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my annoying story

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Topic: my annoying story
Posted By: TG12345
Subject: my annoying story
Date Posted: 09 March 2013 at 5:33pm
Hi everyone,

This is more of a rant than anything else. You can reply if you want to, or ignore it altogether. Perhaps it is in the wrong section of the forum, I trust that if it is, the admin will move it to where it belongs.

So my cellphone was stolen today. I was taking part in a 2 day Christian conference where I live, it was last night and today. I went last night, and was going to go today for the second half because in the morning I volunteer at a church based drop-in centre for kids in the inner city.

It's really awesome work and an honour to be able to serve God by having them come in and get a meal and have some time to play. And it can be lots of fun, especially when 4 square or "monster maze" gets intensely competitive and hilarious. It can also be difficult at times, especially on a day like today when at least 3 fights broke out and one of them resulted in me having a basketball thrown at my face and getting a bit of a cut lip, inside. A lot of the kids come from very difficult backgrounds, and live in poverty and in a neighbourhood where violence is unfortunately very common. It doesn't excuse the bad behaviour, but it helps us keep things in perspective. We managed to get the boys who were scrapping to calm down and our morning ended fairly well... until after they left I realized my cellphone was not in my pocket. I had it on the way there and it was on, I also knew it was there when the session started. After looking for it for an hour and calling it a few times, it became painfully obvious it was stolen. I suspect one of my boys must have taken it, and I had to cancel my plan and will need to buy a new phone tomorrow... my job requires me to be "on call" so having a phone is something I need to be able to work.

My annoying story makes me think of the Palestinians I worked with in the West Bank and the Mexican migrants in the Sonora desert. A missing cellphone is a nuisance, especially when it's stolen and all the more so when this happens in a place you are volunteering at by the same kids you are trying to help. Yet it is absolutely trivial in comparison to a home destroyed by a bulldozer, or a family farm that had to shut down because some bureacrats got together and decided they could make a profit by lowering corn prices. It is nothing compared to having to walk to school in fear of religious extremists who throw rocks at you as the army stands by and watches, or having one's fate in the hands of a drug smuggling gang or cartel. Unlike having to rebuild a new house or go across the border to look for new work, I have no serious problem in replacing my phone. The neglect, family breakdown, violence and poverty that many of the kids I work with have gone through (including possibly the ones who I suspect stole my phone) also makes my "loss" as trivial as it is.

I thank God that I am spoiled enough to see the loss of a missing phone as a nuisance... tens of millions of people around the world on almost every continent are unsure whether they will have food tonight, whether they will have a place to sleep or a home to come to, and need to worry about violence and do not know whether or not tomorrow they will be alive. And I am am worried about having to buy a new cell tomorrow. It isn't really fair. And I'm not the one who is in the "unfair" situation.

I pray that Jesus helps me see Him in the world I live and inspires me to devote more of my time and attention to following and serving Him. 

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