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Printed Date: 20 February 2018 at 3:21am

Topic: PM
Posted By: Nausheen
Subject: PM
Date Posted: 18 April 2005 at 3:36pm

Auzubillahi minash shaitan ir rajeem,

Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim,

The boards provide Private Messenger, as a feature to fascilitate the members in familiarizing themselves with one another and developing friendships.

However some have been misusing it to either spam members, or harrass them. Such a behavior is against the nettiquets. Any engaging in this type of activity may lose his/her previlages on the boards.

If anyone is receiving anoying number of harrasing messages or spams, please do not hesitate to report, either using the report button, or just sending any of the moderators a PM.

Thank you.


Wanu nazzilu minal Qurani ma huwa
Shafaa un wa rahmatun lil mo'mineena
wa la yaziduzzalimeena illa khasara.

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