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Is it permissible to work at unethical pl

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Topic: Is it permissible to work at unethical pl
Posted By: syed40
Subject: Is it permissible to work at unethical pl
Date Posted: 20 December 2012 at 7:59pm

One of my friends has a small computer training center that train and help people finding new jobs in information Technology industry. I'm a computer programmer by profession and my friend asked me to teach few classes on computer programming at his school. This school gives good training and help student on finding new jobs. In exchange they charge tution fees. The problem is they add and modify student resume in a way to make it look good when they go for job interview. It's pretty normal for most people but it's not ethical either. I'm a practicing muslim and would like to know if it's permissible in islam to work at a company that have unethical policy? I'll teach my student good skills but then their resumes will be modified with lot of fals experience. I like teaching and earning some extra cash with this part time venture. At the same time I'm feeling uncomfortable about their unethical policy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jazak Allah Khayran   

Syed Islam

Posted By: m.sumair
Date Posted: 22 December 2012 at 8:53am
Walaikum Assalam,
brother first of all I would like to say that commenting on ethical issues are not relatively straight foward, having said that, I would say that the descion best suited you will be the one at which your conscience is clear (i.e. your heart is at peace).

My personal opinion, in your case would be that the job in which a misleading act would occur, but it doesnot directly involves you. You would be teaching your art to the students, honestly, and than thats it, your work is done for which you are being paid (my assumption here is, that you would not be directly involve or is part of your work to maniuplate the resumes).

So in this manner, your pay from this job would seem acceptable, but other point of view of this same situation is, your employer would be doing unethical act for which he is being paid fees (your payment of salary would be derived from these fees) and this misleading act will provide undue benefit to its users (students). Your ethical duty on this stance would be to infrom those third parties (i.e. the ones who are inspired by seeing the resume of those students) that this information is misleading, without disclosing the source of the doers (institute). However, on practical grounds this type of stance would not be possible as it will be extremely diffcult for you to cover each and every person inspired by the false resume of student, hence it would be impossible for you to act ethically in this situation and even though you don't like this act, you would be consider as a partner in the act because you are aware of its happening.

My advice on this situation would be, you should not opt for this job and you may look for other venture to earn part time income, as I would say that 'better be safe than sorry'.

My humble opinon bro, as you are the better judge of your situation. And Allah knows best.

May Allah grant us a better and permissible (halal) means of earnings and may Allah protect us from prohibited and doubtful means of earnings. Ameen

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