at 10:44am -

Do any of you know anything about these guys?  Its a monotheistic religion.  I stumbled on it the other day and found it fascinating.

Posted By: amlhabibi2000
Date Posted: 16 August 2006 at 4:23pm


I know they say that when a child is born into the community the child brings a bright light

Judgement day passes in the moment we decide something needs attention & we take positive action. Then there will be a great sorting out of people into groups, Inspired by Surah 99 Ayat 1-8

Posted By: Angel
Date Posted: 17 August 2006 at 7:35am

known about it for awhile, it is also noted that the three main religions stem from Zoroastrianism. Monotheism, the belief in one God came from it to, as Zoroastra came to believe in one God first. I remember once a long time ago watching a documentary on it that Zoroastra saw a vision in a fire, can't remember exactly.

They have fire as a symbol of life and light, just as the sun (which is basically a big ball of fire) sustains us. Light being the goodness, that illuminates through us. (Let your light shine  )

Kinda relate to this because it is the sun i have an affinety with, (or also i hate it at time, its a love hate relationship at times )  I sometimes just stand with eyes close facing the sun feeling its radiance and essence. It is what sustains us and gives life without it we would die. I guess this is why i have a somewhat interest in zoroastrainism, at least my ears pick up   

So yes i can see and understand why they use fire as a symbol of life, I don't believe they worship it. 

In another documentary, the people light a fire in what looks like a huge bowl and they stand around it and pray.

Once zoroastrains had to hide from prosecution just like other groups of beliefs and religions.  

~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~

Posted By: superme
Date Posted: 18 August 2006 at 6:52pm
I read a book long time ago and it mentioned briefly about this. The author reckon Solomon travel fast because he used rocket. One day he land in that area and his firey rocket frighten this people. And they worship the fire ever since. That's all I can recall at this moment from that book.


Posted By: DavidC
Date Posted: 19 August 2006 at 2:35am
Originally posted by amlhabibi2000

I know they say that when a child is born into the community the child brings a bright light

I don't know about that, but they certainly do bring an insatiable appetite for flashlight batteries.

Christian; Wesleyan M.Div.

Posted By: Angela
Date Posted: 21 August 2006 at 7:49am
On the People of the Book thread, someone mentioned they were dualist, not monotheistic.  I can't find reference on any of their sites about another deity.   Anyone have a link from a Zoroastrian website that backs this up?


Posted By: Lamplighter
Date Posted: 21 August 2006 at 10:59pm
Dear All,

I stumble with a friend that makes a conclusion that may be Christianity (and thus Islam) is not derived from Judaism, but from Zoroastrism. Still need to read further on that subject though.
And a Child brings bright light to the world, at least to the parents. But the world gets darker and people live in darkness that some people hate their own babies and do abortion and things like that. Well, lights can hurt eyes.


How can you love an invisible God yet you fail to love your family, friends, neighbours, and fellow human beings?

Posted By: Cyril
Date Posted: 22 August 2006 at 6:33am

It is possible that Zoroastrism has influenced Judaism and consequently Christianity.
The Jews (at least a majority of them) were sent into exile by the Assyrians to nowadays Iraq (around 600 BC) when Zoroastrism was in full bloom there. Different notions found in Zoroastrism and unknown to Judaism appeared in the OT at that time.

Posted By: najamsahar
Date Posted: 23 August 2006 at 2:54pm

A weird fact of Zorastrians

when a person dies, they take the body to a temple kind of place and leave the naked body there for vultures to prey on. The theory is that they consider the earth,fire and water sacred, so this is the only way to deal with the dead without polluting the sacred elements of nature.  The temple is designed so that the bones fall off to the bottom of a pit.

In my town there was one such place and you could see many vultures there all the time.

Zorastrianism is more related to Iran and not Iraq? not sure.


Posted By: najamsahar
Date Posted: 23 August 2006 at 2:59pm

Here are some links, not much about the religion though. Zorastrians in India are called parsi, derived from farsi meaning persian. - - , this one has a link to history


Posted By: najamsahar
Date Posted: 23 August 2006 at 3:00pm

Who are the Zoroastrians?

    Zoroastrians are the followers of the great Iranian prophet, Spitaman Zarathushtra (Greek : Zoroaster). Zarathushtra lived and preached around the Aral Sea, around 3500 years ago, i.e. 1500 B.C. 

    For over a thousand years, from 549 B.C to 652 A.D the religion taught by Zarathushtra flourished as state religion of three mighty Iranian empires, that of the Achaemenians(549-330 B.C), the Parthians (248 B.C-224 A.D) and Sasanians (224-652 A.D.)


Posted By: Sawtul Khilafah
Date Posted: 26 September 2006 at 10:16am


Zoroasthranism was originally monotheistic, but it later became dualistic, meaning that now, they believe in two "gods":
The "god of darkness" (Ahriman) and the "god of light" (Ahuramazda) who are fighting eachother and in the end, they believe Ahuramazda will finally defeat Ahriman.

The holy book of Zorasthrians, the Avesta is filled with contradictions. Some parts of it speak of many many "gods". The "gods of earth", the "gods of wind", the "god" of this and that. It seems like for everything they have a "god". Yet other parts give the impression that there are actually 2 "gods", one good, the other evil, and this is what the Zoroasthrians believe.

However, there are still other parts of the Avesta where Zarathustra condemns those who believe in more than One God!!!!

It's quite clear that like Christianity and Judaism, this religon was also corrupted by pagan beliefs, although it seems they are now further away from the truth than Christians and Jews.


This religion originated from Iran around 3000 years ago and to this day it has very few followers outside of Iran, and even in Iran they are no more than a few thousand.

They believe that AhuraMazda manifests himself in the form of fire and they try to keep a fire burning for as long as possible inside their Temples.

The last Zoroasthrian kingdom/Empire (the Sasanids) were destroyed by Muslims during the Caliphate of Omar ibn Khattab.


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