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Fajir Namaz

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Topic: Fajir Namaz
Posted By: ~Severa~
Subject: Fajir Namaz
Date Posted: 03 April 2005 at 1:33pm



When is the lasted time one can pray fajir, once the sun has raisin can one still pray fajir?

What is Shorook prayer?

JazakAllah Khair.


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Posted By: Nausheen
Date Posted: 03 April 2005 at 1:55pm

Auzubillahi minash shaitan ir rajeem,

Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim,

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah.

You can pray fajr, till just before sunrise. however it is better to finish 10 minutes earlier to this time.

Shurook is sun rise. Are u sure, u are asking about shurook prayer and not chasht? One is not supposed to pray at the time when the sun is rising, that is the shurook time. After sunrise, the voluntary prayer which is offered is called chasht.

Maa salaama,


<font color=purple>Wanu nazzilu minal Qurani ma huwa

Shafaa un wa rahmatun lil mo'mineena

wa la yaziduzzalimeena illa khasara.

Posted By: Alwardah
Date Posted: 05 April 2005 at 1:04pm

As Salamu Alaikum  

A nice article I read today on Salatul Fajr


The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) said:

"If people only knew what blessings are in the Fajr and Isha prayers they would come to them, even if they had to crawl." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)


Masha Allah it was a nice article, unfortunately I could not copy or paste and don't know how to add a link


“Verily your Lord is quick in punishment; yet He is indeed Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful (Surah Al-An’am 6:165)
"Indeed, we belong to Allah and to Him is our return" (Surah Baqarah 2: 155)

Posted By: firewall
Date Posted: 15 September 2005 at 6:32pm
Quran, 17:78 Perform As­Salât (Iqamât-as-Salât) from mid-day till the darkness of the night (i.e. the Zuhr, 'Asr, Maghrib, and 'Ishâ' prayers), and recite the Quran in the early dawn (i.e. the morning prayer). Verily, the recitation of the Quran in the early dawn is ever witnessed (attended by the angels in charge of mankind of the day and the night).

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