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Category: Religion - Islam
Forum Name: Interfaith Dialogue
Forum Discription: It is for Interfaith dialogue, where Muslims discuss with non-Muslims. We encourge that dialogue takes place in a cordial atmosphere on various topics including religious tolerance.
Printed Date: 16 December 2017 at 4:16pm

Topic: Warning
Posted By: rami
Subject: Warning
Date Posted: 13 April 2006 at 5:51pm
Bi ismillahir rahmanir raheem

If any person takes it upon themselves to harass any forum member whether in a post via pm or even email they will be banned from this forum without warning.

any insulting, derogatory, disrespectful comments about any faith, prophet, holy person or Allah may also result in the person being banned.

Anyone found propagating there faith and not here for honest interfaith discussion will be banned

Enough is enough, if matters do not improve this forum will be on total lock down with access to most sections only granted to individuals who have proven they are here for sincere dialogue.

Rasul Allah (sallah llahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "Whoever knows himself, knows his Lord" and whoever knows his Lord has been given His gnosis and nearness.

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