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Hey Muslims Wake Up??

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Topic: Hey Muslims Wake Up??
Posted By: M_Hafez
Subject: Hey Muslims Wake Up??
Date Posted: 28 March 2005 at 10:56pm

why muslims's blood become too cheap !!!

yesterday was Palestine . Today is Iraq and maybe Syria .Tomorrow will be Holy Mecca ........< Fact >

you know what jews need or what is written in their Holy Books ??

" from furat ( in iraq ) to Nile (Egypt ) is your land sons of israel "

i swear god it's true

and they took iraq already and egypt will be next

jews now are doing their best to acheive their goal

and we Ummah Muhammed are playing and didn't care about what happened in our muslims lands in all over the world

So , What you need us to do?

All Muslims return back to Allah (swt) ...

 " Enn Allah la yu3`eyr ma be qawm 7atta yu3`ayero ma be -anfosehem "

" Allah does not change what is in socaity untill they change themselves " ........> Holy Quran ......> sorry about useing word " socaity " i can't fid a word too close of the meaning but this word .

Wake up Muslims specially Muslims here in middle east

wake up at night and pray two ra'kaas to Allah , invite people to islam , and be good inviter to Islam

you have alot of things to do for islam

Change yourselve

I Love Khaled Ebn Al Waleed
     ( Sword Of Allah)

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