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Signs of love for Sayyidina Muhammad(saw)

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Topic: Signs of love for Sayyidina Muhammad(saw)
Posted By: fatima
Subject: Signs of love for Sayyidina Muhammad(saw)
Date Posted: 20 February 2006 at 4:01am

Bismillah irrahman irrahim


Assalamu alaikum


The sign of love for Allah swt’s Messenger (saw) (taken from Ash-Shifa of Qadi Ayad)


A person who loves Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) will have these apparent signs

  1. A person who loves Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) will try to emulate him in his each n every single matter of his life. Allah swt says in Quran “say: if you love Allah swt, then follow me and Allah swt will love you” (3:31)
  2. He will follow all the laws even if they are against his own desires.
  3. His anger against people will be for the sake of his lord as according to a hadith when Messenger of Allah swt (saw) said to Anas ibn Malik ‘My son, if you can be without any grudge in your heart against anyone in the morning and evening, be like that.’ Then he added, ‘My son, that is part of my sunnah. Whoever gives life to my sunnah has loved me and whoever loves me is with me in the garden.
  4. A person who has deep love for him mentions him often.
  5. Another sign is a desire to meet him as anyone who loves someone longs to meet the beloved.
  6. A great respect even on mentioning of his name is another one of the signs.
  7. Loving those who love Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) and also people of his house and his companions (ra).
  8. Another sign is hatred for ones who hate Allah swt and his Messenger (saw) as Allah swt says, ‘You will not find any people who believe in Allah swt and the last day who are loving to anyone who opposes Allah swt and his Messenger (saw).
  9. Having love of Holy Quran is another sign. When asked about the character of Sayyidina Muhammad (saw), Aisha (ra) said, ‘His character was the Quran’.  Ibn Masud said, ‘No one needs to ask himself about anything except the Quran. If he loves the Quran, he loves Allah swt and his Messenger.
  10. Another sign of love of Prophet Muhammad (saw) is love for the ummah and giving them good advice and looking out for each other.
  11. Doing without this world and poverty is another sign as Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) said, ‘Poverty for those among you who love me comes quicker than a flood from the top of the mountain to the bottom.’



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