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Darfur - Sudan

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Topic: Darfur - Sudan
Posted By: semar
Subject: Darfur - Sudan
Date Posted: 26 March 2005 at 5:35pm


Do you think the following agreement will help to stop the violence? Is there anybody this forum knows about the real story about Darfur? In the us media Sudanese Government is the main actor in Darfur case.



NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- After nearly three years of negotiations, Sudan's government and main rebel group Sunday have signed comprehensive peace accords to end more than 21 years of civil war.

The ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya, was attended by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, fresh from a visit to tsunami-struck regions in South Asia.

The agreement was signed by Sudan's Vice President Ali Osman Taha and Sudanese People's Liberation Movement (SPLA) leader John Garang.

International officials hope that the agreement will bring Khartoum closer to solving its problems in the western Darfur region, .

The southern rebels -- mostly Christian and animist -- and the mostly Muslim government signed a permanent cease-fire last week.

The war was sparked by a government effort to impose Islamic law on the mostly Christian south in 1983. The resulting war was fueled by the south's rich oil reserves, ethnicity and a desire for self governance. Over two million deaths, many from starvation, are blamed on the 21-year-old conflict.

Both the government and the rebel group will not disband their armies under the agreement, and could return to war if they hit a snag along the road to peace, according to Kenyan envoy Lazarus Sumbeiyo.

"A major guarantee (of the agreement) is the retention of the two armies through the interim period, which in effect what it is saying is if we don't agree along the road, then we go back to war because they've just come from war," he said. "But I don't think the people of Sudan, both North and South, would want to go back to war."

Whether the people of Sudan want war or not, the rebel group warns it is more than prepared to return to the battlefield.

"If the North was to abrogate, then this is an open fight because this time we are not going to fight in the bushes but we are going to be in town so we are going to say, 'Okay, you are abrogating the agreement, then we deploy all our forces along the North,'" said SPLA representative Samson Kwaje. "I don't think Khartoum will like this situation so that we go back to war."

But as Khartoum makes peace on one front, another violent conflict persists in western Sudan.

When asked about ending that war, the government says the agreement with the SPLA rebels will provide the impetus for a speedy resolution to the insurgency in the West.

"Darfur happened because of the war in the South, because the war was taking all our money, our efforts," said Sudan's Ambassador to Kenya Ali Abdel Rahman Nimeri.

"That's why Darfur as a place in the Sudan had been neglected for a time -- no development and no government to act there.

"Now we have free hands to work for Darfur, also, the SPLA will put its input into this problem and we are sure that Darfur will just vanish."

It will be an uphill battle, as peace talks with rebels in the West have failed time and time again.

For now, though, the country celebrates a hard-won deal that elevates Garang to the post of First Vice-President.

Over the next six months, he and President Omar el-Bashir must prepare an interim power-sharing government for a six-year term challenged with making peace a reality for all Sudanese.

CNN Producer Gladys Njorge in Nairobi and Correspondent Tumi Makgabo contributed to this report

Posted By: Rehmat
Date Posted: 27 March 2005 at 7:56am

Originally posted by semar

...Do you think the following agreement will help to stop the violence? Is there anybody this forum knows about the real story about Darfur? In the us media Sudanese Government is the main actor in Darfur case.

I am afraid not. The only solution accepted to the US and Zionists would be to - a pro-US/Israel regime in Sudan which allow them to exploit it huge oil resorces (12% of known world reserves) - just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is a link which would take you to the real actors behind this another War against Islam - &mode=ALL&query=sudan


Know your enemy!
No time to waste. Act now!
Tomorrow it will be too late
What You Donít Know Can Kill You

Posted By: blond
Date Posted: 01 April 2005 at 8:20am

I know people from this area.

I believe this whole issue is not really over the poor people of Darfur. I believe this issue is a cover issue for another hidden adjenda.

Remember, Europe enslaved black Africa and does not give them justice and equality even today, in their own home nations of Europe and America. Why do they need to travel all the way to Sudan to pretend to care about what is happening in Darfur?

Do you know that there is more oil in Southern Sudan than in all of Arabia?

We all know that Dick Cheney's company offered the Taliban "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs" before 911. We know that the major oil companies jockied for control of Iraqi oil. I believe they are now pushing for control of Sudan's oil under the guise of caring about the suffering of the poor.

Those who live in the North of Sudan are darker than blacks in America, and yet they claim that this is Arab racism against the blacks in the South of Sudan. Both people are black. It is black on black violence against those being armed by Western governments (who are being urged on by the Oil mafia), working covertly through the bordering nations of Sudan.

Posted By: Angel
Date Posted: 01 April 2005 at 8:31am
Solution = get rid of the corupt leaders

~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~

Posted By: blond
Date Posted: 01 April 2005 at 8:33am

Originally posted by Angel

Solution = get rid of the corupt leaders

I agree with you. If the people were not afraid, they would unite to do just that.

Posted By: americancrusade
Date Posted: 28 July 2005 at 10:14am

Greetings to all,

I find it extraordinary that the first thought that comes to mind regarding U.S. involvement in the Sudan is one of oil and imperialism.  do all of you honestly think americans sit around all day and think of which country we can exploit?  I can see genuine concern in some of your posts about the humanitarian issue that exists there, why can't you afford Americans the same graciousness?

As Christians, we pray for the black, evil, hate filled souls of the Islamo-Jihadists every day. If this offends you, then you know who I'm praying for.

Posted By: Hayfa
Date Posted: 13 September 2005 at 10:34am

I can see genuine concern in some of your posts about the humanitarian issue that exists there, why can't you afford Americans the same graciousness?

Well, sorry to be a cynic but not sure this government has much humanitarianism.. there may be specific people who are but there are too many people who have ties to large corporations.. and they DO look for oil reserves. They care nothing for the people of those regions. It is called greed.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Rumi

Posted By: usama
Date Posted: 07 October 2005 at 6:29am

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Asalaam alaikum. Ramadan Mubarak.

I am new here, but am eager to address the current events facing the Muslim world. Concerning the events in Sudan, I previously wrote on this matter and have a link addressing the geo-political circumstances surrounding Sudan. - -back-door-to-darfur.html

Posted By: selfffya
Date Posted: 02 May 2006 at 4:32pm


 thankyou for the info.

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