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Bomber motivated by Religion? Why do they

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Topic: Bomber motivated by Religion? Why do they
Posted By: Friendship
Subject: Bomber motivated by Religion? Why do they
Date Posted: 24 April 2013 at 10:45am
Assalamu alaikum. published: President George Bush gave his now famous explanation: “They hate our freedoms.”  Radical Islam, we are told, is to blame.
Ron Paul was chastised when he had the audacity to claim that they didn’t attack us because of our freedoms, but rather “they attack us because we’ve been over there [bombing them].”  In other words, they terrorize us because we’ve been terrorizing them.

Subsequent terrorists have consistently confessed similar motivations, whether it be the - Times Square bomber or the Fort Hood shooter.  Time and time again, the terrorists give the same explanations: they attack the United States because the United States is attacking Muslims. published: Muslim rage” toward the United States has to do with the fact that the United States has been continuously bombing, invading, and occupying multiple Muslim countries.  This is a process that began in the early 1990′s–over two decades of U.S. warmongering in the region.  (And actually, U.S. interference in the Middle East begins way before that.)

Response by late Osama: Osama bin Laden himself - responded to George Bush:

Contrary to what Bush says and claims — that we hate freedom –let him tell us then, “Why did we not attack Sweden?” … Bush is…misleading you and not telling you the true reason.

The real reason, explained Bin Laden, was that

we had to destroy the towers in America so that they taste what we tasted, and they stop killing our women and children… Your security is in your own hands. Any nation that does not attack us will not be attacked.

My response: None of the above statement is correct. The reason why the Muslims are attacking the America and other countries is :

1. General Ignorance. 

(a) The Muslims are not technically by definition Muslims. The holy apostle said: The difference between us and them (unbelievers) is in prayers. But most of the Muslim world do not pray according to the way the holy apostle prayed. So they are not Muslims by his definition and standardization Muslims. Those in doubt should reflect on this: Belief is governed by action. The one who recites the Qur'an and does not act according to its injunction does not believe in it.

(b) The Western Christian world by an unexplained defective cells, neurons and transmitters in their brain have failed to understand the meaning of Islam and that Muhammad Rasulullah in real time practice observed the written and oral law of Moses. Muhammad indirectly thus made the then Jewish race in Madina observe the Torah and those who called themselves in Najran to observe the Torah and the New Testament.

So the solution is: Allah the G-d of the Israelites ordained all those with faith (Sabian, Jews, those who called themselves Christians, the fire worshipers and the polytheists) to ensure that those in addition (to their belief) believed in the teaching of Muhammad Rasulullah follow his actions inch by inch measure by measure. This explains the Qur'an 3:83, "While to Him submitted all creatures in the heavens and the earth willingly and unwillingly. And to him shall they all be returned." If Obama, Cameron, and other Western leaders use their authority in seeing that the followers of Muhammad observed in particular their prayers as he practiced, observe the fasting by sighting the moon with the naked eye, perform the hajj, abolish monarchy and any system based on inheritance, they are followers of Muhammad by the above  definition in the Hereafter. Allah will admit them to heavens.

The question is:

1. Why do Western governments  impose sanctions on Muslim countries that go against their interest?

2. Why should  the Western government challenge my secular explanation of the Qur'an and the sunna of Muhammad by asking the custodian of the two holy mosques to either contradict me or to endorse my secular explanation. If he contradicts me, then I will demand an open debate with him.


Posted By: FutureAndAHope
Date Posted: 27 April 2013 at 5:02am

I believe it is a cycle, the West fears terror attacks so restricts the rights of Muslums. Muslums fear the West is imposing restrictions so performs terror attacks.

This is where I believe that the teachings of Jesus are so important. Jesus said "Love your enemies, and do good to those who hate you." If every one loved each other rather than wanted revenge then every thing would balance out.

Posted By: Matt Browne
Date Posted: 28 April 2013 at 2:38am
The majority of Muslims don't hate us. Islamists hate us, because they are taught to hate us. They were subjected to the Islamist indoctrination machine eliminating the capability of independent thought. This machine selects a small part of the Quran and Sunnah (which is about battles and war) and ignores the rest (which is about peace and goodness).

The indoctrination is about replacing democracy with a caliphate solely based on Islamic law. But democracy is very strong and successful. It can correct mistakes. It produces progress and wealth and this can lead to envy and hatred. When people face personal crises in their lives, they become vulnerable to indoctrination. Islamists make great promises. They offer identity and structure. They offer the support of like-minded people.

A religion that's intolerant of other religions can't be the world's best religion --Abdel Samad
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people--Eleanor Roosevelt

Posted By: Friendship
Date Posted: 29 April 2013 at 12:31pm
Assalamu alaikum.

In my profession (and all professions) we ask for the active ingredient of a substance or moeity.  It is the basic element required for the effectiveness/efficacy of that substance. This is what the Sunna (actions/exemplary) leadership of Muhammad teaches. That is why he stresses actions on what is on the ground and that a solution must be found immediately as contained in the teaching of the Talmud. I may agree with you, but you should know that is not the thinking of your political leaders and your vicars/reverends. If, the majority of the Muslims do not hate you, the incidents of 9/11, 7/7, and the recent Boston affair could never have happened. Islam and hence the teaching of Muhammad as in the Talmud explains beyond any doubt LEADERSHIP under the guidance of the G-d of Abraham is the only way and means evil, indecencies and all that is disturbing to the soul can be removed. Your political leaders vicars and reverends listen only to those Muslim leaders rejected and cursed by the G-d 0f Abraham. I have an evidence for when I advised Bush and Blair to off their hands from Iraqi and in dealing with Muslim governments not established on the basis of Deut  1:9-18 they bluffed at me. If, I were telling lies, the USA and coalition of the willing could have won the battles in Afghanistan, Iraq and price of oil  could have come down drastically. Look at the population of Pakistan and look at what is going on in their country. How can you say that the majority of Muslims do not hate you? As I stated in one of the postings, each and every one of us has his duties to the G-d of Abraham. Secularization certainly requires those not with Muhammad actively to be with him passively. That is to ensure that the followers of Muhammad put into practice what they professed-his teachings. This is because we have one common platform -belief on One G-d of Abraham.  The time taken by Muhammad to observe his five daily prescribed prayers is between 55-65 minutes. This is an average of one hour daily. Jesus son of Maryam also spent an hour praying. The G-d of Abraham never Decreed that all Europe must spend the one hour Jesus son of Maryam spent in praying with Muhammad- that is believing in him practically.  What he Decreed is that West must exert their authority in seeing that no believer in Muhammad disobeyed him during that one hour of prayers. That is the West must supervise the mosques to ensure that the followers of Muhammad obeyed him. Then at that time the G-d of Abraham will protect them. The West if told that no one among his followers observe it according to his action, they will now look at the Imams of the two holy mosques or ask them. There is no need for that for action speaks louder than worlds. Let them read ISBN 146807044 and ask them to comment on.
The essence is: safety, protection, prosperity etc is only feasible in an environment where the G-d of Abraham is obeyed voluntarily or involuntarily.
Sorry, Mr Browne! You are not in a position to be of any good to your brothers for you have no authority-politically and religiously. My position is certain - I have the spiritual authority to change and bring peace to the world, but no one is ready to help and support me. I am a leader in my faith and any one who understands and supports me is giving me that authority to lead and change the world. As you can keep quoting, it is only education that will bring peace to the world.
We need and have to sit down and draw our New Shari'a based on what is in the Talmud and the so called New Testament. That is certainly the Sunna of Muhammad- his way of life that he lead in Madina.

Posted By: Matt Browne
Date Posted: 20 May 2013 at 10:00am
You wrote: If, the majority of the Muslims do not hate you, the incidents of 9/11, 7/7, and the recent Boston affair could never have happened.

Wrong. A minority is all that is needed. There are about 200-300 million non-militant Islamists, perhaps a few more. This group breeds militant Islamists. Let's say 2-3 million Muslims are militant Islamists, capable of hurting and killing people. This group created people responsible for 9/11, 7/7, and the recent Boston murders.

We don't need to draw a New Shari'a. We need to support human rights and promote democracy. It is elected representatives who create laws, not religions. If you are against that you are dangerous and I am glad no one supports you ideas. But maybe I misunderstand your agenda.

A religion that's intolerant of other religions can't be the world's best religion --Abdel Samad
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people--Eleanor Roosevelt

Posted By: Friendship
Date Posted: 20 May 2013 at 1:27pm

You confessed: But maybe I misunderstand your agenda.

Response: If I have said so, I will be accused of bias and arrogance. You will never understand for understanding is governed by education. You do not know the past as it relates human history and the consequences of the adventures.   You have refused to research and  compare the fact mentioned in the website I gave you. If you are independent and think that your fate and future are absolutely under the tips  of your fingers, no one will ever convince you that your are wrong. No one can escape the relativity of age and  time.


Posted By: Matt Browne
Date Posted: 07 June 2013 at 4:53am
Friendship, so far all your posts seem reject the idea of religious diversity and reject the separation of state and religion. You have never supported the idea of elected representatives creating the law. You seem to support a new type of anti-democratic theocracy based on your understanding of the teachings of the Prophet. Therefore we as free people need to be vigilant.

A religion that's intolerant of other religions can't be the world's best religion --Abdel Samad
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people--Eleanor Roosevelt

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