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Topic: Saleen
Posted By: Nausheen
Subject: Saleen
Date Posted: 08 March 2005 at 8:52pm

Topic:  I am still coming to Islam (1 of 2), Read 96 times 
Conf:  Islam: How I Became Muslim
From:  saleen mailto:[email protected] - [email protected]
Date:  Thursday, June 05, 2003 12:53 PM 

Salam to all my brothers and sisters in Islam may Allah guide us all to His eternal abode(Inshallah).

I am not a recent convert to Islam, but my journey is still continuing.
I became a Muslim after reflecting on the poor state of my society in England. Watching the old neglected, the young alone and often frightened, families broken and neighbours at war.
One night I sat feeling utterly in despair and confused after searching through so many different beliefs, that I called upon God asking what was His religion and to guide me to it.
After nearly joining a missionary group in Africa, I met some Muslim students who told me about Islam in such a logical and gentle way that i could not escape their words. After some reflection I realised I had been living in such darkness that some one had simply put the light on.
That may seem like a cliche but even the dream that followed continued to show that I was in the mud in a dark place and I was struggling to get out. I saw a horse that carried me on a long journey over mountains until I reached a place with flowers beside a great lake with silver lined yachts and a blanket of soft grass. The sky was clear crisp blue. It was here that I dismounted my horse.
It is a strange thing when you have been living amongst falsehood you recognise the truth as you recognise your own mother. You simply cannot deny it.
I am still coming to Islam even after years of studying this precious deen, as I feel the oceans and seas and every drop of water on the earth cannot compare to the depth of knowledge and wisdom that resides in it.
I testify to this most beautiful and glorious God Allah, as he gave me life when I was dead and He made me love Him to such an extent like no other


Topic:  I am still coming to Islam (2 of 2), Read 100 times 
Conf:  Islam: How I Became Muslim
From:  TheJellyMill
Date:  Thursday, June 05, 2003 02:04 PM 



Qur'an Al-Waqi'ah 56:1-7

"When what is to happen comes to pass-which is bound to happen undoubtedly-degrading (some) and exalting (others); when the earth is shaken up convulsively, the mountains bruised and crushed, turned to dust, floating in the air, you will become three categories:"

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