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FF News: The Presidential Box December 20

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Topic: FF News: The Presidential Box December 20
Posted By: footprints
Subject: FF News: The Presidential Box December 20
Date Posted: 27 September 2013 at 12:37pm

Welcome to Footprints Filmworks

Part 2/3

*Information may be factual when going to press...

--The Presidential Box December 2013--


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This is an E I G H T Page FFFF News Brief Bulletin so the footprints team suggests that you

be nice and relaxed when viewing this bulletin. This bulletin and sources close to the media

are warned that this information is of high quality and at times might offend viewers.


The "Omar Abdulla," SHOW produced for residents who reside across the globe have once

again emailed and written to us about their ideas, their comments, their suggestions and

their opinions about the people interviewed on our channel.


This E I G H T page bulletin tackles the recent 'going-on's,' in the global community about you and me,

him and her and presidential talks that affect the global village.


                                Our interview today is shot in Florida, at the Golden Cottage resort,

North of The Atlantic. We have

eight presidents attending our show today to bring together the recent terrorism, locally and internationally

that has affected the millions of p e o p l e across the globe.

Our interview today brings together like minds of history that have stood for the leadership of The British,

the management of The American's, the logistics of Saudi Arabia and the passion of South Africa.

Florida, our location today serves the historical teachings and beginnings of The United Nations

and serves as a Bridge board to nations including African, Jewish, Muslim and other nationalities

that hedge the foundation of g r o w t h, locally and internationally.


Most presidents who are attending "The Presidential Box," today have

                                       come to an agreement that terrorism

is the first topic of discussion, with

other members

who wrote to Footprints Filmworks

saying that we should

pose questions to the presidents about the Climate Change

legislation, conversation of 3rd world country's towards

1st world country's, methods of fighting crime and

population explosion in Asia.

President Barack Obama, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Prime Minister David Cameron,

President Goodluck Johnathan, President Xi Jinping, President Pranab Mukerjee, President

Vladimir Putin, and President Jacob Zuma who attend the E I G H T day function say

that the interview was called upon by residents who feel that it is their right to have

their voice heard on "The Omar Abdulla,' SHOW...

welcomes you to this SHOW, and be prepared to be 'dazed-'n-amazed,' this

December 2013, during our eight day visit and meetings aired to over 300 million people.


Footprints Filmworks

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Footprints Filmworks


President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin says that that he feels heartened by the fact that President

Obama had not yet met the Iranian President during his negotiations with The United Nations

in September.

                         "After 36 years, Iran wants to come close with 

The United States. Obama has laid a deaf ear to his

remarks by saying that should the troops that they have sent

into the country, test nuclear negative

they might consider releasing their nous around Iran."

President of China Mr. Xi Jinping noted that China had been conservative when dealing with Pakistan

and India when it came to testing for terrorist cells in Pakistan.

"Pakistan is holding terrorists cells including Al Shabaab, Al Abdullah, Al Qaeda, and Al Chisti. The terror

massacre in Kenya where terrorists had killed 81 lives at a shopping mall has caused us to bring

us together. The terror tactics by nuclear scientists in Syria has caused us to bring us together...China

will only assist The United States should war be declared by President Obama on these Muslim terrorist


South African President Mr. Jacob Zuma says that he has been watching the 'news, views and reviews,'

and decided to join The Omar Abdulla SHOW because he wants South African's to know that he will

not go against the meetings that he had with cabinet in July 2010.

"We have kept mum about our approach when dealing with terrorism and the influence Africa

has in the global diaspora. We as leaders of our country's can only advise the panel, with no

set brill to the panel. We see the nation as blood-shed in the Middle East, and have supported

the likes of Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya and France."

The University of Harvard says that The Omar Abdulla SHOW was the most watched television

talk show since Oprah Winfrey.

President of IRAN who did not accept our invitation on this SHOW spoke to the presidential box

saying that he feels cheated by Obama.

"He portrays himself to be friends with me at the meetings of The United Nations and behind

closed doors he instructs his men to spread terror in Iran. This is not good. Since I have become

President, many Middle East country's have said that I am the best in my league and should America

not withdraw their forces from IRAN, we will continue to loose focus on terrorism."

President of Sri Lanka Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa who arrived in  Sri Lanka's National

Military Aircraft XB101 says that 

                           the sub-continent was treated unfairly by Americans

and British who excluded Sri Lanka.

"We have lent our idea's to The United States to combat more than 300 terror bombings per

day killing over a billion dollars worth property, hundreds of innocent lives, and spreading


CNN who posed a question to Prime Minister Cameron asking that should The United States

declare war in The Middle East, what will the One World Order government do faced

with trillions of dollars of destruction and heritage.

"The Middle Eastern Man has led the power struggle internationally by testing for nuclear weapons

to protect their oil. They have refused ownership by any shareholder who is Anglo-Saxon. They are

men who have not woken up from the 10th Century and believe their forefathers still sell. They should

listen and see the newspapers which they are exempted from, they should feed their children with proper

nutrition, they should learn not to be cannibals and fight with themselves. They should not say that they

are following the teachings of The Koran, which does not spread any brutality."

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Footprints Filmworks


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Footprints Filmworks

MD for Coca-Cola Mr. Muktar Kent,

who provided refreshments for the panel nudged at the notation

should African government ban alcohol advertising he would be forced to endorse

a plea with the council.

"We have been fighting this battle or the bottle

since the 19th Century where their leadership is

the closing of doors to many of the companies that we own. Our appeal to the board

of African Media Advertising is to extend advertising only to our commercial brands."



After presidents who had introduced themselves and slept on the goose-down pillows

of The Montago Hotel, presidents were prepared to extend their warranty

to the global nation.

                            "Climate Change is an element that we cannot avoid. During the

Sunbeam Radiation and Radioactivity

complex of late, we have seen Arctic waters melt, we have seen icebergs create storms, we have

seen wild spread fires and we have seen natural disasters that were no phenomenon.."

In his speech on The Omar Abdulla SHOW, President Pranab Mukerjee adds to Iranian president

Mr. Hassan Rouhani remarks saying that terrorism and conflict of interest were the stories that

these country's were fighting.

"America wants to rebuild and buyout Iran with no nuclear testings. We want IRAN to be American

owned, owning 67% of parliament, with no more deaths and bombings. The resources that we mine

will remain government property and using Chinese intervention we will supply all residents with

food, water, housing and fair free government services."

Speaking Via Footprints in Washington, Federal Governor Mr. Ben Bernanke says that logically,

if IRAN agrees to Obama's plea bargain, IRAN will assist The United States on fighting terrorism in Syria,

Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

"If we allow for another World War, we could destroy

civilization to the dust. We as American's

should capture to share the $700 trillion dollar

per annum liquidity to assist 3rd world country's

by communing their households with our management and leadership schemes in place."

"The global economy that stands at $700 trillion dollars is expected to grow to $1250 trillion dollars

by 2015, with capitalistic economies buying into 3rd and 4th world country's..." says BBC News.

The Greenhouse Effect  says that Climate Change Legislation was a key to forwarding the world

by preparing human beings what can happen.

"If we continue to smoke our cigarettes, if we continue to destroy our ozone layer, if we

increase the green house gasses usage and if we continue to peel a w a y at nature, civilization

may end within the next fifty years."

When asked by CNBC, President of China says that the global population had stood at 5 billion


"During the 14th Century the Earth was gifted with 300 million people, during the 18th Century the

Earth was gifted with one billion people and in 2025, we could be sitting on 16 billion people causing

the decrease in standards and quality, locally."

Research Analyst at The Bank of Japan, Mrs. Yai Jai granted at the variable that should the presidents

engage IRAN, will IRAN support The United States towards global monopoly.

"During the times of the 1700's The Greeks had ruled the Earth, During the times of the 1900's

The British has walked the pathway of kings, perhaps the time has come that The American's

leave their footprint."

The fourth day of The Omar Abdulla Show was called off as President Obama had fair ed

to wither the rainy weather, and chose to sit in his hotel room playing Poker with

President of South Africa Mr. Jacob Zuma.

Footprints Filmworks

The Omar Abdulla Show

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