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Lincoln and 9.11

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Topic: Lincoln and 9.11
Posted By: JohnDM
Subject: Lincoln and 9.11
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 1:58pm

President Lincoln’s 9.11 Twin Towers Assassination

This posting is definitely not for the Skeptics, so let them skip on, singing
their own song, where there is no God, no Devil, and no conspiracy theory
right or wrong.

This Thursday is 140 years after the shooting of President Abraham

“Number Form Follows Measurement Function”

September 11th 2001 was an horrific day, and a date that will never be
forgotten, a day when nearly 3,000 people were killed and the World
Trade Center in New York destroyed. The North Tower was 1,368 feet
high or 684 + 684 feet. The South Tower was 1,362 feet, or 681 + 681
feet. The North Tower was the ‘Tower of Osiris’ and the ‘South Tower’
was the ‘Bloody Tower’.   

The reference number for Osiris is 684 and the Stars and Stripes, the full
field area, including the canton of 50 stars is 6,840 square units at 114 x
60 units (190 x 36). And male human blood weighs 681 pounds when
two Ancient Egyptian cubit cubics are filled (a volume each of 5.06776
cubic feet). So the South Tower was the Bloody Tower and the North
Tower, the ‘Tower of Osiris’ or the ‘Tower of the Stars and Stripes’.

President Abraham Lincoln informed his friend that while in his bedroom
in his home in Springfield in 1860, he saw a strange vision while looking
in a mirror. He saw a double image of himself. One face held the glow of
life and breath, the other shone ghostly pale white. His friend was later
quoted saying "It had worried him not a little... the mystery had its
meaning, which was clear enough to him... the life like image betokening
a safe passage through his first term as President; the ghostly one, that
death would overtake him before the close of the second... With that firm
conviction, which no philosophy could shake, Mr. Lincoln who was calmly
awaiting the inevitable hour." President Abraham Lincoln fully expected to
be murdered, during his second term in office, and had resigned himself
to his fate.

A certain Carl Sandburg wrote a multi-volume book series about Abraham
Lincoln, published in 1939. And he refers to April of 1865, shortly before
the President was shot, with Lincoln quoted as saying, "About ten days
ago, I retired very late. I had been up waiting for important dispatches
from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a
slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a
death-like stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number
of people were weeping. I thought I left my bed and wandered
downstairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but
the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person
was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I
passed along. It was light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to
me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts
would break? I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning of
all this? Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious
and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I
entered. There I met with a sickening surprise. Before me was a
catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments.
Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there
was a throng of people, some gazing mournfully upon the corpse, whose
face was covered, others weeping pitifully. 'Who is dead in the White
House?' I demanded of one of the soldiers. 'The President,' was his
answer; 'he was killed by an assassin!' Then came a loud burst of grief
from the crowd, which awoke me from my dream. I slept no more that
night; and though it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by
it ever since."

So we know so well the story that of the evening of April 14th 1865. While
attending a special performance of the comedy, "Our American Cousin,"
President Abraham Lincoln was shot. Accompanying him to Ford's Theater
that evening were his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, a twenty-eight year-old
officer named Major Henry R. Rathbone, and also Rathbone's fiancee,
Clara Harris. After the play was in progress, a certain John Wilkes Booth at
about 10:10pm that evening, stepped into the presidential box and with a
drawn derringer pistol, aimed, and fired at close range into the head of
President Abraham Lincoln who slumped forward in his chair.

The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, dropped the pistol and waved a dagger.
Rathbone lunged at him, and though slashed in the arm, forced the killer
to the railing. Booth leapt from the balcony and caught the spur of his left
boot on a flag draped over the rail, and shattered a bone in his leg on
landing. Though injured, he rushed out the back door, and disappeared
into the night on horseback. A doctor in the audience immediately went
upstairs to the box. The bullet had entered through the President’s left
ear and lodged behind his right eye. He was paralyzed and barely
breathing. He was carried across Tenth Street, to a boarding-house
opposite the theater, where next morning at 7:22am on April 15th 1865
President Abraham Lincoln died.

There are two ‘Time Markers’ for this exercise, namely London time of
5am September 11th 2001, (12:01am EDT September 11th 2001), and
London time 5am September 30th 1966 I call the ‘Alien Counter Day’.

What happened on my so called ‘Alien Counter Day’ is the issuing of a
very secret US Government report. Now we are told that from 1963 to
1966 the U.S. Government assembled a team of prominent thinkers to
determine what would happen if ‘peace broke out’. The group,
surprisingly, but with unassailable logic, determined that war was
necessary and that the United States Government should do all it could to
maintain the ‘business of war’ according to its ‘Report From Iron
Mountain’ dated September 30th 1966. The 1967 edition of ‘Report From
Iron Mountain’ was the most talked about book of the year. A number of
people, including some prominent intellectuals, believed the ‘Report From
Iron Mountain’ was authentic. In 1972 after the book had been translated
into 15 languages, the author publicly admitted the hoax, and by 1980
the book was out of print, the controversy all but forgotten by the
mainstream press and public. But was it realy a hoax? Even years later in
1995, a front-page article in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ stated, extreme-
right fringe groups continue to quote ‘Report From Iron Mountain’ as
proof of a secret US Government plot to suppress personal liberties and
usher in a New World Order dominated by the United Nations. The report
was dated September 30th 1966. So I say the ‘Alien Counters’ used the
‘Report From Iron Mountain’ by the Special Study Group dated September
30th 1966 as their time marker. I have other historical events that require
this ‘Alien Counter Day’ to reveal themselves.

The calculation is this, I take the North Tower at 1,368 feet and multiplied
x the South Tower at 1,362 feet which is 1,863,216 and I increase this to
1,863216000e+37 and cube root twice at 13,840.13595.

And counting down from 5am September 11th 2001 to just after 10pm
(10:00:52pm) April 13th 1865 it is 136.4087454 years. And counting
down from 5am September 30th 1966, that is ‘Alien Counter Day’ to
10pm April 14th 1865 it is 101.4607671 years and both time periods
multiplied is 13,840.13595 and cubed twice is equivalent to 1,362 x

Thus the North and South Towers are written to the time of 10pm April
14th 1865 and a few minutes before President Abraham Lincoln is shot
and died the next day.

So for me this reveals the metaphysical world of the unseen nefarious
spirits who are seemingly showing off the destruction of the Twin Towers
that the architect designed and his measurements gave me the ‘Tower of
Osiris’ and the ‘Bloody Tower’.

Curious and curiouser…

John D. Miller


Although Congress incorporated the Lincoln Monument Association in
March 1867 to build a memorial to President Abraham Lincoln, no
progress was made until 1901 when the McMillan Commission chose 107
acres of West Potomac Park as the site for the memorial. And Congress
agreed on a design for the memorial submitted by New York architect
Henry Bacon and construction began on February 12th 1914, and Daniel
Chester French designed the statue and the Piccirilli Brothers of New York
carved it. It is 19 feet tall and 19 feet wide and is made of 28 separate
blocks of white Georgia marble. And 19 is a number for ‘Death’ and 19 x
19 is 361 + 323 for an elohim, a mighty angel god is 684, the reference
number for the Ancient Egyptian god Osiris, the god and Judge of the
dead, and of course the father god of the falcon masked god Horus, the
merciless killer of the sky. And the monuments murals painted by Jules
Guerin depicting principles evident in Lincoln's life, are located on the
north and south walls of the memorial above inscriptions of Lincoln's
Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural. And it was Ernest Bairstow
who carved other sculptured features of the memorial with the assistance
of Evelyn Beatrice Longman, The building is constructed primarily of
Colorado Yule marble and Indiana limestone. The 36 columns around the
memorial represent the states in the Union at the time of President
Lincoln's death; their names are carved in the frieze directly above. The
names of the 48 states in the Union when the memorial was completed in
1922 are carved in the exterior attic walls. A memorial plaque in the plaza
commemorates the subsequent admission of Alaska and Hawaii. And it
was President Warren G. Harding who dedicated the memorial on May
30th 1922.

Not forgetting that the reference number for Osiris at 684 is that of the
Stars and Stripes, the full field area including the canton of 50 stars is
6,840 square units. The field area at 6,840 is 114 x 60 units (190 x 36).

"Ignorance is no refuge"

Posted By: ummziba
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 2:23pm

Originally posted by JohnDM

President Lincoln’s 9.11 Twin Towers Assassination

This posting is definitely not for the Skeptics, so let them skip on, singing
their own song, where there is no God, no Devil, and no conspiracy theory
right or wrong.

Just wondering - do you mean that anyone who does not believe in "numerology" (or whatever is the correct term for your world of numbers), does not believe in God?  And would that mean then, that we mathematically impaired are doomed to the hellfire?

Just wondering what you meant.

Peace, ummziba.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they break my soul ~

Posted By: JohnDM
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 3:14pm
No Hell Fire! Ugh!

Sorry I came across this way.


John D. Miller


Anyway, I keep seeing the US Elite in things that others are blamed for.

"Ignorance is no refuge"

Posted By: ummziba
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 6:43pm

O.K.  Thanks for clearing that up!

Peace, ummziba.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they break my soul ~

Posted By: MOCKBA
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 7:47pm

From the above I conclude that should Lincoln be alive, he would be driving a Porsche... 911

Wonder if humanity remembers August 06 at all... 1945? Anyone having visions of him/herself picking mushrooms, by chance?


Posted By: JohnDM
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 10:08pm

I say that America should fall on its knees on August 6th and 9th each
year to remind them of the horror the American Elite caused for the two
Japanese cities.


"Ignorance is no refuge"

Posted By: MOCKBA
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 11:25pm

nicely put, JohnDM.

in not so distant future, America, might not have days left to get up from her knees... that's more worrying.

indeed, sad.


Posted By: JohnDM
Date Posted: 13 April 2005 at 11:52pm

Now if you can glance at this long and rather tedious posting you will see
how time really matters to the American Elite.

Moon Walking with the ‘Aiien’ Statue of Freedom

Apollo 11 - The First Moon Landing.
Lunar Command and Service Module: Columbia
Lunar Module: Eagle
Crew :Neil Armstrong ,commander
Michael Collins, command module pilot
Edwin Aldrin, lunar module pilot
Launch :July 16, 1969
8:32am EST Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A and landed on
Moon: July 20th 1969 at 3:17:40pm EST

First step at 9:56:15pm EST July 20th 1969

And on July 16th Apollo 11 (AS-506), with astronauts Neil A. Armstrong,
Michael Collins, and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., aboard, was launched from Pad
A, Launch Complex 39, KSC, at 9:32am EDT. The spacecraft entered lunar
orbit at 12:28pm EST on July 19th.

Eagle was the name given to Apollo 11’s Lunar Module; and the CSM, the
Command Service Module, was named Columbia, the war goddess
Columbia, called Freedom, stands upon the dome of the Capitol Building,
in Washington, in the District of Columbia. (And the 19.5 feet high Statue
of Freedom weighs 14,985 pounds at 360 sacks of 666 ounces).

At 7:50am EST July 20th Armstrong and Aldrin re-entered Eagle, the
Lunar Module, and also checked out all the systems. They performed a
manoeuver at 12:11pm to separate the LM from the CSM and began the
descent to the Moon. The LM touched down on the Moon at 3:18pm EST
July 20th. Armstrong reported to mission control "Houston, Tranquillity
Base here - the Eagle has landed." The Eagle had landed on the Moon 102
hours, 45 minutes, and 4 seconds after launching from Earth.

A human’s first step on the Moon was taken by Armstrong at 9:56:15pm
EST July 20th 1969. As he stepped onto the surface of the Moon,
Armstrong described the feat as "One small step for a man, one giant
leap for mankind."

Buzz Aldrin joined Neil Armstrong on the surface of the Moon 19 minutes
later at 10:15pm EST July 20th. And the astronauts unveiled a plaque
affixed to the leg of the lunar landing vehicle, signed by President Nixon
and the three crew members, read "HERE MEN FROM THE PLANET EARTH

There is circumstantial evidence by way of the words used by other
astronauts who landed on the Moon, that they saw UFOs on the Moon,
indicating the Moon is large UFO base. For example on Friday, April 21st
1970 at 10.57am when John Young, an astronaut of Apollo 16 stepped
onto the surface of the Moon he said, "I'm glad they got o'l Brer Rabbit,
here, back in the briar patch where he belongs." Years later Young still
refused to tell what he meant. Brer Rabbit stories were American and
came from the Uncle Remus tradition following the Civil War, tales that
featured Brer Rabbit, a trickster figure from African-American mythology.
One Brer Rabbit story is ‘How the Animals Came to Earth’. And it has
these words, “Most folks don't know it, but the animals didn't always live
on Earth. Way back before "In the Beginning" and "Once upon a time,"
they lived next door to the Moon. They'd probably still be up there if Brer
Rabbit and Sister Moon hadn't started squabbling with one another like
they were married. The way it come about was like this:…”

Now for me the missing sacred golden capstone of the Great Pyramid is
only 247 cubic feet, (compared to the missing apex at 11,616 cubic feet)
and so the Great Pyramid has a volume 91,575,000 cubic feet less the
capstone of 247 cubic feet is 91,574,753 cubic feet and the reciprocal is
1.092004037e-08. And increased to 10,920,040.37 and divided by 0.75
and divided by Pi twice is, as minutes in time, equivalent to 2.80491558

And counting from ‘Alien Counter Day’ that is ‘Report Iron Mountain’ day,
on September 30th 1966 at 5am (a usual time) to human’s first step on
the Moon taken by Armstrong at 9:56:15pm EST July 20th 1969 is
2.80491558 years, the reference number that reveals the Great Pyramid
without is captone. (The capstone at 247 cubic feet has the reference
numbers 19 for Death x 13 for Rebellion).

So using rather accurate simple arithmetic once again ‘Number Form
Follows Measurement Function’ so explains a rather different point of

John D. Miller


Apollo 11

After raising the Stars and Stripes flag at 10:41pm EST and talking to
President Nixon by radiotelephone, the two astronauts deployed the lunar
surface experiments assigned to the mission and gathered 22 kilograms
of samples of lunar soil and rocks. They then reentered the LM and closed
the hatch at 12:11am on July 21st. All lunar extra-vehicular activities
were televised in black-and-white. Meanwhile, Collins continued orbiting
Moon in CSM Columbia.

Now the internal volume of the 4,500 year old granite sarcophagus in the
King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is 41.68626175 cubic feet, that is
72,033.8600 cubic inches. And this internal sarcophagus is the symbol of
the coming New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ.

And 72,033.860 x 12 lines (English lines) x 12 lines x 12 lines x 100 and
divided by Pi and cubed and divided by 60 and cube root is equivalent to
the two Maltese Cross keys at 152 x 82 x the jaguar at 101.5 days x 800

The calculation is as follows that reveals the Statue of Freedom was
walking on the Moon so to speak with Neil Armstrong at 9:56:15pm EST
July 20th 1969.

To reveal the Statue of Freedom, I count from the time Neil Armstrong
walked on the Moon’s surface at 9:56:15pm EST July 20th (not Eastern
Daylight Time) 1969 to noon EST on ‘Columbia Day’, that is Christmas
Day, December 25th 2012 which is 43.431456 years. And multiply this
time period by the two Maltese Cross keys of 152 x 82 x the House of the
Jaguar at 101.5 x 800 lots and squared once and cube root thrice x one
ton at 2,240 pounds weight is 14,985.00006 pounds is the weight of the
Statue of Freedom, ‘Miss 666’. Thus much points to Columbia Day on
December 25th 2012, although I have a feeling that many will not get
that far.

"Ignorance is no refuge"

Posted By: JohnDM
Date Posted: 14 April 2005 at 6:43am

The Moon Dead

The Ancient Egyptian god Anubis is the patron of mummification, and the
dead on their path through the underworld. Anubis is the Navigator. A
god who is seen as human wearing the mask, the head of a jackal-like
animal. The real jackal is not black, but Anubis is the god of the dead and
there is a black statue of him as a jackal in the tomb of Tutankhamun.
The reference number for the ‘Black Jackal’ is 122 that is 63 for the days
of gestation of the jackal + 59 the reference number for the Ruler of
Darkness, that is the insignia worn on the headdress of the Pharaoh
showing the protector serpent goddess of Delta Egypt and the protector
vulture goddess of Narrow Egypt.

OK the god Thoth was said to be identified with the Moon and his
attributes including measuring. According to many, Thoth was the
inventor of magic and writing. It is also thought that Thoth was a human,
either Adam or Adam's grandson. He is said to have authored the lost
‘Books of Thoth’, which are either carved on slabs of emerald or in forty
two books but explain the life and philosophy (therefore, secrets) of
ancient Egypt.

So it seems that the god Thoth measured the Moon to ensure that the
god Anubis is shown, remembering that “Number Form Follows
Measurement Function”.

The Moon is in a synchronous rotation with Earth, which means that one
side of the Moon (the "near side") is permanently turned towards Earth.
The other side, the "far side", mostly cannot be seen from Earth, except
for small portions near the limb which can be seen occasionally due to
libration. Most of the far side was completely unknown until the era of
space probes. This synchronous rotation is a result of torque having
slowed down the Moon's rotation in its early history, a process known as
tidal locking.

The far side is sometimes called the ‘dark side’. In this case ‘dark’ means
‘unknown and hidden’ and not ‘lacking light’; in fact the far side receives
(on average) as much sunlight as the near side, but at opposite times.
Spacecraft are cut off from direct radio communication with the Earth
when on the far side of the Moon.

By what can only be a truly extraordinary coincidence, the angular
diameters of the Moon and the Sun as seen from Earth overlap in their
variation, so that both total and annular solar eclipses are possible. In a
total eclipse, the Moon completely covers the disc of the Sun and the
solar corona becomes visible to the naked eye. Since the distance
between the Moon and the Earth is very slightly increasing over time, the
angular diameter of the Moon is decreasing. This means that several
million years ago the Moon always completely covered the Sun on solar
eclipses so that no annular eclipses occurred. Likewise, in several million
years the Moon will no longer cover the Sun completely and no total
eclipses will occur. Eclipses happen only if Sun, Earth and Moon are lined
up. Solar eclipses can only occur at a new moon; lunar eclipses can only
occur at a full moon.

The Moon is covered with tens of thousands of craters having a diameter
of at least 1 kilometre. Most are billions of years old; the lack of
atmosphere, ensures that most of them remain permanently preserved.
The largest crater on the Moon, and indeed the largest known crater
within the solar system, forms the South Pole-Aitken basin. This crater is
located on the far side, near the south pole, and is some 1,392 miles
(2,240km) in diameter, and 8 miles (13 km) in depth. The dark and
relatively featureless lunar plains are called maria, Latin for seas, since
they were believed by ancient astronomers to be water-filled seas. They
are actually vast ancient basaltic lava flows that filled the basins of large
impact craters. The lighter-colored highlands are called terrae. Maria are
found almost exclusively on the Lunar nearside, with the Lunar farside
having only a few scattered patches. Various lighter and darker coloured
areas (primarily maria) create the patterns seen by different cultures as
the Man in the Moon, the rabbit and the buffalo, amongst others. Craters
and mountain chains are also prominent lunar features.

Equatorial diameter 2,160.105 miles (3,476.2 km) Polar diameter
2,157.400 miles (3,472.0 km). So an average Moon diameter of
2,158.70565 miles (3,474.10 km).

On December 24th 1968 the crew of Apollo 8, Frank Borman, James
Lovell, and William Anders became the first human beings to see the far
side of the Moon.

Humans first landed on the Moon on July 20th 1969. The first man to
walk on the lunar surface was Neil Armstrong, commander of the
American mission Apollo 11. The last man to stand on the Moon was
Eugene Cernan, who as part of the mission Apollo 17 walked on the Moon
in December 1972. The Apollo 11 crew left a 9 by 7 inch stainless steel
plaque on the Moon, to commemorate the landing and provide basic
information of the visit to any other beings who may eventually see it.
The plaque of 63 square inches (the jackal) reads: “Here men from the
Planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon, July 1969, A.D. We came in
peace for all mankind” The plaque depicts two hemispheres of planet
Earth, and is signed by the three astronauts and US President Richard

Curiously the Moon god Thoth liked the number ‘89’ because the cube
root of half of 89,000,000 is 354.3670513 days qnd equivalent to 12
synodical (festival) lunar months of 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 03.0
seaconds. (But for this exercise I will use 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes
4.5 seconds that is not quite 2 seconds more than that derived from the
number 89).

Now using the Black Anubis reference number 122 in the covering of the
Moon, that is 1,220,000 square miles x 12 lots is 14,640,000 square
miles and so a Moon average diameter of 2,158.71645 miles and so just
57 feet (19 x 3) more than the average diameter given of 2,158.70565
miles. So the Moon Thoth seemingly wrote the number 122 x 12 into the
area of the Moon to emphazie the Ancient Egyptian god Anubis, the god
of the Dead, the ‘Navigator of Souls’.

And the area of the Moon at 1,220,000 square miles x 12 x a lunar
month of 29.53060804 days (29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 4.5 seconds)
x 12 months and squared twice and /10 and cube root and divided by
1.0000e+11 is 41.68626157 cubic feet, the internal volume of the Coffer
in the King’s Chamber, probably the most important symbol of all time.
For it reveals the New Jerusalem that is to come down from God.

Thus the Moon god Thoth, the Measurer, shows us how Anubis, the god
of the Dead, and Moon time leads us into the Coffer inside the King’s
Chamber of the Great Pyramid. (Please note Napoleon was so shocked
what he experienced inside the King’s Chamber that he would never
speak of it).

John D. Miller


The Moslems should consider seriously the measurements for Temple
Mount, at 913 feet and 1050 feet and 1515 feet and 1586 feet, a
perimeter of 5,064 feet.

Because 913 x 1050 x 1515 x 1586 feet as Angel-man cubits of 42.5
inches is equivalent to 1.464013750e+10.

And as 14,640,137.5 square miles for the Moon’s surface area is a
diameter od 2,158.726 miles and so just 110 feet more than the average
diameter of the Moon at 2,158.70565 miles. So built a high tower on the
Dark side of the Moon and then laugh at how clever you are in showing
the Temple Mount, Jerusalem. Clever was King Herod.


Or I could take 12 lunar festival months at 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes
03 seconds each at 354.3670513 days and increased to
3.5436705310e+16 and cubed x 200 is 8.9000e+51 and multiplied by
the height of the South Tower at 1,362 feet x 1,362 feet and multiplied
by the North Tower at 1,368 feet x 1,368 feet and cube root twice is
equivalent to 14,640,175.0 square miles. So a Moon diameter of
2,158.7293 miles and so 125 feet more in diameter than the average
Moon diameter of 2,159.70565 miles.

So even September 11th 2001 is seen from the UFO’s on the Moon so to

"Ignorance is no refuge"

Posted By: Community
Date Posted: 09 June 2005 at 12:05am
Did you ever look at the sources of your information? is every measurment you use really correct?

Posted By: JohnDM
Date Posted: 09 June 2005 at 3:11am
Yes I do believe they are correct.

If not I am wasting the readers time and my own and I would be a liar.

John DDM

"Ignorance is no refuge"

Posted By: Community
Date Posted: 09 June 2005 at 10:13pm
In the Al Hambra in Spain the muslims ingraved the walls when beautifying it with these words:"laa ghaalib illa Allah" which means "there is no victor(winner) except Allah"

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