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foe or friend

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Topic: foe or friend
Posted By: whitelion553
Subject: foe or friend
Date Posted: 11 February 2013 at 10:35pm -

i try to say only facts

Posted By: vanesavis
Date Posted: 17 February 2013 at 10:16pm
Sorry i can's understand it.

Posted By: whitelion553
Date Posted: 18 February 2013 at 4:37am

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that his government knows that Turkey played role in killing of Syrian people. He blames this on ‘some individuals’ in Turkish present government, after whom Syrian-Turkish relations would improve.

According to Mehr News Agency, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad presented his opinions on Syrian crisis and the future developments.

* Erdoğan's government transitory; our ties with Turkish nation solid

To a question on Syrian government policies on financial, political and weaponry supports by some countries for Syrian opposition fighters, and terrorist groups coming and going to these countries, Assad said that " some neighboring countries standing with us may not protect their borders with Syria to cut flow of weapons and fighters to Syria. Some ignore what happens in their borders, and some others directly intervene.”

"We should distinguish between the countries and their nations. The question is what should be our position toward their nations or governments. Should we tolerate and keep ties or resort to taking revenge? For example, Turkish government position on Syria is clear. Turkey has directly intervened in killing Syrian people. When we took a policy of mutual relations, we did not see it in terms of individual statesmen. Individuals come and go.”

"We see our 9 decades of crisis-prone relations with Turkey and, determined to continue current stability, will not return our policies to the past for ignorance of some politicians in Turkey.”

"Syria highly evaluates relations with Turkish nation. They have expressed their support for us since the outbreak of crisis, and have not swerved from their direct path under the impact of media propaganda, and costly campaigns.”

"We must think for nations, since governments are transitory. So, we should not react before enough thinking, since nations would be our supporters, and any government lacking popular legitimacy, would remain weak.”

* Israelis and Terrorists; two sides of a coin

"Armies in the world support the countries. This is not only against foreign invasions, but includes insider attacks. Any enemy in any region inside should be fought against, especially army and the military forces should fight. The enemy this time has launched a conspiracy from inside, not outside borders,” Assad asserted. "Any Syrian working for the enemy would be enemy itself, and the law would try any spying people, and execute them. When before the court, the issue may be no longer emotional. Any Syrian working for enemies is enemy, since the enemy is inside, our army has moved inside the country.”

On the question that this attitude may damage the role of Syria in Resistance front, Assad said that "currently, Syria is implementing Resistance ideology. Some would say if Syria moves in line with Resistance front, why would it act in Golan Heights? In response, I would say that ‘resistance’ would be breached when the government abandons its task of stabilizing the situation inside, but it has not happened yet in Syria, but in Lebanon it did happen due to war with Israel and the absence of the state. In these situations, resistance was a duty. Whenever army and government do not accept their responsibilities, Resistance will enter the fore in Syria.”

The interviewer then asked President Assad that "some say that Syrian developments were totally peaceful in its initial 5 months, and then it became armed clash. Some others quoted you saying that after Ramadan, the situation had become armed confrontation. What do you think of it?”

Assad rejected such interpretation and asserted that "for a simple reason, it is misguided. If Syrian developments were not armed confrontation, then how did Syrian army have several soldiers dead in first week? Soldiers would not die just due to people’s cries. This is not true. They were killed by armed forces.”

He also believed that the initial objective for providing support for opposition was to create tensions between army and Syrian public, to incite the army to kill more people, and spreading hate for the government forces among the public. After failure in this, in Ramadan, terrorists launched military campaigns to take strongholds in order to prevent Syrian government forces to enter such regions as Bab Amr. After that their strongholds were destroyed in Bab Amr and other regions they thought of as secure for them, they changed their strategy and assassinated the citizens.”

Assad pointed to sabotage operations by the armed rebels such as blockading the connection roads, people’s daily needs such as bread, and exploding gas pipelines, saying that the developments were military from the beginning. "We bring the witness pictures that the armed rebels kill the people, but they have rejected our claims, "he said.ğan-govt-transitory -



i try to say only facts

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